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Address: 229 Aston Ln, Handsworth, Birmingham B20 3HS, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 121 356 5300


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  1. Sherry Schreiner says:

    I am one happy, satisfied and confident client who have trusted this firm to represent me on several occasions and they never disappoint.

  2. jazlynn jewell says:

    They are really doing a great job for Immigrants like me!! Without your direction and support I may not have received my PR letter within such a short period of time.

  3. Maylin Wicker says:

    Was able to speak to a lawyer the same day I had called to leave a message. The lawyer I spoke to was patient, insightful and I finished the call feeling far more confident in myself and the next steps I need to take in my case.

  4. Noa Draper says:

    They are one of the best immigration consulting services I have came across. The staff is extremely professional, polite and very helpful in sorting all the queries one has.

  5. lynlee zeller says:

    We were guided through the process from the outset and there were no surprises. I successfully received my Canada visa. But when I arrived there I was detained for a short time. In the end it was just for administrative processing but they were on top of it as soon as they were informed of the situation.

  6. Adia Meister says:

    Thank you very much for your wonderful services owing to which my Working holiday visa application for Canada has been approved. I would specially like to thank all the team, who was always available and kept me updated about each of the news that came along regarding my application. You guys have done a wonderful job.

  7. Alayla Provost says:

    Thank for your hard work on my file Team. You are gems and people like me really really need you. Thanks for being there.

  8. zamora guerin says:

    Extremely helpful, they provided us with great service in our immigration to Canada and we felt as if they were taking care of our case as their own.

  9. Camdon Somerville says:

    My ECA has been completed successfully and I am currently waiting for my express entry filling to done. Thank you for assisting me fulfill my dream for life. Thank you so much.

  10. mayla shumate says:

    Omg! I can’t praise him and team enough. He kicked my butt, but it was for my own benefit. He was efficient, proactive and thorough in his work.

  11. Sonja Dell says:

    There are many in the business but none like them. Sincere, hardworking, respectful and self-motivated. They are hands down the best.

  12. Zaki Ehrlich says:

    I would like to express my sincere gratitude to this his team for there professionalism and outstanding customer assistance.

  13. kendra beasley says:

    They were honest from the very beginning and they told me what I’ll pay now and what I may pay later in some circumstances to avoid any surprises.

  14. Joselynn Wendel says:

    He is an intelligent and honest immigration lawyer. He is very professional, friendly, and the best legal mind I have ever met. He is the best in Town!

  15. Kegan Berndt says:

    Thankyou so much …your guidance helped me alot and because of you now I am in canada for my further studies…..I strongly recommend to everyone that you visit his office, he is full positivity and is a master of great skills and experience.

  16. Rylei Deyoung says:

    I have worked with Canada immigration lawyers a few times now and each time has been fantastic, my wife got her visa no problem to the Canada, it was brilliant to work with such a professional company.

  17. frankie cronin says:

    A great professional who will put in all his time and effort to help you with your case making sure its its in your favor.

  18. weston riley says:

    Working with them was a great experience. I got my work permit in time, according to ration related questions and the serious work they did.

  19. Dinah Hass says:

    Having been able to grant our requests of having consultation and submitting application at our home was very helpful too.

  20. Safiya Reitz says:

    They have given me excellent service at all times especially in fields of residential conveyanicing. They made the whole process seem very simple whilst and very duly diligent.

  21. aliya wilhelm says:

    Easy to approach and talk with… while he is on vacation… Highly recommend… Once again thank you very much…

  22. fabiola berrios says:

    We HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to people who had previous criminal records that caused inadmissibility to enter Canada. This law firm did EXCELLENT JOB!

  23. Makena Burroughs says:

    With three refusals, I blindly followed the advice for four months, and my visa was issued, all the apprehensions proved wrong, now I can fly.

  24. tejas catron says:

    Very nice and friendly company. Deal with clients with a lot of emphathy. Great respectable company. Would highly recommend.

  25. Caitlyn Delarosa says:

    He has been assisting my permanent residency application. He is a very reliable and professional immigration lawyer.

  26. wilmer keegan says:

    Thanks for all the team members who worked very hard on my study permit extension and Co-up work permit files and made everything possible.

  27. Saad Wilbanks says:

    They provide great information, are completely up to date with the current and incoming law changes. When reviewing your documents they are 100% honest and will not submit any application unless they are completely happy with the service.

  28. kalani purcell says:

    I got in touch with them looking after there reviews on Google and other platforms and was convinced to start my journey with them and since then, my journey was made very smooth and hassle free to obtain Positive skills assesment just within 4 weeks without any querries, even though my case was a bit complicated.

  29. Josalyn Boardman says:

    I hope you keep up the good work you do and it goes without saying that I would certainly recommend you to anyone else.

  30. Maryam Dodd says:

    They were very helpful with all the paperwork and hence it saved my time. I would recommend them to anyone who wants to get over the fear of documentation errors as they are professionals in this field and know how the work is done in less time.

  31. Ronny Bettis says:

    Our process was well handled and was very smooth and we did not have any queries in our application. They keep you very well posted with the progress of your application and communication wise, I would rate them excellent. Would highly recommend them

  32. Shalom Haase says:

    Your expertise and enthusiasm were both appreciated during a time which can be stressful for all concerned!

  33. raylynn london says:

    I have worked withhim and his team, (a special thank you to Gerard and Arifa) for two of my Tier 1 Entrepreneurs visas and have always found them very professional, committed and friendly.

  34. Alanis Dewey says:

    They gave us an exceptional service, his knowledge of the rules and guidance ensured we obtained the spousal visa which had been previously refused. He went beyond his remit, was empathetic and absolutely professional.

  35. Brian Neal says:

    Knowledgeable, affordable and great customer service. They advised me on how best to acquire EEA family permit and navigate tricky immigration laws. Eternally grateful, do not hesitate to call them if you need assistance.

  36. Yahir Edmonds says:

    I am very happy with services they give definitely recommended for every one I have bought few properties they completed very well form I appreciate them.

  37. thea sanford says:

    From our first initial meeting to handing in of my application, he was incredibly thorough, helpful, supportive, and extremely knowledgeable with exactly what we needed to do to have a successful application.

  38. yamileth vickers says:

    But thanks to them and their professionalism, finally my application was granted and now I can stay with my husband and our baby boy and enjoy being a family. I appreciate very much how helpful he was and definitely will recommend to everyone.

  39. hadlee aldridge says:

    I am too Happy Today. I got my Post graduation work permit approved today for 3 years after refusal. All thanks to them. Best Immigration lawyer.

  40. pax farber says:

    Experience has been great so far. Very professional and courteous staff. Received Positive assessment result. Hoping for positive outcome in the next step.

  41. Izabelle Gauthier says:

    I am very thankful to them. Because of their help my brother get his study visa from Italy to Canada its was so complicated but they did too good job.

  42. Areli Elam says:

    Quality service with no exception. I am glad to be in good hands. The whole team requires an appreciation. It was team effort.

  43. Hank Flanagan says:

    They guided me well, I am so very grateful to him. He was working on my case even during the festive season of Christmas to meet my tight deadline. And finally, after 2 failed attempts, my mother’s family permit was granted. God bless you both abundantly.

  44. dora dexter says:

    They were spot on in providing me timely and excellent service. My matter was dealt by him and he has impressed me throughout the process wherein he was extremely helpful, subject matter expert and always available. I will highly recommend him for all such matters.

  45. Keyon Gaytan says:

    Very professional, organized and very easy to deal with. His massive contribution to obtain my mum’s visit visa was the main factor in facilitating obtaining it on time .

  46. Shaelyn Testa says:

    The great result I got just allow me to open a new and less stressful chapter of my life here in Canada Attorney he is my lawyer since day , The first case was a very difficult one, we passed through the hole of a needle if I say it.

  47. Slade Bearden says:

    Communication was very fast, even when I was in my country, he had no problem to make phone calls and response fast on all of my questions and emails. I will definitely choose him again.

  48. Malorie Woodcock says:

    He is AMAZING! We cannot say enough good things about him. He was extremely knowledgeable and always had prompt responses to all of our questions.

  49. Garrett Roman says:

    I got an excellent service from them. They are very expert in their job, have humble nature. Every kind of case is done by them successfully. I recommend everybody to visit at them.

  50. natalia schneider says:

    Very knowledgeable and confident team of people. They were extremely accommodating, responding to the minutest of queries and at all hours, weekends and even on their vacations.

  51. Alba Emmons says:

    From drafting of various replies and filing of applications before the courts and relevant authorities, they kept me updated and forwarded me every document for review before filling.

  52. Yesenia Starkey says:

    I seldom say this but I really do appreciate the commitment you and your team have towards the work. Our case Manager to whom we could reach out anytime for assistance. Thats very Responsible!

  53. Mykah Halvorson says:

    After my PR, I again availed his services for my parents visitor visa for Canada and due to his expertise and knowledge, the application was successful. I am deeply indebted to him for his services and support. A very kind person at heart too!!!

  54. Chevy Betancourt says:

    Prior to applying for Canada Immigration, I did not have any clue about the process. But, they explained me all the stages and essentials of the process. My case office was very patient with me and helped me with the entire process of Skilled Assessment and Application submission.

  55. Olin Monson says:

    What I really liked about the service is that if you ever need to speak to someone in person, he (and his other colleagues) would go out of their way to make sure it happens.

  56. Aiva Billups says:

    We were recommended this firm by friends who had successfully completed permanent residency applications with them.

  57. Shaurya Albertson says:

    Me and my family have been highly impressed with them since we began dealing with them about 18 months ago. He always gives you his honest opinion about what would be best for your needs.

  58. Angus Farrington says:

    I went to other lawyers and consultants, they all wasted my time and money and none of them could really help. I then came to them.

  59. gauge vogt says:

    I recieved consultation through the phone, then decided to start my immigration process with them. So far I’m happy, they respond quickly, I hope that we will get the PR!

  60. melisa donley says:

    I cannot understate how easy it was with them, particularly when compared to the stress and headache of trying to do this yourself. It was worth every penny!

  61. monte layman says:

    They were clear and provided all the necessary details, process and requirements in terms of paper work etc. My attorney is extremely helpful.

  62. Kody Winston says:

    Moreover, team is very much committed to process the files in shared timelines and do the deep analysis to ensure error free files before submission which results with 100% successful leads.

  63. guy nesbitt says:

    After many bad experiences it was very refreshing to have the professionalism and personable touch provided by them.

  64. julio mccann says:

    They are successful and reputed for a reason. They know what they are doing and they definitely do how to do it. Best people I have ever met. Thank you for being so goal-driven and motivated.

  65. Dayson Sparrow says:

    Perfection and Result Oriented team … thanks a lot for assisting us for getting our PR successfully !

  66. Izzy Fike says:

    Truly the most helpful legal office. Efficient, reliable and professional in all aspects of my case. Thank you for your service!

  67. Isadora Deaton says:

    However, with an organization like “Resettlement Solutions” they make the procedure very simple and easy and help you achieve your dreams.

  68. Cathy Heffner says:

    I found him very thorough and knowledgeable. He went above and beyond to gather the required documentation. All in all he took care of all matters and eventually we managed to get a Visa for my mother. I would highly recommend him for all of your immigration conundrums.

  69. Kash Sellers says:

    He is very patient in dealing with his clients. He helped me in deciding the right course and colllege for me unlike other agents who only think of commissions and stuff.

  70. Isis Needham says:

    Right from the start of my first interaction with him I felt at ease and was assured that he would be able to sort out my mothers re-application for the Visa which he did indeed.

  71. Delainey Kester says:

    I can state with confidence that he is a motivated and responsible lawyer with a high degree of integrity. He demonstrated a great interest and dedication to the case. I will definitely recommend him as the best immigration lawyer in Edmonton.

  72. jack morris says:

    I really received a professional advise. They are very helpful and cooperative. I highly recommend them for any immigration services.

  73. Cameron Gray says:

    My PR application was not possible until I met him. Very professional, cooperative and experienced team who will exactly assist with all the requirements.

  74. Inara Doughty says:

    They are not only friendly and professional, but they are absolutely expert in the ever-changing field of immigration law. I cannot recommend them enough.

  75. Axton Poe says:

    Finally, not just a grant, but a direct grant for Canada 189 category. A big thanks to the whole team, whom I had interacted mostly during the entire process. I must say that they has got the expertise in all visa related procedures.

  76. Kendal Negron says:

    I contacted them to help me with my PR visa for Canada. They gave me full details and helped me gather all the required documents and fulfill legal formalities, Here, I was guided by dedicated, professional immigration consultants through the whole process.

  77. Clark Lozano says:

    I have always received good service. My expectations and everything is communicated in a professional manner. Thanks Again for all your hard work it is much appreciated.

  78. Makena Burroughs says:

    They are loyal to their clients and they have a keen concern towards their clients and there cases, my experience with them was wonderful, I was not sure which way I need to apply for my stay in Canada, but my solicitors have helped out and supported me until I won the case.

  79. Issa Wyant says:

    He is an extremely knowledgeable immigration lawyer, he helped secure all of my husbands visas from finance visa right through to his passport. We couldn’t have done it without him and we highly recommend him.

  80. Brixton Brenner says:

    Thank you for the beginning stages and your kind professional manner and then introducing me to my solicitor – thank you for your patience and your guidance and all the motivation correspondence – so professional right from the start.

  81. moshe byrne says:

    A reliable place with knowledgable advocates for getting consultation or services pertaining to immigration to Canada. U may be an individual or a corporate, this firm provides reliable and full proof immigration services for Canada including Visa.

  82. keenan dutton says:

    I heard about him and decided to have them help me with my case. He is amazing, professional, organized, confident and on top of everything.

  83. Mileena Nettles says:

    Thanks a lot their office for the great help. I get my Canadian citizenship through your office and today I get positive decision on my complicated family sponsorship application. ( conjugal partner sponsorship application).

  84. Ahaan Luis says:

    Professionalism, expertise, trustworthy, genuine and excellent service by his team, made my entire process comfortable and a pleasant experience.

  85. Eiza Bolen says:

    It was after I met him in Noida that I decided to surrender my case to him in first meeting itself as his confidence and command over the process was very convincing.

  86. Aarya Kumar says:

    Excellent service, is a very prepared and professional lawyer who took our case and won. I recommend it 100%.

  87. Yazaira Shifflett says:

    I thanks he and his team for all the support and wish them best of luck., Guys he is the best in the town.

  88. Roxy Greiner says:

    Had a joyous experience ride with them. They worked on my file and ensured an approval for me within three weeks of applying. Doesn’t that sound incredible! Love them.

  89. isai burnham says:

    I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking to migrate to Canada from any place of world.

  90. Harlowe Theisen says:

    The first time we applied to employ a computer scientist on a Tier 2 Visa we were rejected by the Home Office. It took eight weeks to get to that verdict. In hindsight, we really weren’t clear on the amount & clarity of the documentation needed to get approval. With them, though, we achieved acceptance in 6 weeks from our first phone call, plus an A rating from the Home Office, simplifying the process even further for us.

  91. Milla Lemay says:

    My wife and I didn’t know much about the process we were about to go through and we were anxious about paying for it all, but well worth it and wouldn’t go anywhere else.

  92. Arantza Salter says:

    With the expert advise and professionalism from them we had piece of mind that the matter was in hand.

  93. Croix Wallen says:

    I discussed my case at length with him and he was ALWAYS prompt to answer and alleviate any concerns that I may have.

  94. jordynn dahl says:

    He is one of the best, he knows his work and pays attention to every detail..I want to use this opportunity to thank for helping me and my family.

  95. Jovi Treadway says:

    Recommended them to a friend after I had a successful association with them. The friend thanked me recently for suggesting them to him. I am glad I could be of help of my dear friend, and I am glad that did not let me down.

  96. harmonee shively says:

    I visited him for advice and consultation. I received honest opinion of him, opinion I could trust and fall upon. He has endless years of experience and you can trust his point of you and that he has your best interests at heart.

  97. jonathon lacey says:

    I searched high and low for a place that would answer my visa questions without having to pay an unnecessary fee. When I found them, the person on the other end of the live chat was so helpful and knowledgeable.

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