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Address: 2000 Town Center #1930, Southfield, MI 48075, United States

Phone: +1 248-223-4872


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  1. Granger Tu says:

    I am just started the process and hope this will continue till the end of the process. Very happy that I choose them.

  2. Elam Najera says:

    They completely abstracted the process of Visa Application. The staff were very supportive and answered every question I had and assured me not to worry.

  3. Ziva Mcarthur says:

    My case managers were excellent and they professionally handled all queries that came from my side. Communication, very important in this process, was perfect and with various quality checks on the documents provided from my side I obtained my PR status within 6 months time.

  4. odette kirsch says:

    Here is 100% legit place to get complete visa application support. They offer No false hopes and effective guidance throughout the process. Special thanks to Gleeson.

  5. Gracie Ball says:

    They have always answered our questions in details and provided us with professional documents during the process of the application.

  6. aspen stein says:

    My case was difficult and sensitive (I did not want my case info to reach my country authorities). He and his team were able to handle my case effectively, and they strategically found the best option to proceed with my case. I’m really thankful for him, and thanks for winning my case. I would totally recommend them.

  7. Angelyn Toole says:

    We turned to you and we won’t hesitate to contact you again if we or anyone else we know is in need of your expertise.

  8. Makaela Hassell says:

    They are given best services throughout the PR process. I suggest to all who would like to immigrate Canada.

  9. Embry Nowicki says:

    I’m so glad that I decided to go to them for applying for my Canada PR. They were always there to answer all my queries and made the entire process very smooth.

  10. terence littlefield says:

    Absolutely banging service right from the start. I was really worried how to handle my mothers rejection of the visit Visa that’s so I decided to do an online search about good immigration consultants.

  11. gauge vogt says:

    They made our experience seemless with the professionalism and expertise they carry. ACS submission and approval was a cake walk for us. Great work.

  12. Neha Dreher says:

    His work made it clear how much more difficult the whole process could have been if we’d try to do it on our own. Would definitely recommend. Thanks!

  13. Suri Steinberg says:

    Amazing Service, they know exactly what they are doing and take the time to truly understand their clients needs. Highly recommended. Immigration. They are the best.

  14. Kristen Lovell says:

    I was highly impressed by their high level of professionalism and immsense their zeal to make things work for their clients. I would recommend them to anyone facing trouble with immigration process.

  15. Madilynn Holden says:

    My profession is into construction management and I desperately wanted to build a successful career abroad. I was confused, so I approached them for a free counselling and profile assessment via digitally.

  16. Wren Vera says:

    They were also very reasonably priced. We could not have asked for a better immigration law firm!! I highly recommend them.

  17. Forest Spurlock says:

    I found him knowledgable and always professional, which in turn made me feel at ease and reassured throughout the process. Five stars!

  18. Ayan Joiner says:

    Coming from Dubai, I was not familiar with the Canadian Immigration system and after a couple of bad experience with other immigration firms.

  19. Amora Roche says:

    They did a great job in getting my Canada Pr application process hassle free. Everything is very explained by him about the entire visa application process. Thank You For Everything.

  20. Julien Brandon says:

    They are currently handling a civil case and their approach to the matter is very professional and efficient. I have recommended family and friends to use them as my gratitude.

  21. Kalaya Jain says:

    We are so so happy thank to them and his firms to apply leave to remain for my family and been granted. Thank you so much all the best for all of you.

  22. Heidy Cornwell says:

    These consultants are the best, he cleared all the queries and also guides with all the insight of studying abroad.

  23. areli elam says:

    I chose the priority service option and received my decision (SUCCESSFUL!) within 6 weeks of my submission.

  24. Kyson Cramer says:

    We got our Canada Visa’s. His team have been so professional and terrific. Big thank you! Very knowledgeable staff. Will definitely use them again.

  25. Marlena Kozak says:

    Having searched many companies we came across them. We contacted them and were advised to send an email highlighting our case, we then had a conversation with him and were very happy with the manner in which our conversation was conducted that we instructed them.

  26. umar bone says:

    I used him this year for a bridging work permit so I could stay in Canada while I was waiting for my permanent residency to come through. It was my first time applying for a bridging work permit and my first time using an immigration lawyer.

  27. Flint Maestas says:

    My experience has been that they are highly knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects of Canadian immigration & visa process. They always offered me the best advice.

  28. Ruben Blankenship says:

    Their proactive approach is greatly appreciated. Would recommend them to all aspirants who are facing any challenges as I am sure these guys can guide you to the right direction and provide solution to any constraints.

  29. Seraphina Brannon says:

    One of the best immigration lawyer. He is very helpful and give good advice on all matters of immigration.

  30. Kamron Jansen says:

    The way they approached and explained the immigration process, it looked like these people are so well experienced and knowledgeable.

  31. Landen Rich says:

    Offer the best solutions. Advice and recommend honestly. Never deter from telling you the truth and still ensure that you make it. Found them truly terrific.

  32. Mildred Slagle says:

    If you’re trying to avoid the hassle of paperwork and applications for immigration to Canada, this is the place to go. They offer reasonable prices and a great service.

  33. Christofer Hecker says:

    The success rate is good and the team is very keen about the process. All I needed to do was follow the steps they told me and I got my Canadian PR Visa on my first attempt. Thanks guys.

  34. Sariah Carlton says:

    From the start of the case till the day I obtained my Permanent residence, everything was taken care of. I’m really thankful to whole the team. I would highly recommend these guys.

  35. Paityn Goins says:

    It would have been so easy to go down the route of promising something unrealistic to open the case, however his way is a long term success, great care in his job and reputation.

  36. Karmen Julian says:

    I am so grateful that I found them. This is the best lawyer that you will ever hope or wish to have for your immigration issues.

  37. Kaydon Cloutier says:

    They helped us to get Permanent residency. We had a lot of complication to submit for PR. They helped us a lot and eased our process.

  38. bernice born says:

    Excellent service, very quick and responsive. My case was dealt in a prompt and professional manner. Thank you.

  39. Tala Hamel says:

    Very professional and courteous service. They certainly know the field and have in-depth knowledge of PR processed. Thank you.

  40. Mckayla Medeiros says:

    Your professionalism and genuine care of our situation was tangible. You come highly highly recommended! Thank you for your hard work and dedication from myself and my children.

  41. teddy florence says:

    On a telephonic conversation with my friend, he told me about them. I looked for their office and met them as I want to shift to Canada with my family. I was surprised with their truthfulness as they told me all the favorable and challenging aspects of my profile during my free counseling.

  42. tasneem prasad says:

    They handled my Indefinite Leave to Remain application which was successful. The attention to detail and thorough execution at each part of the process left me feeling confident the whole way through. I would recommend Alrose Legal to anyone seeking advice or assistance with their visa or citizenship applications. A superb experience.

  43. janae olvera says:

    I have contacted them last year to assist me and my family in my Federal Skilled Worker immigration application. The services and advice provided by the firm was very professional and they proved to have huge experience.

  44. Amauri Burkholder says:

    They worked extremely hard at resolving my all issues while getting the best result. A big thank you

  45. Addelynn Mathias says:

    I would quote their services are ‘THE BEST’ and would recommend them to anyone who has an aspiration to immigrate and fulfill their dreams.

  46. max duncan says:

    I had an email high-level consultation with him regarding my immigration prospects from Lebanon to Canada. His response was amazingly quick.

  47. Matt Leeper says:

    Have never met such hardcore professional and committed people before. They definitely know what they are doing. Could not have done it without your constant assistance and support.

  48. Treyvon Ballinger says:

    Used them to get my green card which is a long and complicated process these days, but I was professionally guided through each step and successfully obtained my visa for the Canada. Excellent and professional service!

  49. annalise conrad says:

    We would like to thank them for their support and guidance. First of all I would like to him because he is first person who had given me confidence that I will get visa just by knowing my qualification & experience.

  50. Cosette Wheatley says:

    I have had a very fulfilling experience with them. They work professionally and are very competent in understanding and dealing with any roadblocks whatsoever.

  51. Jude Banks says:

    My partner and I found him online while searching for a reputable representative to assist us with our family class visa after deciding to move to Canada.

  52. Galilea Madison says:

    I had a very pleasant experience with them and especially with the case manager who was handling my case.

  53. aiyana wesley says:

    I did not once have a problem of getting hold of them and was always contacted back immediately. Extremely professional and friendly.

  54. Dave Olmos says:

    The lawyers at helped with a very challenging case where the immigration officer’s decision to withhold my PR application because of misrepresentation had almost made me convinced that I will have to give up my dreams to immigrate to Canada. Brilliant people! I would like to recommend their services to everyone in need.

  55. Leila Briggs says:

    Highly recommend ! Thanks a ton for thorough documentation and expediting everything.very well managed show. Managed by experts in the domain.

  56. Mika Lombardo says:

    My case went just like he had prodicted, we were in touch through out the process. He is a wonder person and yet professional, I will recommend him to anyone who is seeking help.

  57. Henry Adams says:

    I can’t recommend enough them! He and the team have helped me on couple of occasions in past 3 years with their excellent immigration services. Very prominent and professional team of experts.

  58. Angie Blanco says:

    They are very professional, quick and responsive in their whole process, documentation team is great, quick responses to any kind of query that get into your mind related to this whole process.

  59. maelee goad says:

    The whole team was really helpful! They helped me getting my PR even if I had a difficult situation. They are really good at what they do, I would definetely recommend them to anyone who need help with their application! I can’t thank you guys enough for everything you’ve done.

  60. jethro cardoza says:

    We used him on two applications out of three during the 5 year route we’re on. The information and advice is clear and puts you at ease with what can be a very stressful time. I recommend to anyone who requires an advisor for immigration matters.

  61. Karlie Godwin says:

    He really changed our opinion of immigration solicitors after we’d been treated so badly in the past – I would definitely recommend him and his team as their loyalty and dedication to our case. Thank you! you are the best.

  62. Tailynn Comeau says:

    Keep up the great work you all are doing. I am sure you are re-uniting many families who are living apart because of some serious issues like medical inadmissibility and all. Many of us are in situations where we cannot furnish all the documents required by the Canadian Immigration Office. Thank you for being such a great support for my family in teasing times where we were unable to prove my mother admissible to Canada. Today we live as a happy family in Canada. My mother’s health is improving and she send her blessings.

  63. jerrell sigmon says:

    Their service level was exceptional, they were clear and took time to explain the process, they were personable and went at an appropriate pace to ensure that I felt like my requirements were met.

  64. carolina shah says:

    He is very patient and understanding, walked with me hand by hand through the process all the way to a successful visa application

  65. Itzae Shaughnessy says:

    Money well spent…. they handled my case through out….. They have lot of experience with them and can make things easier….. Thanks a lot guys…..

  66. minnie johnsen says:

    When you go to meet him, it’s not like you’re going to any law firm but it’s more like going to a friend’s place.

  67. kale liang says:

    Once again thank you so much. I applied Canada Tourist visa from them. They are very good and professional. He is always available whenever I asked any query. Thank you so much.

  68. Ziva Mcarthur says:

    The way he handle client is really good. He was really helpful, provided all essentials information throughout the entire process.

  69. eliora peter says:

    I got a great service with them. Thank you very much for your excellent work and your help. I recommend them.

  70. Deonna Baskin says:

    First class service, absolutely delighted with the efforts of the team, we highly recommend their involvement, should you be on the road to a visa like myself and our family were…

  71. Zackary Montano says:

    We went to them few months ago, as it’s our first time to apply my spouse visa, me and my husband were a bit panic at the beginning, but the solicitors there with their professional experience and excellent customer survice made things much easier than we thought for us.

  72. Hazel Dixon says:

    Thanks you so much for my spouse visa application, it’s very fast and easy good work it’s also give very professional advice , I highly recommend this immigration advise company.

  73. lotus sandlin says:

    Instead, they take all the responsibility to get you through the process successfully and treat you like Family.

  74. kim teel says:

    This Law Firm is highly recommended with no doubt. My case of Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa was handled with dedication, he is undoubtedly brilliant and very friendly person.

  75. Ada Prince says:

    Definitely not a money-making agency. They are seriously committed to the client and find all possible solutions to your immigration problems. Genuine and competent.

  76. charlee boone says:

    I am delighted that my son and daughter just received their visa approval. The team of lawyers at truly deserve the perfect 5 stars.

  77. Lillian Hughes says:

    I just had an opportunity to speak to him over the phone. On a weekend morning I leave a message at front desk’s voice mail for booking an appointment. He personally got back to me, saying that his staff is away on account of weekend, I explained him a situation and requested a meeting with him.

  78. Laura Walter says:

    I have used their services for all my immigration and visa needs. It all started with my PR application for Canadian Immigration. The professionalism of the team under guidance of him impressed me so that much that I went back to them for my parents’ tourist visa.

  79. Roxanna Jauregui says:

    Amazing lawyer he helped my whole family with there immigration applications for permanent residence status to Canada and he also got us our citizenship applications processed in no time.

  80. mazie bunn says:

    They are very good in solving any complicated cases. Our case was very complicated we felt helpless but than when we met Decaan Solicitors they helped us and solved our complicated case.

  81. Amos Sheridan says:

    I had my application for ILR refused and went to them. They were very professional and efficient in dealing with my case and very transparent in regards to my possibilities.

  82. Kaden Maldonado says:

    For me, they are the voice of the voiceless when it concerns immigration issues. He and his colleagues are one of a kind. Their professionalism and empathetic nature is second to non.

  83. Camila Gibson says:

    Best services. Took full care of all the official documents to be provided to immigration office. Satisfied with all the services. Regards

  84. Melia Bach says:

    Immigration/visas etc etc can be very stressful for a family as there is so much riding on it, they know this and it shows through when dealing with them throughout the process.

  85. Harold Keenan says:

    Always welcoming and open. They always keep their eyes and ears open. I found them so incredibly well-informed and abreast with all old and new changes in Canadian immigration law. Extremely devoted to their clients and to their job.

  86. raina toth says:

    He was very professional and accurate in his advice. His advice, consistent guidance and thorough knowledge of home office rules helped to get a successful decision to secure a partner visa outside of EEA. I would give a very high recommendation to use his services.

  87. Brennen Sisk says:

    It is not an easy process but their platform and team will make it clearer and easier for you to follow.

  88. Claire Webb says:

    I am so happy and appreciate them for their services. One of the Best Immigration Lawyers. They provide me the the services with determination.

  89. romel lawhorn says:

    I really want to say big thank you to him for helping me in difficult Immigration situation. Thank you for taking us out of mess. Recommend him to anyone who is looking for help.

  90. Rayan Dye says:

    Is a well organised, efficient and professional immigration experts. It was a pleasure working with this company.

  91. Asa Mackey says:

    Great services by them for Canada PR process. The process was quite smooth and transparent. Queries were answered well on time and they made sure we don’t have any doubts. Thank you for making our dream come true.

  92. Shania Smalley says:

    They go the extra mile in making sure that you are successful in the process of achieving your immigration objectives. They do approach their assignments with a level of passion, I have not seen with other agencies.

  93. Alexandria Schroeder says:

    I applied my parents super visa from him. Got it recently. I am in Canada. He managed everything on phone and my parents were treated very well for getting their signs/biometrics appointment. Gentle person. possess good knowledge about canadian immigration. Good luck to him.

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