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Address: 7001 Vernor Hwy, Detroit, MI 48209, United States

Phone: +1 313-297-6825


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  1. skylee neville says:

    After I got all the documents my solicitor trainee was off sick for 2 weeks more. I tried to contact the solicitors like Bilal but never get response.

  2. Arianne Fries says:

    Extremely helpful service, genuine interest in my case and made the process easier for my wife and I. Would definitely recommend to anyone with immigration cases.

  3. Analee Bivens says:

    One of the best part of having them as our immigration lawyer was their online portal on which we uploaded our documents and information and could keep track of precise information required, eliminating the confusion of multiple long emails.

  4. Shaurya Albertson says:

    I just want to take this opportunity to thank all the people behind the success of my Permanent Residency.

  5. Aeris Klinger says:

    I chose them for my immigration process after a lot of research and reading reviews for many law firms and I do not regret my decision.

  6. Jaeda Sarver says:

    Highly Resourceful and Resolute. They will solve the most intricate case for you. Just contact them and leave everything on their good judgement.

  7. Jamier Tait says:

    Without your greatfull help I am certain that I would not be able to grant my wife immigration status. Thank you again and keep up the great great work.

  8. Jhene Vue says:

    I can highly recommend them. A very professional approach to acquiring the correct Visa and great advice to go with it.

  9. Nico Werner says:

    He makes things so easy to understand, although we know its tough & bit complicated many a times, We have again approached to Campbell Cohen Law firm for our PR Renewal & what a luck we are having now , I am being served with same person again.

  10. josephina harry says:

    During my whole case it seemed like I am having a personal face to face conversation with my lawyers. They obtained successful orders and also ensured timely execution of the same and maintained my trust throughout the case.

  11. Abigail Lee says:

    They were really helpful. I appreciate their help. The staff lawyers are also very updated and good to respond.

  12. Kennedy Porter says:

    Dont look elsewhere they are the best in the business, I would know having been conned by other firms previously!

  13. Brogan Garvin says:

    He have been a great help to me and has always went the extra mile to help me in my time of need. I would definitely recommend his services to anyone seeking any immigration advice or representation.

  14. Isiah Sousa says:

    I highly recommend them, my wife got a successful ILR approval In 2-3 months. We contacted them at the last minute before the Visa expiry but he prioritised our application and gave us great customer service! We were informed at each stage of application how we were progressing! Great service and value for money!

  15. Lars Putman says:

    We were very luck to find a laywer, like him, who was willing to guide us through and “hold our hands” when we needed!

  16. emmanuella maya says:

    My case was handled by him for my son Canada passport it been successful and we are very happy. Once we like to thank to Ijaz Ahmed solicitor and it firm.

  17. Liesel Shade says:

    I stumbled upon them online and got in touch with him! He was excellent in assisting my through my legal procedures for my education and work processes. I would strongly recommend his services to anyone in need for clear, affordable and professional legal help!

  18. jennah stubblefield says:

    He was truly outstanding and did not disappoint at all. He not only answered our questions, he gave us extra information and guidance regarding all Visa issues. On top of that he was friendly and very professional which is a plus.

  19. ahmad rosa says:

    One of the best immigration consultants in the city. Trustworthy and best in class. Do visit them for the best of services.

  20. maylin wicker says:

    They are a real professional immigration consultancy for Canada PR visa. Knowledge about the entire Canada permanent residency visa process is excellent. Our case manager, has always been very quick and professional in resolving our all queries. Well done, Keep up the good work..

  21. Raymundo Merrell says:

    We work with them to get our workers LMIA, Work Visa, extension for Work Visa, PR application and citizenship.

  22. Saylor Boggs says:

    I have got my work permit with global talent stream within 2-3 weeks and it is wonderful experience working with them and I personal thank the entire team of the the law firm.

  23. Neriah Thomason says:

    Their legal acumen is far reaching and my cases were dealt with extreme diligence. I would highly recommend them to any and all looking for expeditious remedies of their legal troubles and professional handling of their cases, whether litigation or corporate.

  24. Bryson Burke says:

    Going to Canada was impossible without them, he first convinced then motivated and further supported at every step and his team knows the criticality of the job and helps you with documentation.

  25. Amerie Beckham says:

    He is a professional and supportive solicitor and has in-depth knowledge of employment law. He guided me through all the documents I provided and suggested different possibilities. I recommend their Services.

  26. sienna mccormick says:

    My wife and I had struggle with me getting the visa to be able to join her in Canada and start a family. From the day we request advise, he contacted us and had suppported us reinsuring us with the paperwork needed and all the process.

  27. Nathen Clem says:

    I’ve never come across someone in the legal capacity as willing and open to help straight away, as him. Can’t stress enough the importance of fast answers during a delicate visa application submission period.

  28. luis payne says:

    Choosing him was worth of money to take the stress away. He handled the entire Canada PR process and everything was carried out smoothly.

  29. mahogany palermo says:

    From beginning to end he was most efficient and very supportive. He guided and handled the entire process so easily and with perfection.

  30. Roger Pierson says:

    After doing much of our own research my partner and I felt that we could possibly use the services of an immigration lawyer. We reached out to numerous individuals anThank god we finally found him! He arranged a FREE half hour Zoom meeting with us to assess our case, was very direct and informative, and really listened and attempted to understand all of our concerns (she even raised a concern or two which we hadn’t considered).

  31. Lloyd Oshea says:

    He respects his clints and tries to assist about their issues and fast as possible with dedication and calmness.

  32. Jack Morris says:

    My case officer helped me thoroughly in the process at every stage, and I never felt alone or stuck during the process.

  33. Ines Padron says:

    Professional and trained staff, excellent customer service, knowledgeable team, integrity and a result-oriented approach.

  34. Radley Fiedler says:

    I recommended this company to my relatives who were constantly trying to get a PR of Canada but due to lack of advice they were unable to get it done. Then I recommended this company to them they visited their office and they were absolutely professional and the way they explained them about Canada Visa Program as astonishing.

  35. camryn mccall says:

    He helped me with a very convoluted Immigration case that took much effort on his part and his professionalism and work ethic really helped to get the best result possible.

  36. michael hernandez says:

    We are extremely happy, but most importantly we are incredibly grateful for their relentless hard work and efforts on our behalf.

  37. Darien Arce says:

    A permanent residence application and one to obtain a passport for a child were handled with utter professionalism by him.

  38. Tammy Brummett says:

    Really satisfied with the services provided them. They listened my case carefully and then provided the services accordingly. Special thanks to those who supported me through out the process and guided me step by step.

  39. Graham Byrd says:

    Wonderful people. They have a dynamic set of professionals, each with a different expertise. When all their minds are put together, you offer the perfect resolution. Always meticulous and precise.

  40. maira stidham says:

    What a great Expirience here Legal very professional, approachable and friendly service… very helpful , I will always reach out to them for any future concerns! I will always be grateful for their outstanding service! Top Service!

  41. monserrath blaine says:

    Amazing experience. I was about to take a wrong decision based on a wrong guidance from another immigration lawyer. However, my meeting with an Officer here was very fruitful.

  42. kabir merchant says:

    He is an excellent Immigration Lawyer he helped many of my employees in difficult situations get either there Permanent residence applications approved or get new work permits which are not easy to get.

  43. jaxten hollander says:

    The best thing about him and his office lawyers was that they were sensitive towards my problem. I really liked this facet. This is something rare. I was given personal attention and always kept on priority. Highly recommend them. Thanks

  44. Rochelle Stockwell says:

    Consistent, trustworthy and reliable set of people. Helped me in fighting an inadmissibility case. I could not help but admire them for their range of expertise in Canadian legal history and immigration law. Highly recommended.

  45. Aliah Sylvester says:

    My experience with him has been good. Smooth and comfort service. he is very supportive, hardworking and understanding.

  46. amen bannister says:

    Many thanks to them for helping me get my mom a visa to Canada and getting pre-setled status in the future. We will continue to contact, as well as recommend to all friends.

  47. Audriana Shearer says:

    Excellent customer service, professionalism makes them definitely one of the best immigration solution providers. We are sincerely grateful to him and his entire team for guiding us through the entire process.

  48. Hassan Cote says:

    We worked with him, who offered incredible support throughout a stressful process and at a challenging time (during the pandemic).

  49. Henri Tom says:

    You are a very hard working full of sense of humour I am sure you will be helping very many people out there like me You certainly Have given me a new start in my life which I will be ever so great full to you and your very hard working Team Respect to you All.

  50. Zaylen Lankford says:

    I am glad to write a review on them. Very professional and have good knowledge about the Canadian immigration policy.

  51. Michael Hernandez says:

    Really good and highly professional. I would surely recommend them to people in need of any legal help.

  52. jaylon gunderson says:

    My friends got their Canada PR visa from them and they referred me. Overall great experience, I highly recommended them to all my friends who want to go Canada on PR visa. Thanks.

  53. Berkley Ocampo says:

    From start to finish, The Law Firm and more importantly the ones who specifically worked to help get my student permit, was incredible and extremely straightforward.

  54. Reece Nieves says:

    He is an exceptionally brilliant and dedicated Lawyer. He and his team were very supportive. He listens to you, critically study your case and gives profound legal advice. I will be forever grateful for his selfless service

  55. brynna zamudio says:

    By being professional, committed and having perfect knowledge of immigration, he helped me moving forward my future life in Canada with a positive outcome.

  56. belinda monahan says:

    He went the extra mile in every which way to put me at ease and guide me in what I needed to provide him. There was never a moment where he didn’t know how to deal with a certain piece of the puzzle and it was a really complicated case.

  57. Huntley Sevilla says:

    I take this opportunity to thank you for your exceptional services, where I have sought legal advice. You have always been extremely efficient and professional.

  58. Treasure Berman says:

    We have recommended him earlier also last year to someone and we would recommend them again to anyone in need of legal help.

  59. Azael Cao says:

    I was utterly satisfied with their service, I recommended them to several friends of mine who also want to make similar applications.

  60. kavin basile says:

    I have contacted around 10 people for my ILR application before I made a final decision to work with himl. After getting the result and service he provided, I feel that I definately made the right choice.

  61. Marlow Peterman says:

    I am very pleased with the service by them because today I got my husband’s visa on an open work permit within very less time period.

  62. ibrahim rosario says:

    It has been wonderful experience with them. Thanks for helping me in getting Visa For Canada in 8 months.

  63. Cataleya Vaughan says:

    Fantastic Canada Immigration lawyer, every step is explained in simple language throughout the whole process. Highly recommended!

  64. ian hayes says:

    Applying for a visa is extremely stressful however with his help it made it so much easier, being able to contact at any time and have reassurances about the application was great.

  65. Maricela Bays says:

    Amazing lawyer. He worked hard for my spousal sponsorship application for my wife over seas and he got him here to Canada in no time.

  66. liara manns says:

    That was the best thing that happened to me in terms of getting the right kind of help and advice. I honestly thought that my case would take years but surprisingly it took no more than 6 months with a positive outcome, I could not believe it.

  67. Adaly Boynton says:

    I have to say the work this company has done for me is amazing and I am forever grateful to them saved me so much hastle and I would highly reccomend them to everyone.

  68. Micaiah Bittner says:

    Highly satisfied with the services received, Sincere, honest and professional services provided by him for my immigration case.

  69. Tiberius Dorn says:

    I had visited a few other lawyers with no success of professionalism and confidencence of taking my case. When metting him at this office it was a pleasure to hear the truth and yet hope.

  70. lucia buchanan says:

    Warm and helpful, they will always treat you like family. I always felt relieved when I spoke to them about my file. They really helped me a lot on my file.

  71. Karsyn Womack says:

    Their in depth knowledge about the entire process was instrumental in securing my PR for Canada. I wish the team all the best for future and would recommend Immigration experts to my friends and relatives.

  72. Ricky Hollis says:

    I was absolutely delighted with the service I received from him, he genuinely cared and followed the case all the way through until the desired outcome was reached. Thank you for all your efforts.

  73. Angely Hawes says:

    We would definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking for a good and genuine immigration lawyer for Canada.

  74. Lillee Sacco says:

    He, who worked on my case, is a unique person. Besides being an expert in his field, Nasir has a great personality. His knowledge and skills are unmatchable. l always felt relieved and hopeful after talking to him about my case no matter how lost and hopeless I felt.

  75. Salomon Lew says:

    He has been excessively helpful. I visited many lawyers who unfortunately were provocative towards litigation, however he was strangely a right adviser and helped me a lot. My whole family is very thankfull to him.

  76. Zuriel Marchand says:

    He and his team made a complicated and stressful process easy and stress free. My family and I highly recommend him and his team of immigration lawyers.

  77. koltyn moorman says:

    It was a pleasure working with them to get a student visa to Canada, they has a great professional team who helped me to get access to Canada . I am still working with them with another immigration file to get an immigration to Canada.

  78. Aeris Klinger says:

    The most dedicated and devoted legal immigration worker. They are extremely supportive, honest and reliable, even making the most difficult process seems easy.

  79. ryu weil says:

    Number 1 immigration lawyers I must say. I wish I could give them more than 5 stars. Helped me starting from study permit application till my PR in Canada. They and their team answered all my queries ad helped me whenever I needed.

  80. niklaus gagne says:

    Their process is systematic and they never give false hope. Amazing team and service…. highly recommended..

  81. Lillie Bernal says:

    Highly trustworthy immigration lawyers. From booking online appointment till my visa everything was transparent. 100% satisfied.

  82. dani tobin says:

    He was always there to answer my calls, give me hope and I have no words to describe how amazing he is. Definitely would recommend these lawyers only for immigration, don’t go elsewhere, these guys know what they’re doing!!!!

  83. Gwenevere Malinowski says:

    They are the best immigration lawyer in the city, I highly recommend their services. The staff are very friendly, professional and always helpful.

  84. tayson driggers says:

    I am really grateful! I was a little bit worried but he managed to reassure me that everything will be ok and it was!

  85. Adia Meister says:

    Excellent service was provided for my husband’s ILR case. Frederic and Simona were very supportive and patience.

  86. Jayne Harbin says:

    Good service ! very satisfied. So happy, finally after more than a year of waiting for my husband Criminal Rehabilitation application finally it was APPROVED this week. The staff was very nice and kind. He responded to our emails every time we had questions regarding the application status etc.

  87. Sevyn Whitcomb says:

    Excellent Service. Staff are well educated. I preferred to him because they are the only one whom I can trust. He is the consultancy who not only do well but also take care of their customer satisfaction in every way. Thank you.

  88. Luis Payne says:

    They know all the intricacies and we must use specialists like these who help us in saving time and energy. They are fully registered under all canadian state laws and offer the most customized service to all their clients.

  89. Sarina Kaminski says:

    Just had my wife’s visa extended. Two and a half years spouse visa. He did our work. It was a pleasure to deal with him. The visa application got done very fast. We are impressed. I would recommend this solicitor for immigration work.

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