Reiss Edwards

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Address: 1st Floor, Holborn Gate, 330 High Holborn, Holborn, London WC1V 7QT, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 20 3744 2797


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  1. judd newkirk says:

    Settling in USA was very difficult and hence I wanted to obtain Canada PR before the rules become difficult in Canada too. I selected Universal because of their positive result and I am happy to say that they actually do what they say.

  2. mohamed arellano says:

    Came to him late with only a week before I was scheduled to be deported. I applied for humanitarian with his with a very weak case. He was empathetic and honest and still told me to try my best and be sure to be a tax payer. I followed his advice and submitted my documents. 18 months after I became a permanent resident. Now going for citizenship. I had a stay of removal and bought enough time. I’m grateful I didn’t have to uproot my family and go back to the horrid conditions I left from.

  3. Symone Kipp says:

    They will not just collect your money and forget about your case, they will be in touch, guiding you through the whole process.

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