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Address: 409 Granville St #1500, Vancouver, BC V6C 1T2, Canada

Phone: +1 604-366-8940


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  1. Domenic Yoo says:

    Trying to navigate in an area that is so uncommon can be very stressful to say the least. They particularly made this whole experience feel very smooth.

  2. Christopher Mitchell says:

    I have recommended to many of my friends. Everyone has a story of admiration and gratitude to tell about how helped them with calm and patience throughout the difficult process of immigration. I am really happy for them and wish them great success in future too.

  3. brandyn honaker says:

    I put student visa file for canada and got it very organized way, even I was not in India at that time during canada student visa, but still they has worked for me and finally I am here at Canada.

  4. olyvia bader says:

    Excellent service regarding my immigration case. I was fully supported thoroughly throughout the process. He was my solicitor. He was very respectful, approachable and knowledgeable.

  5. Katya Duque says:

    Great team. Hard-working and diligent. They always had a unique perspective on things. My case would have gone all wrong had it not been for their constant guidance. Thank you Team.

  6. angelyn toole says:

    If you are planning to go through any sort of application for Canada, they are the ones to help you so that it goes smoothly!

  7. cianna hetrick says:

    Best Immigration company for Canada PR. I would definitely recommend their services to people who are looking for certainty about a Visa grant.

  8. Rayyan Nickerson says:

    I will not hesitate to contact him again should something come up where I need the assistance of counsel.

  9. ellie mendoza says:

    Their knowledge of the immigration process is evident. Thank you very much because of you and your support I got my PR for Canada.

  10. Griselda Wyckoff says:

    I hired him as lawyer for my political asylum application, se is just amazing. He worked hard, finally me and family got permission as a permanent residence. he is one of the best immigration lawyer. Lot of respect.

  11. kalea lassiter says:

    He in particular was extremely helpful advising us on various different visa options and streamlined the whole process.

  12. Giovanni Harper says:

    It’s been great experience with them and would love to refer them to my friends and families. I had Tier-2 extension previously and now ILR have been completed successful. They help us in every stage and treat like a Doctor in every thing. Thanks again for helping us.

  13. kenlee bolin says:

    I recommend this firm highly – they are extremely knowledgeable, truly care about their clients and will work with you to get results.

  14. Keisha Camargo says:

    He took the stress off my shoulder and we truly appreciate the help we got. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone over and over again and would definitely hire him back if the need arise…

  15. Aramis Hudak says:

    They are very professional and committed to their clients. They provided us with personal and timely attention. We would highly recommend them.

  16. landan tanaka says:

    The immigration process could be a very stressfull situation I’m glad that I had him to guide me through the process. Great thanks again.

  17. Keeley Moua says:

    He helped us be very thorough and accurate and nothing got kicked back so he is very responsive and communicated to us as often as we needed we really appreciated his help and would recommend him to anyone!

  18. Channing Crump says:

    Not only that I got a positive answer fast (15 working days, instead of 3-6 months) but working with him I felt all the way that I am dealing with a high level of professionalism.

  19. priscilla mercer says:

    They helped me appeal against a decision of misrepresentation made by the immigration officer. Thanks to that they worked so diligently on the case and figured out the right solution almost instantly.

  20. wilmer keegan says:

    I approached them when my sponsorship file faced rejection. Must say, they really worked day and night on my case in order to eliminate all contradictions and inconsistencies in my file. Great knowledge and team work.

  21. Ryanne Segal says:

    I have used his Service twice for my wife’s Spouse Visa Application and all I can say is that he is very very good at what he does.

  22. Alen Stilwell says:

    Ones they submit my documents there is no further documents were requested by IRCC. It was a smooth process all the way from case filing to landing.

  23. Demario Doane says:

    Now, my application has been approved and I am going to get my PR. Thank you to him and the rest of the team.

  24. Isael Blythe says:

    We just did our first landing in Canada and the whole procedure, from the start, went as smooth as it possibly could.

  25. Leo Simpson says:

    They provided a first class service in relation to my visa requirements. He was the consummate professional and went above and beyond the call of duty at every stage of the process.

  26. Jaiden Brock says:

    Really good and helpful team! I own the guys there a lot and would recommend it to everyone who has issues with his immigration.

  27. Ralph Mckinnon says:

    They are very professional. I have successfully received my study permit and my wife’s work permit thanks to there extraordinary efforts and support. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking Canadian study or work permits.

  28. oshea shelly says:

    Just got my visa , allow me to thank you for the hard work and your continuous support. My dream came true. Thank you for everything. Who wants to live abroad don’t hesitate to call resettlement solution, they can do it.

  29. nyasia florez says:

    He provided exceptionally excellent and professional service from start to end. My case seemed challenging and very difficult to me but his expertness was proved by his work. He was well organised with everything throughout.

  30. brice youngblood says:

    I had the pleasure to work with him on my application for residence card!!I have the outmost pleasure to thank him and recommend him, for making my application a success.

  31. dorothy ervin says:

    He was very professional, frindly and he never missed my call, he always had an answer to all my questions. We met few times before the appontment in Canada, he filled in all my documents, gave me a document list to prepare and went through the final check up a week before the appontment.

  32. varun nolte says:

    I recently visited their office and I have to say, the service provided me with all the information and the required support. I liked the way they portrayed the visa process and how moving to Canada will benefit me. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a Immigration service.

  33. allana durden says:

    I am so happy you guys took my case and gave me assurance from the very first moment that everything will be ok. Thank you once again for everything.

  34. Princess Weir says:

    Canada was always a dream for me but I was not aware about my profile opportunities. They explain everything in detail.

  35. Yuri Niles says:

    I visited him for advice and consultation. I received honest opinion of him, opinion I could trust and fall upon.

  36. Kennedi Stark says:

    They are a team of very professional, talented and skilled members who make this entire process look very easy.

  37. Adrianne Grim says:

    I contacted after a rejected work permit application. I always appreciated their straightforward approach to matters. really worked hard to make my application for a work permit appealing and compelling. They made an extensive research on my educational qualifications and work experience. They highlighted by strengths in my applications along with proper documental evidence, thus, making my application quite compelling. I am really indebted to them for cuh meticulous work on my file. Guys, you all are truly the best.

  38. Meghan Schuster says:

    They are the one of the best team of consultants with on spot knowledge, I’m dilight with the services they have provided till now looking same experience till the end of process.

  39. aariyah burd says:

    Definitely recommended if you’re looking for an immigration/citizenship lawyer. Very nice and professional!

  40. Aranza Bergeron says:

    Very cooperative and very nice management of him.. Always helpful and helps in solving the cases with efficiency.

  41. Leandro Kruse says:

    Your commitment and high enthusiasm never ceases to amaze me. I always found the team at energetic and passionate about results. Thank you , you have definitely taught me too a thing or two about professional attitude and commitment.

  42. Jaycion Cruse says:

    Compared with quotations that we had received from more prominent solicitors that we have used in the past, they was very competitive. I have no hesitation in recommending them for any services that falls within their remit.

  43. Adonai Martini says:

    Thanks to their staff for the fabulous help we got in obtaining tourist Visa. Our family have decided to choose your consultancy if we plan to migrate to other countries. We are very happy with the services. Great Job!

  44. Cody Saunders says:

    Contacted him for a relatives property matter through a reference. Exceptionally well satisfied. He was supportive and result oriented. Appreciate the help and assistance of his staff lawyers as well.

  45. Melanny Bunker says:

    Thanks a lot to all team. I got my study permit approval today. All members of team very friendly. I am happy because I choose thos team for my spouse visa. I really really hope it will be also perfect.

  46. Jordin Corrigan says:

    I have used their visa application services for my mother in law in India and on all occasions the application has been successful.

  47. Marguerite Nall says:

    He and his team is extremely professional & have a thorough knowledge of the PR filing process. They kept me updated about the progress and their constant communication was a huge help.

  48. Mohamad Manson says:

    My wife and I used his services and we are really happy with his honesty and professionalism. He is really personable and very polite. Always great attitude, makes you relax and focus on the positive. Definitely gets the job done.

  49. Caesar Seaton says:

    Nice service and good attention to file preparation. Thank you for your help for getting my spouse visa.

  50. blayze morelli says:

    I had the pleasure of working with him, who is a highly professional and experienced lawyer. He is very thorough, supportive, and will always have great explanation and advice regarding your immigration matters. I’ll definitely go with them in the future.

  51. Trisha Bohannon says:

    He was able to simplify my overly complicated work history and visa status. Definitely recommending them to friends planning to immigrate to Canada.

  52. siddharth fontaine says:

    They review the application and supporting documents, paying attention to every detail, quickly reacting to any changes in the application process, making sure your application is up to date.

  53. Adiel Carlin says:

    My case manager always kept me informed about the next steps and the document requirements. Now, I am happily settled in Canada all because of them.

  54. mayrin carmack says:

    Couldn’t be more pleased with the service provided by them in relation to my ILR application. He reviewed my initial application and he was knowledgeable and reliable and kicked the tires on my case within a day.

  55. Shaun Kauffman says:

    I will strongly recommend his services to anyone who’s out there in need of Help I was so fortunate I got to know him, he did absolutely exactly what he told me from our initial consultation and everything just happened step by step surely.

  56. montana mello says:

    Today I am so happy that eventually under his guidance I got my Canada PR approved under the express entry scheme.

  57. emilio davenport says:

    The best solicitors ever for asylum ..I recommend it to everyone. ..thanks all of you, excellent services prfict experience..

  58. Erika Quick says:

    Highly recommend them to everyone because they are 100% trustful and they will never ever give you any false commitments and information.

  59. Zakai Moriarty says:

    Had some immigration work done by him, very friendly and efficient experience, thanks and totally recommend.

  60. Adilynn Saucedo says:

    My husband and I are really impressed with the hardworking and responsible team. They helped a lot till date. We really appreciate the hard work you guys put into my sister in laws file.

  61. Lamiyah Edmunds says:

    I have got the opportunity to work and stay in Canada and the credits goes to the entire team of him who work so dedicatedly.

  62. Nikki Curley says:

    I am very thankful to him for making it all happen. I can further stay with my son and husband in the Canada. We are one family now. I am very happy and satisfied with the legal immigration service and advice they have provided.

  63. Abelardo Gilmer says:

    I don’t know immigration process can be so smooth and easy. All this just happened because of such knowledgeable and dedicated team.

  64. krishna dong says:

    The way of treating employees is so good from his side. I thank him from my bottom of the heart to get assign to this case manager.

  65. Amira Gaines says:

    They helped in getting my Canada PR. They provide correct information about permanent resident visa. I’m very glad to choose them to process my Canada visa.

  66. dillon donaldson says:

    I have used Canada Immigration Services for two occasions and I am extremely satisfied with their professional services outcome, customer service, skills and Knowledge.

  67. Mina Hollingsworth says:

    Great team! He and his team know what they are doing and go the extra mile, in a friendly relaxed way. Not only is service expert, they take time to educate you. I definitely recommend this place if you are looking for quality work.

  68. Bishop Dietrich says:

    I am so happy that I found this firm to seek immigration advise. My family received their visas at first attempt through his advise and guidance.

  69. candy bazan says:

    The whole immigration experience was very overwhelming for me but he being the professional he is carried himself with distinction and helped me through the whole process and was very understanding and patient.

  70. Navy Dees says:

    He and his team worked tirelessly on behalf of me and my family. I am so over the moon that we eventually had a positive outcome and that finally I see a future where once I dare not dream. I will 100% recommend them.

  71. ever thrasher says:

    Excellent service, very professional and very responsive. They handled my permanent resident visa application for Canada and they worked so hard to get my application approved. I highly recommend them.

  72. Konstantin Faria says:

    One of the genuine Immigration Consultant, telling this from the experience .They literally help me a lot with Canada PR.

  73. atom bentz says:

    Thank you so much for all your help and support for applying spouse visa (second time). You have been by far the best adviser I’ve ever dealt with.

  74. Annabelle Silva says:

    Once I visited them, he took my counseling session. Because of the ease and price, there was no need to look for the other options.

  75. yulianna linville says:

    I never left a review ever in my life. Honestly he was the best immigration lawyer I ever I met. Honest and professional (and personal at the same time). I’m not gonna discuss my personal case in public but he handled it greatly, eased the worries and was straight up honest about every step. And at the end it worked for me. 100% I recommend.

  76. Renato Baumgardner says:

    Firstly, I would like to thank him and his team for guiding me through my PR process which was smoothly and professionally done.. Perfect immigration staff dealing so professionally and calmly.. Thanks a lot guys.

  77. Hilda Durst says:

    Really delighted with the service. They are simply wonderful, very professional and experienced. Highly recommend!!!

  78. Matheo Duenas says:

    You can expect Dan to be trustworthy, available and knowledgeable about your specific case, no matter how complex!

  79. Marlee Horne says:

    Impeccable filing. Not a single error or inconsistency despite my highly complicated travel history. Got me a quick approval. Thank you so much.

  80. Embry Nowicki says:

    They helped me during my interview with the CBSA on a refugee claim. I realised that they are such wonderful people. There were many confidential details about my life that I had to share with them during the interview preparation time. I never found them judging me or treating me less respectfully. They are great people and hugely trustworthy.

  81. delany pender says:

    You handled our case in such a reliable way and your actions and replies were always prompt and definitive.

  82. Khayden Deberry says:

    An extremely diligent team of efficient workers who left no stone unturned in working out the best solution for me on my case where I had received removal orders from Canada. They kept me updated throughout the proceedings of my case. I had complete trust in them and never doubted he outcome of the case. Thank you for being so focused.

  83. Leiana Harkness says:

    Their team was very responsive and transparent in each step of Canada PR Process and increased my confidence in getting my Canada PR Visa. Big thanks to their team. :)

  84. Kendell Dawes says:

    My appeal process is gradually going on smoothly and I appreciate every advice methods and appointment of the AWe were Recommended to use them, and it was definitely the best thing we could have done.

  85. alessio elmer says:

    I am glad I listened to his advice as these people are experts in their domain and can help anyone settle abroad through their expertise.

  86. Laylani Garay says:

    At , I found that the team takes pride in what they do. They are knowledgeable, experienced and dedicated to their work. Whenever I would speak to them over the phone, I always found them prepared for answer my queries. They do not dodge work. They do not befool the client. They mean business and that is the best thing about them.

  87. Antony Steffen says:

    I highly recommend you use them. They are an incredibly conscientious and knowledgeable firm of solicitors who Get Results.

  88. Juancarlos Galarza says:

    Reliable, efficient, handle my case well with excellent result I am pleased with my result and always willing to give further information and they pay full attention to my case and answer my questions quickly I will say one of the best in my opinion.

  89. danika machado says:

    I am very grateful to the whole team for helping in making my dream come true. Thank you once again. God bless u all.

  90. Zamarion Godsey says:

    I would just like to say that I was unable to navigate all the necessary forms and procedures to regain admission to Canada without the services of the Law Firm.

  91. Merida Majors says:

    Their attention to details along with knowledge of international immigration laws makes me recommend their services to anyone who asks me. I want to say a big thanks to the team and wish all the best. Highly recommended to everyone reading this review.

  92. Tierney Cowley says:

    This firm is fantastic and were indispensable in securing a work visa for my employee to live and work in the Canada. I did lots of research and even retained another firm who took my money and did little to nothing to help me before finding Canada Immigration Services.

  93. kayne gaspar says:

    I was his client many times and I was 100 % happy and satisfied!! I will recommend that company any time and to anyone that need help with their migration case!!

  94. Yazan Mackay says:

    We are both extremely happy we will both be reunited together again very soon. They have been a pillar of support and he still continues to offer advise should we need it. I highly recommend them. Thank you for all your help!

  95. Maylen Oberg says:

    One of my friends recommended me him as he got his Canada PR visa approved through this consultancy only. I had booked my free counselling session, which went smoothly. I must say that the immigration counsellors here are knowledgeable and professional.

  96. kambree burnside says:

    Very organized knowledgeable and just a great person to deal with! He did almost impossible case for my family! Impressed with his work! Highly recommended!

  97. Daxon Thigpen says:

    My real brother lives in Canada. I and my mother first applied for Canada visa but it got refused but then we consulted to him. We took 20 days to complete our papers. And finally I and my mother got visa.

  98. nylah sampson says:

    I highly recommend them for all your immigration needs. They are truly professional and “results oriented”. It was great working with them.

  99. Yanely Tijerina says:

    They helped in processing my 3 applications for Parents and Grand Parents categories. Their team is very professional and prompt in service.

  100. Brynn Serrano says:

    I was receiving immunotherapy for a year and my Employer while receiving treatment, asked me to pay for my own Employment benefits. I was totally in shock and scared because I was receiving Disability, and could not afford to pay for my benefits. They sent an amazing letter, which was instrumental in resolving the issue. Their Lawyer’s are compassionate, kind people. Thank you so much!

  101. Jaelyn Oneil says:

    They are very good in all the follow ups, not even a single mail or communication is missed by their side, always they try to reply asap. I will surly recommend this to all of my friends without a second thought.

  102. Ethan Martinez says:

    Now my application has been submitted and I am waiting for my ITA. Thankyou for helping me build my career and I would soon be the first member to migrate to Canada from my Family.

  103. maleah geiger says:

    The most trusted and reliable immigration lawyers. I had a detailed discussion about my Canada PR before proceeding.

  104. Mirabel Deason says:

    I also would like to further my appreciation to the strategy and professionalism you people implemented in getting me the desired results. Thanks a lot. In the end, all went well and I am happy. Thanks again.

  105. Landon Morgan says:

    Their prices are affordable and moreover they have very good services. I recommend to go with this company.

  106. Brody Gardner says:

    After being refused by home office, a friend of mine recommended him.. he accepted my case immediately when I was desperately looking for a solicitor.

  107. Shayne Szymanski says:

    They are very professional law firm. They provided me great service, help and guidance in my Canada Visa application. They went through everything in great details and prepared as much as possible for me, which saved me a lot of time. In addition they are very patient and reactive for any of my requests. I really appreciate their help in my VISA application.

  108. Maiya Jeter says:

    Remaining calm and positive he gave us great advice and assistance I can’t thank him enough. We highly recommend his services. Thank you.

  109. john king says:

    I would like to thanks him hard work on my case, he is absolutely brilliant and always answer my questions outside of office hours, I will certainly recommend him to my friends in the future. Thanks a lot.

  110. Sailor Omalley says:

    If you are currently looking for an immigration lawyer and you’ve got suggestions from friends and you are about to pay someone stop right now! And book a consultation with him.

  111. Tia Gage says:

    Immediate guidance and counselling is their forte. They don’t have to look into books or seek any outsider’s help to help you with your case. Their communication reveals that they have a lifetime’s experience in this field. You can always trust them for the best outcome.

  112. Leif German says:

    He is a very fantastic solicitor and a very humble and kind person, he won my case in first court after my case was refused by home office, I will never forget his great attitude and the support he gave me through legal aid.

  113. Gia Whitehead says:

    Thank you team for such wonderful work and efforts for my Canada Permanent Resident Visa. You guys are the best !! Thank you

  114. rayyan nickerson says:

    Excellent Service! My first application for spouse visa was approved in just 32 days. You guys did an amazing job. Thank you so much for reuniting me with my husband.

  115. Massimo Streeter says:

    The team at was very efficient and helpful in helping me to file my immigration application to Canada. They advised me about the best program to apply under with my credentials, helped me in getting the required IELTS score, and made a really persuasive submission. I have surely never met such hardcore professional people with such knowledge and experience ever in my life.

  116. Alice Berry says:

    Excellent service – staff were polite and efficient, calls were returned and emails were responded to promptly. Would highly recommend whole team for an all around great service!

  117. Arlene Mcdonnell says:

    Professional approach. Thorough understanding of rules related to application. Quick responses. Effective guidance on complex issues. very happy with them. recommended 100%

  118. Carol Morley says:

    Always quick to respond, very helpful and arranged all the documentation in a way that the interviewer complimented us on the quality and organisation of the application. Thank you :)

  119. Davi Seal says:

    He put my mind at ease throughout a very stressful and hard time when getting a residence permit to continue my family life in the Canada seemed almost impossible for me.

  120. Cailyn Ireland says:

    He helped me in every stage of the process and is also very knowledgeable . I am very happy and satisfied and also got the PR for my wife in around 3 months time.

  121. Leena Whitmore says:

    We were happy to work with him and his team. They were responsive, reassuring, and true professionals. The PR application process went smoothly and quickly through IRCC too.

  122. Lynette Sibley says:

    Fortune Legal houses few of the most dedicated legal professionals I have come across all my life and are headed by him whose expertise in infrastructure law and contracts is undeniable.

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