Wheatley Immigration Law, LLC

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Address: 1100 Poydras St #2900, New Orleans, LA 70163, United States

Phone: +1 504-784-6803


6 Reviews
  1. Shakira Morehouse says:

    I strongly recommend him to everyone as he dealt with my case in very professional and perfect way, which was so complicated that the Home office refused my visa after 3 years of wait and tax issues.

  2. Raelynn Rodgers says:

    Highly recommend!! My caseworker helped me throughout the whole process of my application. He made sure the information provided was correctly and helped me get a successful application result after one day of submitting my whole application. So grateful.

  3. joie osgood says:

    Thanks to him, he make the things easier and the way he explain the process regarding pnp and express entry was awesome he has cleared my all doughts.

  4. Aarush Keyes says:

    Easy Hassle free Visa for my Fiance from Iran. Good reputable company. no problems whatsoever. I recommended Highy

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