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Address: 12899 76 Ave, Surrey, BC V3W 6A2, Canada

Phone: +1 604-596-8588


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  1. herbert herbst says:

    It has been a long process but in february 2020 I have got my Canada PR and I owe this achievement to their Team. They have been very patient and comprehensive in my regards.

  2. Aziza Bigham says:

    We were informed of all correspondence from the Home Office immeditely and adviced appropriately on the next actions to take. This helps to solve the case in the recorded time.

  3. Cosette Wheatley says:

    There is no word that can explain how thankful I am to them especially him for all the efforts and dedicated hard work and for being super patient with me all the way until I received the good news and had my documents in hand.

  4. liesel shade says:

    I found that the team were/are highly responsive and the information that they provided was accurate, progressive and proactive in terms of application preparation, and always looking out for my best interest.

  5. Leiana Harkness says:

    I consulted other immigration companies but the Confidence and level of Participation convinced me to get my process done with him.

  6. Jakari Landrum says:

    Not only are they amazingly good at what they do, they provided a wonderful and personalized experience through my application for Permanent Residency.

  7. Darsh Weatherly says:

    I totally recommend them to anyone who has any work to complete as they will surely not let you down!

  8. luna burton says:

    They asked no contact information of mine, no discussion about money or fee. They just asked my queries and gave me clean and clear straight answers with lot of patience and professionalism.

  9. Sloan Padgett says:

    We have applied for Tier 2 General licence for our company & we got in 2 weeks !! Many thanks to them for their excellent paperwork, Professional approach & diligent follow ups .. I am highly impressed with him who is head of Immigration.

  10. Ansh Acker says:

    When it comes to Migration consultation, reliability and trust matters the most. I choose him because the details I recieved through them on my case was crystal clear.

  11. Alli Aiello says:

    Very professional speedy service. I highly recommend the services of him. Big thank you for helping us get our visa application processed so quickly!

  12. West Archibald says:

    I feel very thankful for the fabulous services provided by him and the team for processing my son’s file for Student Visa. I am really impressed with the gentle way of handle their client. I would strongly recommend.

  13. ander nye says:

    I am self employed, income is not very high, with a failed application history before. He give me confidence, I trust him as well. Thanks.

  14. aziz albanese says:

    We could never have completed a successful application without him help and they are worth every penny! highly recommended!

  15. cy sturdivant says:

    I will recommend and use them again for my Immigration requirements. Thank you so much for making this process a simple and successful experience.

  16. artemis huey says:

    I am very grateful to him for everything he has done for us. I always recommend him to anyone who need a true, honest advice in their Immigration metters.

  17. Ransom Storm says:

    He very friendly and helpful. I strongly recommend their services and I would definitely work with them again.

  18. Jeramiah Batson says:

    I have got my positive acs within a month with the help of them. They are very professional, quick and responsive in their whole process, documentation team is great, quick responses to any kind of query that get into your mind related to this whole process.

  19. logan white says:

    I had very good experience with them. During my visa consultation they handled my case with ease as they were very professional.

  20. rodrick baldridge says:

    Yesterday my Canadian PR visa is approved and would like to thank from the bottom of my heart for this. All this would not have been possible without their efforts.

  21. Rome Kopp says:

    I really thanks them. They helped me to get my husband visa. They are really professional. I visited many immigration but they are the best. They helped me a lot.

  22. arina fredrick says:

    I was very much disturbed as I was not getting Canada visa for my sister. I tried many times but some thing or other was causing problem and I also tried many immigration consultants but no proper guidance was given. Then one of my friend recommended them and I went to meet them. I must tell you the staff was so much friendly and guided us about the whole procedure very nicely.

  23. bryan ortega says:

    Communication plays a vital role for a client to discuss a matter from time to time with his Attorney and in my case it was absolutely praiseworthy. My words do no exaggeration when I say that the firm was excellent and he was always remarkable.

  24. Mary Curtis says:

    Very happy with the service given by them. He and his team are very thorough and efficient, and will not leave any gap in your application. As long as you are patient and have trust in their capabilities, you will not find a better immigration consultancy.

  25. hugo friedman says:

    The Best immigration consultants in the heart of district center, they helped provide Canadian PR visa very quickly with full transparency.

  26. farhan kuhlman says:

    Can’t thank them enough for all the help and hours they put in. I would highly recommend them, I am so pleased with their service.

  27. Reem Benavidez says:

    Truly thanks to them for their support and service. I got my invitation letter for Canada. Nice people, great service, very professional and appreciate.

  28. roland tuttle says:

    He delivered what we needed in a timely and cost effective way. We cannot recommend his services highly enough. He is an excellent solicitor.

  29. Shaniyah Lanning says:

    I am writing this review holding my PR letter in my hand. 7 months of dedicated efforts and step followed under their guidance are responsible for this result.

  30. Kinlee Ham says:

    I will always recommended this consultancy because of their hassle free canada visitors visa process. Thanks a lot for successful process my visa or make me able to enter into Canada.

  31. Taliah Ceja says:

    I am really satisfied with the service provided by him. They are professional and really know how to do their job.

  32. Austyn Hoff says:

    He has a kind and friendly demeanour which makes the process a little less stressful. He does not give false hope but is honest about the chances of successful application.

  33. Shyla Marlow says:

    Immigration is quiet stressful process but here, he always gives you the best advice and he is there to guide you in every step of the process from start to end, he keeps you updated whenever there is a update and follows up.

  34. Daiana Parsley says:

    Our matter was handled by them. We found the service second to none. My husband’s appeal was allowed in August 2017. I highly recommend them.

  35. Zariya Redden says:

    He and his team are incredible! I met him for a consultation over some paper work I had done and he gave me excellent advise! Direct, knowledged, friendly, warm and welcoming, he went straight to the core of my question and case. I would definetly recommend to contact him and his firm for anyone dealing with questions/ doubts/ papers in regards to immigration.

  36. Mabry Falls says:

    I had always wanted to consult a professional genuine immigration lawyer and it was very reassuring to know that he is a registered member of the ICCRC.

  37. Carmelo Maher says:

    My case specifically complex in nature and required constant communication and follow up. There was a lot of paper work involved and he (lead lawyer) did an excellent job and sorted the matter out for me in a really professional manner. I am very grateful!

  38. leo simpson says:

    A very professional service with a Principal who has worked at a senior level in the Immigration Service.

  39. Katrina Eastman says:

    They are one of the excellent companies that I have encountered till date. Initially I had doubts what will happen and how will the process go etc etc and I was really very skeptical of whether I would make it or not.

  40. Felicity Roach says:

    Polite professional people. Very good solution providers. I really appreciate their work. I appreciate the patience they show while understanding the clients requirement.

  41. axl irvin says:

    Excellent service, very affordable and worth every penny, they worked very hard on our case. Very professional would definitely recommend!!!!!

  42. Jethro Cardoza says:

    For me, they stands for Intelligent, Responsive and Accurate. I have got my Canada PR. All thanks to the senior most conselor of this firm and him who helped me with documentation and follow up calls.

  43. Jefferson Cardona says:

    Get in touch with them 6 months back, today I received my Canada PR Visa. I’m very grateful that I got an opportunity to live and work in Canada just because of them. Thank you!!

  44. Mila Henry says:

    Very friendly and professional service. They dealt with my case in a very professional manner. I would recommend them as one of the best law firms.

  45. Iyana Dehart says:

    Really thankfull to Rahila and team. Very knowledgeable and helpfull always there to help and solve clients problems.

  46. Jody Zayas says:

    I would like to thank him for providing excellent support and guidance which resulted in positive outcome of my ACS skill assessment.

  47. Leif German says:

    Awesome experience, I got an excellent services from them, hats off to staff. I strongly recommend them for those who looking to migrate canada ..thnks a lot

  48. ernesto grady says:

    Working with them was fantastic. They answered all my questions regarding my husband’s PR in a timely manner. They were friendly and professional and always very thorough in their work.

  49. aaryan bull says:

    You are a very hard working full of sense of humour I am sure you will be helping very many people out there like me You certainly Have given me a new start in my life which I will be ever so great full to you and your very hard working Team Respect to you All

  50. everleigh ng says:

    He was my immigration lawyer. After working hard for many years inside Canada I was unable to get permanent resident status, I did not want to return to my home country with nothing. He was able to maintain my legal status in Canada, he get me a work permit after I was asked to leave Canada and then he got my application for permanent resident status approved.

  51. Felicia Mcculloch says:

    With so many options available in the market, they are definitely a promising and dedicated consultancy. The advise and guidance provided by their team who helped us to bag Canada PR.

  52. Cai Haggard says:

    I have recommend them to family and that is probably the highest endorsement I could give. Money well spent for accuracy, know how & piece of mind.

  53. ricky hollis says:

    I had not anticipated such a warm and welcoming experience. All the employees here are friendly, understanding and honest, they understand your needs and make sure that all of them are fulfilled.

  54. Mariah Thornton says:

    He and his team helped us to get our Residency. They were very kind and helpful, answering all our queries fast and clearly, making us feel really confident during the whole process. I definitely recommend them.

  55. Randy Gilliam says:

    I take this opportunity to comment on the service and guidance provided by him in connection with a settlement visa for my wife. We had previously tried several times to obtain a settlement visa the first was in-connection with service provider who did little to nothing in comparison to the efforts, support and due diligence carried out by him.

  56. Samson Vu says:

    I am very grateful to have found him in my search for a trustworthy and intelligent immigration lawyer. Thanks, I’d recommend you to anyone!

  57. Sheyla Langdon says:

    They do not promise something just to make you feel good when you apply but they get the best outcome possible based on your case.

  58. Lilyana Minor says:

    From the first phone call to the final visa stamping, their knowledgeable lawyers and consultants kept me informed and shared the complete process.

  59. Nataly Raines says:

    I will be recommending them to everyone that requires immigration advise and assistance. Their fees are also remarkably low for the level of service they provide. I would give 10 stars if I could.

  60. sienna mccormick says:

    The folks at exhibited great strength of character and diligence in dealing with my case. I found them meticulous, and thorough in their work. I was highly impressed with their work ethic too. Surely would recommend them to all.

  61. Javari Haire says:

    I had applied Canada tourist visas of me, my sister and my father….And we have got visas granted in just 3 working days. I am very happy…

  62. Khloey Valente says:

    They have handled the sale of two of our commercial properties. On both occasions the sales were conducted in an efficient and exemplary manner despite a holiday by a staff member interfering with one of the sales.

  63. Yisroel Silverman says:

    Thanks for quick and amazing service for PR. Their services and Quick response is leading them to new heights……Anyone need guidance for Visa purpose, Dont give a second thought..

  64. emalyn carnes says:

    I couldn’t have asked for a more compassionate, efficient, and professional attorney to work with. Thank you.

  65. Bowen Espinosa says:

    Having them take care of my husband’s PR took a load off of our shoulders and made the whole process easy and enjoyable. We cannot thank them enough for taking care of our case from the beginning to the very end! Thank you!

  66. sherry schreiner says:

    They was recommended to me by my friend for my Canada PR process (express skilled entry), and I am so happy that I went with my friend’s advice.

  67. jovani baum says:

    They are aware of the entire process and will make sure you to guide you for preparing all the documents needed for PR processing. I will definitely recommend.

  68. Jaysen Brandenburg says:

    Wonderful Experience!!! They is one of the most genuine agencies. Trust them and they will help you through the entire process. They know what they are doing.

  69. Coen Varner says:

    Excellent service very satisfying. Now am in canada with his help. Team was extremely professional and helpful. They were able to guide me through the entire process without any trouble.

  70. aris peltier says:

    Very happy with their service. I was recommended to get my PR filed from them by my Employer and no doubt they provided me accurate payment plans and steps to go ahead with the application. strongly recommend you to get immigration work done here.

  71. Niklaus Gagne says:

    I am extremely thankful to them for helping me and my husband to get our canada PR visa very quickly and at affordable price.

  72. Zakiyah Mccue says:

    Very good service. Staff has very good knowledge. He gave us very good advice and answered all the questions. I will recommend.

  73. ellen weston says:

    It was very reassuring to have support and guidance through my whole naturalisation application process. I had contacted many firms previously but to even have an initial Consultation proved to be far to expensive.

  74. Hanan Manzano says:

    One of the best immigration lawyer in brampton. They are very knowledgeable and professional person they know their job very well, best immigration advice I have ever get.

  75. Dora Dexter says:

    Strongly recommend to everyone who are seeking advice and help to get over with immigration & visa problems.

  76. tilly hair says:

    Services offered at this place are professional and accurate. Staff is friendly and give the best advice according to your case.

  77. Nathaniel Holmes says:

    Canada Immigration Services helped my Canadian partner with a FLR application and I would definitely recommend them. They explained things to us in a way we could understand it, were clear on all costs associated with the application and laid out the process from start to finish.

  78. Corey Dunlap says:

    So helpful and knowledgable. Can’t recommend enough – especially if there’s any potential tricky bits to your application! Dedicated professional staff in all areas of immigration

  79. Jakiyah Carrigan says:

    The thing I like about this consultancy is that the people who work here, they are knowledgeable about their services and Maintain the professionalism.

  80. Jannah Barnhill says:

    He and his team are very thorough and made sure I was able to be eligible for the visa before I applied, so the process of getting the visa was straightforward. I now have a partner visa and am continuing to happily live my life in Canada.

  81. aundrea heisler says:

    I will be going through the same company for my Citizenship process. I can not thank you enough – very very satisfied my son and I.

  82. Isiah Sousa says:

    Before finding them, I had received a rejection for my spouse’s visa. Despite the rejection they took care of my next application and thanks to their experience, they were able to succeed where other firms i previously hired had failed. They simply have the experience and care and they take the time to ensure they do a proper job.

  83. Alaynna Stowell says:

    I chose them for consultancy of Canada Visa and got visa in short time. He personally handled my all the cases and provided excellent professional consultancy services. He had been very honest, professional and organized throughout the journey. Highly recommended.

  84. Alvin Muller says:

    I have been to several solicitors before, but he was the only one that steered me in the right direction. As a result of his brilliant and thorough advice, I have now obtained the visa that I wanted.

  85. macy randolph says:

    He and his team were highly professional and responsive throughout the Visa application process for Canada.

  86. Elias Rice says:

    Everything was handled by them, resulting in a positive result for me with my Leave to remain visa, from the Home office.

  87. Hamilton Geer says:

    Not only that during my process I was really worry but he had helped me a lot he told me not to worry everything will be fine.

  88. moises benitez says:

    Best immigration lawyers in Edmonton. Thanks for your help and your staff I just got my PR few day and Now I just waiting my mom and my sister come to my wedding. They work so professional and responsible. I recommend to this place who the people want find the best lawyer.

  89. Kamdyn Sheffield says:

    I had a hard time deciding which program was the more apporpriate for my situation. He was the best (and most patient person) to help me figure it out.

  90. Geno Thorp says:

    The team at is extremely honest and sincere. There are never any hidden costs to their services. They have a very transparent process and a fair and fixed fee. Extremely professional team surely. Thank you for being so resolute and determined.

  91. Dawson Hammond says:

    You did and it happened!! You are very Professional and you respond abruptly if I have queries. Again Thank you!

  92. everett obrien says:

    I am writing from my whole heart. I had a very difficult program, even an impossible case, other lawyers didn’t want to take it. They took that case and did fantastic job!

  93. Zaira Churchill says:

    Great advice, service and professionalism from him who helped me obtain my citizenship. He put my mind at ease and handled everything regarding my application. I would highly recommend his service.

  94. Ameen Cordes says:

    I got my Canada permanent resident visa approval, I’m very thankful to them specially him, he always keeping in touch with me and resolve all my queries and help me to get my Canada PR Visa.

  95. Damiyah Unruh says:

    We were finding the process difficult and stressful on our own and he made us feel at ease from our first conversation.

  96. Kellen Lehman says:

    It was an excellent experience and the service would beat big agencies like Y axis. Wish you guys all the best for future and once again thanks a lot. Cheers to the team.

  97. Zakiyah Mccue says:

    This has to be one of the most satisfying and brilliant experiences. They were absolutely fantastic throughout, making applying and attaining what I needed simple and straightforward. I would recommend them to everyone.

  98. Kora Cano says:

    He is well experienced and so are all the staff. He was always handy to answer any queries and carried me along all through he process.

  99. saray quirk says:

    Very professional every step of the way. Made the whole process of getting a visa much easier and straight forward.

  100. rey culver says:

    They are best, loyal, professional immigration consultant. They work in way to get the fruitful results. They were very helpful through our case processing steps.

  101. Jubilee Gamez says:

    He and the team were superb! They helped me through the process to achieve my visa and I am delighted. The time frame was swift and communication was excellent. I would highly recommend them. Thank you once again.

  102. elmer messina says:

    I am very pleased with them and they’re very friendly and they also helped my family. I highly recommend them!

  103. Mayrin Carmack says:

    I am a Civil Engineer by profession. I never thought that I can actually work in Canada. Suddenly, one fine day, I got a mail that my cv got selected for Canada. I contacted them to confirm the same and then they explained everything about it.

  104. tyla doerr says:

    We did our Canada PR express entry application through them. They are professional and very responsive and quick. They reviewed the job letters, etc in detail and did a good job. We got the PR stamped.

  105. Brenley Abercrombie says:

    I applied for my Canada PR in June 2019 through them and got my ECA done, then I gave my IELTS exam itself and they submitted my express entry application.

  106. Syed Newberry says:

    I gave up all my hopes of migrating abroad because of some bad experiences in the past. His advice and accurate timelines helped me fulfill my dreams of migrating Canada.

  107. jamari mayfield says:

    I trusted and appreciated his guidance, and highly recommend for personal or professional immigration matters.

  108. Camdyn Louis says:

    Had a satisfying professional experience with them. They helped me to challenge a rejection on misrepresentation finding. Absolutely trust them with finding strategic solutions to the clients’ problems.

  109. Misha Gaddy says:

    Words are not enough to thank him and I highly recommend his company to my colleagues who require Visa assistance.

  110. Mildred Slagle says:

    Thank you so much for all your work for my spouse’s file. Got my wife’s PR status in 2 months. Team was very co-operative and knowledgeable.

  111. Rayna Groves says:

    I came across them over 10 years ago. During this period of time I have found him to be very helpful and knowledgeable in immigration matters. He always makes time and has a very kind nature. I would not hesitate in recommending him to anyone requiring immigration advise and expertise.

  112. Cortez Leone says:

    They in my experience, every solicitors in the company are very friendly, professional and no matter what is your case, they will help you through everything perfectly – i just got my partnership visa granted with their help.

  113. Alize Smithson says:

    Excellent lawyer always willing to help. He looks beyond what he can get a Right on time and he is welcoming and ready to help, so impressed with him ethics sky is his limit , more grease and increase in all his endeavoursnd provides excellent advise and support.

  114. khadija barth says:

    They are always more convinced than you are on your own case. Really nice people. Humble and respectful.

  115. Lilyan Ridgeway says:

    The was professional, smart and polite. I would highly recommend them to anyone who requires their service. They are the best at what they do and their services are next to none.

  116. Lillith Laster says:

    I am very thankful to his team for his proper guidance and cooperation. I really appreciate your efforts.

  117. juelz faust says:

    Highly recommend him, very confident and professional service provided. My wife received her visa within 3 weeks of application being submitted with priority service. Thank you very much wish you all the best.

  118. Brinley Mcfarland says:

    My case was complex and unique, and no other lawyer wanted to take it. He agreed to work with me and did so kindly, throughly and passionatel.

  119. Nallely Olszewski says:

    He has endless years of experience and you can trust him point of you and that he has your best interests at heart.

  120. jaxon cook says:

    My partner and I honestly cannot recommend this agency enough. We knew the Canadian Spousal visa application process was going to be a complicated one and as regulations are ever changing, we wanted to ensure that we had some official guidance to assist us with this along the way.

  121. jenevieve mauro says:

    Obtained my Canada residence permit through them. Knowledgeable team, always happy to take my calls and questions and keep me up to date with the application process. Would recommend.

  122. Brooklyn Morales says:

    A big thanks from my side to team. You are the best lawyers I have met so far. Your valuable guidance and support really made a difference to my application file.Thank you so much.

  123. camille li says:

    I am forever grateful to the them and will be happy to recommend them to anyone who is looking for good and reliable law firm.

  124. Josselyn Johansen says:

    As we proceed, his entire legal team was involved. I feel respectfully and honorably treated as a client.

  125. Kroy Vandiver says:

    Thank you to him and his associate for handling my case so perfectly and helping me in my immigration process for Canada, which no other lawyer was willing to initiate at the first place.

  126. Armin Bobbitt says:

    He has provided an excellent services and I would definitely recommend using him as your immigration lawyer.

  127. mireya markham says:

    I can say with confidence that they are the best immigration firm around and will never disappoint. Highly recommended.

  128. Giada Hauser says:

    I’m not joking when I say he gave me hope and restored my faith in life again as he never said a single word or promise he couldn’t keep, he was crystal clear and told me exactly what I am facing and what are my chances.

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