Sanjay Prasher (SP)

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Address: 35 Upper Humber Drive Etobicoke Toronto

Phone: +1 416-542-1000


  • Sanjay Prasher (SP), B.SC, M.B.A, RCIC
  • Regulated Canadian Immigration ConsultantMember ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council)
  • Gold Member CAPIC (Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants) Canadian Title Immigration and Visa Consulting Inc.
  • Email: [email protected]


196 Reviews
  1. Noella Barba says:

    They received us, attended, listened and helped throughout the process, in a very special way, with a lot of humanism, high professionalism and demonstrated at all times a great experience and knowledge of these processes and international and Canadian laws and got involved with high commitment to understand our case, the laws and related processes of our country and the drama of our situation and need.

  2. mariama chalmers says:

    Its always a bug question wether to choose this or that solicitor but once you experience him, I will happy to choose him.

  3. Smith Lyle says:

    I feel very thankful for the tremendous service provided by the them for processing my file. They file their cases with full efforts and make sure that the documentation is fully satisfactory.

  4. Quintin Whittaker says:

    Outstanding service. Very helpful and friendly showing great compassion and empathy. Understanding the needs and demonstrating high level of knowledge and professionalism. Highly recommended.

  5. Lavender Felts says:

    My husband and I would like to thank them for the excellent service provided, recognizing their expertise and effectiveness during the entire process we went through.

  6. Karah Brister says:

    He is very patient and understanding of my timeline regarding my applications. He’s very informative and responsive whenever I have any questions.

  7. Shakira Morehouse says:

    I come to him with my partner whose current situation requires as best lawyer dealing with immigration matters. He was not only involved in my partner metter, but he suggested that my legal situation is also unstable for this purpose, He applied for a resident for me and my daughter.

  8. Amaria Menendez says:

    Despite being professional, the people who worked on our case were empathetic and surprisingly responsive, always responded within just a few hours with detailed explanations- impressive.

  9. Keven Chambliss says:

    Will Definitely get my future files done from them. My experience with this team is very good. highly recommended…

  10. aayan schofield says:

    He is an expert in this field. My application was refused twice for Work permit, but with his guidance and knowledge, I am working in Canada from the last one year. Thank you sir….thank you so much….

  11. Bianca Pruitt says:

    He and his team helped us very efficiently and – most importantly – successfully in our immigration matters. Thank you very much for your support!

  12. Kali Conley says:

    They are too realistic and doesn’t give any false hope. :D They assess the documents too carefully which makes them really different from other firms. They are really sorted & exactly know which case will succeed.

  13. mari chao says:

    He has been great and very helpful during the whole application process. He explained all the details and understood our worries. He gave us very good advice and systematically submitted the paperwork for the application.

  14. alaric cavazos says:

    I have also got my spouse visa done. They will inform you about all the possibilities and information for your file. Really appreciate their services and efforts.

  15. Valen Wilk says:

    My work permit was denied and that’s when I reached out to them for help and now when I have it I know I did the best thing.

  16. Maverick Norris says:

    I will recommend their services to anyone in the thick of immigration process. It is definitely not easy and you will need assistance throughout the process, and who better than.

  17. Lucille Charles says:

    Initially I chose him because he is one of the few lawyers in the Canada registered with ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council). Upon speaking with him his experience and expertise became evident.

  18. Aubrei Orton says:

    I am grateful that came my way to help me with an intricate case. Thank you for your ingenious methods of problem-handling and problem-solving.

  19. Kori Boyce says:

    Hard-working and committed for sure but what is truly amazing is how perfectly they work in sync with their other team-mates and tell you the most significant details of Canadian immigration law. I was lost until I had not hired them because law is really not my cup of tea.

  20. Zyana Teal says:

    They are kind, professional and knowledgeable and will go out of their way to make sure the work gets done in a timely matter.

  21. Malka Bliss says:

    They instantly knew the answer to any questions I had. It was easy to see they had a lot of experience with all sorts of visas.

  22. Harmonee Shively says:

    I would have to say that they are the best and number 1 organization. I would recommend them to all my family and Friends. There service and team are the best and at Grade A standings.

  23. Kent Hemphill says:

    I got permanent residence recently and they helped me getting through the process. The whole point is that these guys are really experienced and they know what they are doing.

  24. kallie vo says:

    The Best Immigration Service you could ever get. I will highly recommend them to any of my family and friends. I am so happy and pleased that I went with them to file my husbands sponsorship.

  25. amias solorio says:

    Me and my wife would like to thank him for his endless support and expertise during our immigration process.

  26. Ziyah Magallanes says:

    He has a no nonsense commercial approach and was able to navigate complex regulations in a pragmatic and business friendly manner. Rather than dealing with a lawyer who told us what we can’t do, it was refreshing to have advice empowering our business to launch effectively.

  27. Obed Kaye says:

    Best in town. Very professional, best experience I ever had with solicitors, who normally promise a lot and do little. Not these people. They do exactly what they’ve promised, no hidden costs, no delays. In one word….. Excellent!

  28. Amina Hensley says:

    Your quality, efficiency of staff as well as of yours and doing the things in timely manner is really appreciable. So, for me it was great experience with them.

  29. Felix Mcbride says:

    He is also readily available to answer any questions via email or telephone. Despite my case not being 100% straightforward, I was pleased to learn the positive outcome.

  30. Zavier Overton says:

    Persistent and dedicated people. Will find the best solutions to your problem. Very skilled and professional too.

  31. Elyjah Steinmetz says:

    With this experience, I got that belief instilled in me that humanity and highest professional standards still uphold over ‘statement of accounts’ in the legal services industry. They say about great lawyer that they tend to solve more than half your problems in the first interaction itself.

  32. Annalyse Settle says:

    If your looking for the best possible immigration service then you need look no further than them ….it is an extremely professional organisation.

  33. londyn reeves says:

    I had Great experience with them. They provide excellent service for visa processing and Very prompt service & co operative staff. I would definitely recommend my friends & relatives.

  34. Cristiano Aquino says:

    Theirs is a client-centric approach. They listen, engage and delve deep into the case and its history. They are also sensitive to the client’s situation and therefore treat the client with a lot of respect. I never felt being judged by them. It was always comfortable to speak to the lawyers. They are goal-driven and will always offer the best possible results.

  35. caleigh hough says:

    Not to mention, our case manager was efficient and dedicated and due to him, we could submit our file at the earliest possible. Yes, of course, you have to be equally involved and do all the leg work wherever required but to have someone as your guiding force and always go back to will help you sail through this process of attaining PR.

  36. Ace Blackburn says:

    I had a very good experience with this firm and they did an amazing job Of solving my complicated situation. They were nice and professional throughout and they really know how to do the job.

  37. Presley Adkins says:

    I would be happy to recommend them to anyone who are looking for the opportunity to migrate to Canada.

  38. Audree Ogle says:

    It was an incredible experience working with them very professional and hardworking. Ever since we have had handed our case to them we were relieved.

  39. leviathan castor says:

    Thank you to them for assisting with my visit visa application. It was approved in 5 days. I really enjoyed my visit to the Canada. Thank you very much. I have already recommended you!

  40. cindy fair says:

    It is a well known immigration company. 100% genuine and experienced immigration lawyers for Canada. And their Success is rate is very high.

  41. Sapphira Laroche says:

    I am extremely impressed by the them in processing my Canada PR. My case manager was so cooperative and guided me at every step. Now I can say that they are the best immigration lawyers for anyone who is looking to move to especially Canada.

  42. Reef Goncalves says:

    He assisted me in my entry clearance application and now my extension. His immigration knowledge is second to none!

  43. Jesus Wheeler says:

    I had a great experience with eric. Guided me though to my pr status. Would recommend him to anyone who is looking for help

  44. Daelyn Donato says:

    They talked us through every stage of application process and ensured we fully understood before going ahead.

  45. mikaela guy says:

    My wife and I approached them to obtain advice to process a right to permanent residency. We called him by phone just to start a preliminary enquiry. What I liked about him was even though ours was a speculative call he took the time to understand our situation and map out the key process steps going forward.

  46. Julianna Potter says:

    On the day prior to the interview he explains what may occur during the interview and I may add, he was spot on. He was on hand whenever I needed him and I genuinely couldn’t recommend him enough.

  47. Remmy Stambaugh says:

    After a refusal for my wife’s spouse visa, we were in a rush to find someone credible to help us with the next steps. We had contacted a dozen Immigration Lawyers, but from the first conversation with him, we knew they were the most trustworthy and credible experts to handle our case.

  48. Michele Beeson says:

    Very professional and transparent in the complete process. Highly recommended for immigration process.

  49. hayleigh fernandes says:

    Highly, highly, highly recommended… a truly dedicated team with thorough knowledge and proven experience in the field of immigration….Undoubtedly the best amongst the rest!!

  50. abrianna low says:

    The moment I attended my free counselling session, I was 100% sure of their professional and genuine services.

  51. jimmy britton says:

    I just wanted to say thank you for what you did to help me bring my husband to Canada you are the best lawyer in Edmonton I will definitely recommend you to others.

  52. kamiah villareal says:

    International students like me who are clueless related to immigration rules that should consult to clear all doubts.

  53. Jacobi Denson says:

    He took the time going over and above our expectations to ensure we had everything, including ourselves, ready before our case went to court.

  54. Ved Slattery says:

    He helped my wife and I through the process of getting our permanent residency for him. Made it very easy for us.

  55. Indigo Krebs says:

    He is a very genuine and hardworking Lawyer. His Law Firm, helped my family of five people through our long Leave To Remain case on legal aid. On behalf of my family I thank them for the excellent work they did in getting us our Leave to remain in the Canada in just seven months.

  56. Giuliana Hanna says:

    Excellent and great service !!!! Special thanks to him for his help in getting my spouse’s PR processed in short period. They provide professional service with prompt responses and application updates.

  57. Estefania Dowell says:

    They have true expertise in Canadian immigration. Do contact them. They are 100% genuine and experienced. You will feel at home while speaking to them.

  58. Ana Mejia says:

    I can without reservation wholeheartedly recommend him and his comrades and am sure they should be able to help you with your case.

  59. Gracelynn Ellison says:

    Best immigration lawyer. I had my spousal application done from them. They worked on my case and did everything necessary for the application to go through smoothly.

  60. Heather Samuel says:

    I threw my guard when I met them and spoke to them on my immigration case that had once already been rejected. On speaking to them, I realised they knew what went exactly wrong with my file. After that I left it all on their goodwill and discretion, and I must say I never let me down. Wonderful people and highly efficient.

  61. myron penny says:

    I am extremely grateful to for their constant assistance on my case. They represented my case with sincere commitment, knowledge, and meticulous attention to detail. They worked hard on my representation and I don’t think it would have been possible without their continuous guidance and direction.

  62. Samaira Carrion says:

    They helped me a foreign-based live-in caregiver. The process was long and complicated but ever since I hired their services, I never had to worry about a thing. Thank you. It is because of you I have help at home and my elderly parents are really happy.

  63. Hadi Gurley says:

    This is in reference to PR visa approval. We got our visa within 2 months after he approved the documents.

  64. Kentrell Byron says:

    Very resourceful and informative. Highly recommended for all immigration services. Always got very honest and genuine advice.

  65. Kason Mclean says:

    We had an extremely positive experience with them right from the initial meeting to the final receipt of the Passport. The Director of the Company is very knowledgeable on all the rules and regulations of the Canada Immigration Law. The guidance provide was detailed and exhaustive at each step of the process. Additionally, all the Company Executives are accessible at all times , and prompt with their responses.

  66. Jewel Tidwell says:

    He just made everything flow so well, helped out when needed, reassured us in every step of the application, we are so thankful after having 2 refusals previously… they got me the the visa successfully.

  67. Auburn Marley says:

    He was incredible. Great communication, and he is an extremely knowledgeable Immigration lawyer. He offers a great Immigration legal service. I am a professional living and working in London. He successfully assisted me to obtain my Canadian PR. There was a lot of paperwork involved and he really took care of everything.

  68. Kamiah Villareal says:

    I am here to strongly recommend this efficient team, thanks for their hard work and big patient. It was a such pleasure experience to work with them :)

  69. Keshav Stockman says:

    The lawyers obliged to every request for a discussion session and came well prepared to the meetings.

  70. Boston Langley says:

    He is so professional and got my file put together in no time. The work was so flawless and perfection to the highest that my husband got his PR in just 2 and a half months time.

  71. Deonte Cochrane says:

    I HIGHLY recommend them. Not only do they have a dedicated team of knowledgeable professionals but also the technology and resources available to make the daunting application process as easy as possible.

  72. Darrius Gainey says:

    He told me to relax and only submit the necessary documents which I did easily and he processed my application in the fastest right way possible.

  73. Roxana Talbert says:

    Excellent service would highly recommend. On using them for the second time I am pleased to say the overall experience was efficient, professional and successful as the first time. Very knowledgeable in immigration law and great advise given. Thank you them!

  74. temperance bryson says:

    We found them always patient, calm and tolerant even when we used to bombard them with questions. Most of them were really silly, trust me. They kept us well informed throughout the process and helped us in understanding the details of the program that we were applying under. Their guidance and explanation helped us to understand how to survive in Canada. For us, they were just not lawyers but counsellors and teachers as well.

  75. ahmir beebe says:

    I seeked him for advice on my Indefinite Leave to Remain application. He was direct, no BS, professional and knowledgeable.

  76. chester marx says:

    They are experts in the Immigration sector and provide customized solutions like they did to me and my successful result speaks for itself!!

  77. Valentin Coon says:

    I don’t have words to explain how helpful he was in our rater unusually difficult case! But he stood by us and went up and beyond to help us till the very end until we got the good news of visa for my parents to visit me in the Canada!

  78. Campbell Shaver says:

    They did an excellent job in preparing and submitting (successfully) my documents for my wife’s Spouse visa for the Canada. I highly recommend them.

  79. Macy Randolph says:

    He is highly professional and knows the skilled worker program. Also, he consistently updated me with the each and every step of my application.

  80. Yara Sauer says:

    He was a great support during the application process, always making sure we go through what is required step by step, answering any question I had, thorough, attentive to detail, a lovely person to talk to as well. Thanks to the combined effort I got my visa and will finally be able to see my spouse again.

  81. calen nolasco says:

    Bunch of knowledgeable people under one roof. Get in touch with the team to clear out all immigration related doubts.Very cooperative and professional staff. I am so glad that I choose them!!!!!! Got my study permit extension within 15 days. Thank you so much!!!

  82. Tenzin Leong says:

    Considering my profile and in-demand occupation, I was advised for Canada Immigration. Without thinking further, I opted for their Canada Immigration process.

  83. Jaxxon Zarate says:

    We have received positive assessment through them and we are happy about it. We are awaiting visa processing and are hopeful that the further process will also be positive.

  84. Cordelia Bermudez says:

    What was particularly helpful was having a single point of contact who guided the application process as well as project managed the professionals to produce a business plan which was fit for the business and legal purpose rather than dealing with lawyers and business advisers separately.

  85. Javari Haire says:

    We used their services to get the Spouse settlement visa for my daughter to join her husband and settled in the Canada. With their support and assistance, my daughter was successful in getting her Visa within 8-9 weeks of submission of documents to the Canada Immigration although the specified time period is generally 12 weeks.

  86. sheila troutman says:

    I am sincerely thankful to all the staff for all the great work done for my familyReally appreciate the approach taken by the team. Every action and decision was made keeping our challenges in mind… thanks for seamless transitions for our family.

  87. Braxtyn Muir says:

    Heand his team are spectacular. They have amazing work ethics and have so much compassion and really care about their clients.

  88. Ervin Held says:

    They all worked hard on my case. I was always immediately informed and updated of any development in my immigration application. I recommend them to anyone who is planning to immigrate to Canada.

  89. Irving Frick says:

    Highly recommended if you are looking for a genuine person to deal with any immigration issues you have and not to worry about financial implications as it’s very clear from the beginning .

  90. loyalty homan says:

    It was really a great experience to get services from them. When my local agent in india did not help me I reached out to them to help me in mid way.

  91. Brandy Smothers says:

    Finally I found a company which could sort all my problems out. They are really helping me through the visa process in a more professional way.

  92. Witten Robson says:

    I visited their office and was impressed with the knowledge of their staff who claim to be experts in their domain.

  93. Karson Wilcox says:

    They were so efficient at responding to our queries. He made the stress of applying for a spouse visa considerably more manageable and was always available to support us. Thank you for helping us make our successful application !

  94. Anika Bacon says:

    They provides excellent services to religious workers of various organisations of the Greater Toronto Area. Highly recommend their services. Thanks

  95. jesse becker says:

    They was brilliant with my leave to remain application. Even when my application was refused they prepared and presented a strong grounds of appeal before the immigration judge thereby winning me my appeal.

  96. Levy Crossley says:

    Very helpful team as I applied for Permanent Residency successfully in 2018. Kind He also helped me with my application to become a British citizen.

  97. Perrin Savoie says:

    I have nothing but praise for their level of professionalism and commitment to their clients. Miss Mandeep is very responsible, reliable and trustworthy. He was dedicated and took time to follow up until the process is complete.

  98. rebecca goodman says:

    The Best immigration Attorneys in town, Attorney he is Awesome, he’s compassionate, smart & a fighter. I lost hope at one point. Thanks to him for fighting for me.

  99. Joleigh Monteiro says:

    It has been wonderful experience with Immigration Experts so far. They all have been helpful and truly professional in their services. ACS has been positive and outcome was without hassles. Hoping that Visa processing also goes smooth.

  100. Annika Enriquez says:

    I wanted to personally thank him from. Thank you so much for all the hard work and effort you have put into getting the application for my mums residence permit together, and in particular for your attention to detail and addressing every possible concern or objection that could have been raised.

  101. Kellin Burchett says:

    I have used it, He is on two occasions and have been very pleased with their service. I was treated with the utmost professionalism and had all of my questions, doubts and concerns alleviated by someone who clearly knew what they were doing.

  102. Caitlynn Otis says:

    I recommend his services and will definitively hire his services again for the next step of our immigration process.

  103. Kaylin Head says:

    I naively thought that I would need to regularly chase him for responses but how wrong I was…he was the one chasing me! Always quick to respond, always helpful and a really nice chap.

  104. Dennis Marin says:

    We worked together through the application and I was amazed by how quickly things moved along. He answered all questions and concerns, no matter how trivial within the same business day.

  105. Delphine Lock says:

    They are highly professional attorneys who walked me through a year-long process, coaching and reassuring me every step of the way.

  106. gatlin longoria says:

    I was then helped extensively over the phone for free, a lovely man. I have since signed on with them for my visa application and they has been AMAZING. WE ADORE them! Thanks bye!

  107. mariana foley says:

    A group of friendly people who will guide you, explain things to you and keep patience with you throughout the difficult process of immigration. Hold them in high regard. Thank you!

  108. Mackenna Tejada says:

    They are efficient, courteous and clear in communication. I reached out to the Law Firm after a disappointing experience with another firm that was transactional and unresponsive.

  109. barrett richard says:

    I was really stressed out about dealing with citizenship and immigration Canada as I had a very tough time dealing with them. My immigration lawyer, did an amazing job.

  110. xzavier lilly says:

    I got in touch with with through one of my relatives who already got their Canada PR visa through them.

  111. conley hutchens says:

    Recently recommended them to a friend after my extremely satisfying association with them. My friend thanked me for suggesting them to him. I am glad I could be of help to my friend, and that did not let me down.

  112. Glory Sandberg says:

    If I had stuck anywhere during the process, he patiently answered each of my query and suggested me the best way out and made it happen smoothly.

  113. Bishop Dietrich says:

    What an extraordinary group of people! Thank you for being so client-friendly and responsible. I would not have found a better team. Thanks a lot for your constant help. God bless you all!

  114. Skylar Chavez says:

    I am already a Canadian PR holder and I approached them to get my wife’s spouse visa. Extremely professional staff and deal with so much of patience.

  115. Kambree Burnside says:

    He provided me with all the updates in a timely manner about all the PNP’s and province requirements which helped me qualify even with so many complications in my case.

  116. Rosella Philpot says:

    I am a blog enthusiast and had read far and wide about various agencies into immigration consultancy on the internet. I did not know who to contact for my case. I did not want to be fooled or be robbed off with unnecessary payment bills. I contacted them on the recommendation of a friend. Loved our association. They helped me a lot throughout. I asked them many questions and they would always be happy to answer. Great people.

  117. colleen mclemore says:

    They are the best laywer to have as one’s support and guide when one is planning and working towards immigration. They have the necessary expertise and experience of many many years and many many cases to help prospective immigrants.

  118. shaan razo says:

    Thanks you are the best service providers. My sponsorship case for my parents was refused two times. My friend highly recommended them and asked me to visit there once. They studied my parents case thoroughly and filed there application. It ended with a great success.

  119. cailynn leake says:

    I contacted them to inquire about a PR visa for my cousin, they arranged a meeting with one of their PR visa expert.

  120. Giana Alonso says:

    They never compromise with their ethical professional values and yet work in the best interest of their clients. They are such balanced people. I have always help them as an inspiration. Really worked hard on my court appeal against a spousal sponsorship.

  121. Jadelyn Plank says:

    Professional services and very responsive. I have been guided well – here big thank you. I definitely recommend the services.

  122. harriet higginbotham says:

    I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs immigration advice and is applying fir visas. After having a really bad experience with two previous solicitors, I got in touch with them and they made my case turns to my way.

  123. Chany Mick says:

    A good immigration lawyer can make the difference between maintaining legal status in Canada or being ordered to leave the country. I would recommend him without hesitation.

  124. Rochelle Stockwell says:

    They probably are the best Visa Consultancy Service. I was highly impressed by the knowledge, approach and client service of my Case Manager as well as the supporting staff. I was not only helped in Visa formalities, but also in the visa follow ups, documentation, and online profile creation. Hats off.

  125. Rockwell Ripley says:

    They are very good. They deal with matters very highly of standed. I had them for my husband settlement visa and was successfully on first application I would highly recommend these solicitors, he was excellent thank you so much.

  126. Graysen Langford says:

    I felt quite confident that if there were any problems they would quickly be there to help resolve everything. You are the best, thank you again.

  127. adelaida fite says:

    I am very happy to share my feedback, I got my Canada PR visa, because I hired the best immigration consultant and my experience with them was awesome. They has the best immigration consultant’s team. I would thanks you for all you have done to me.

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