Sabz Solicitors LLP

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Address: Chamber Of Commerce, 75 Harborne Rd, Birmingham B15 3DH, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 121 374 0007


8 Reviews
  1. Kimberly Hanson says:

    Helped us in a spousal sponsorship case. Loved our association with them. Wonderful people and great team work.

  2. alyah pizarro says:

    He immediately provided reassurance and contacted my daughter in New Zealand. His service was above and beyond and I cannot thank him enough. My daughter is now safely home.

  3. Harlowe Theisen says:

    Their process was very streamlined and professional team to support me throughout my process. I would really recommend them on quality, efficiency and timely response as best and overall excellent experience. Thanks a lot to the team and recommend them fully.

  4. Taelyn Duggan says:

    They place very high regard to the clients concerns in ensuring a swift PR process. I would HIGHLY recommend them to ensure a swift and easy process.

  5. xochitl reddick says:

    Thanks to fast and dedicated team. My case manager was very helpful throughout my immigration journey. If you really want to have proportional representation for Canada, I would recommend come here without thinking.

  6. coralynn crittenden says:

    In our side total experience was very good .. Sataff dealing is up to mark.. Thanks for coperation…

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