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Address: 4818 Westwinds Dr NE #213, Calgary, AB T3J 3Z5, Canada

Phone: +1 403-590-5666


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  1. Kaleb Bates says:

    My experience herw was great. I got my student visa to canada with the help of there representatives. I would recommend everyone to choose them if they want to apply to study abroad.

  2. Danilo Ruffin says:

    I like the fact that I was given the total cost at the beginning instead of being billed by the hour because it worked out cheaper for me.

  3. Zechariah Tomlinson says:

    He is very good and professional solicitor. We are glad that we used their services with ILR application. Thank you for helping us with our ILR application.

  4. Suzanne Sprouse says:

    The whole Canada PR process went smoothly than we thought without any problem. I am very thankful to their team for his proper guidance and cooperation. I really appreciate your efforts.

  5. Jenny Gifford says:

    From start to finish the service offered by them has been great! He, my Immigration Lawyer has offered us a very high standard of support, happy to explain the process, swift to answer our emails and kept us up to date throughout.

  6. Vedant Rule says:

    It’s really great to work with lawyers that genuinely care about you and your situation, I would highly recommend this firm.

  7. Jermiah Mckeon says:

    He met me at a short notice, given me accurate advice on my situation – contradicting letters from the Home Office – and did not even ask for any payment. He understand the system well – I will definitely use his services on any immigration related issues.

  8. Danica Fraser says:

    Me and my family are so thankful to him and to his firm. I am recommending him and I am promising you that he can handle any sort of immigration and other cases.

  9. Capri Squires says:

    I would recommend them as one of the best law firms. I can’t thank them enough for their assistance with my immigration issues.

  10. Mazie Bunn says:

    Hello Everyone, they are very knowledgeable firm. I dealt with him as I needed help with my visa. I was in a very complex situation and he was very knowledgeable and professional. The turnout was a success and they are still my immigration lawyers till date.

  11. rick arenas says:

    Excellent Service and more Importantly staff knows what they are talking about. He was awesome at his work throughout the process. This Firm is an immigration Champion.

  12. Talitha Whyte says:

    I called 5 or 6 different companies when searching for someone and he stood out immediately. He was helpful, reassuring and thorough from the very start.

  13. Jacorey Rodman says:

    Excellent service Knowledgeable and Helpful staff. Best part is that they always return your calls and update you on timely manner about your application. Very happy with their service.

  14. Zamira Wasserman says:

    He does not sugar coat the issue, he tackles them head on and always achieved the desired outcome. I am grateful for him and his staffs assistance in handling my case. I recommend his practice very highly.

  15. Ocean Wingate says:

    I was seen by him (who i truly recommend) for my husbands case. After struggling for 3 years, from lawyer to lawyer I found him.

  16. ciaran faison says:

    Thanks and Gratitude to them. I very highly recommend for any one who has an Immigration issue as they are the best Immigration Service. I was sure that my case will be successful during the first meeting with their team and yes it’s successful as I expected. Their price is very reasonable and they work very hard more than expected.

  17. Valerie Luna says:

    Very helpful!!! best advise and guidance I get here. been here many times for different reasons and always got the right advise and great service.

  18. Rosy Moritz says:

    They helped me and my partner with our immigration matter. As it was under the defacto visa category it was not a straight forward case.

  19. hayven ulloa says:

    The team treated me with respect and courtesy and all information provided by them was accurate and honest. Highly recommended.

  20. Kalaya Jain says:

    Our application processed with great care and professionally. He helped us out for our application process and helped very warmly during agonizing long waiting period before decision.

  21. Sakura Kress says:

    They provided me all the guidance over the phone call and did entire documentation online smoothly hassle free. I can track the status of my file online.

  22. Josue Shaffer says:

    I am so pleased with the excellent service they provides. He helped me throughout the process from beginning to end and I was able to obtain my Canada Spouse Visa and get it approved. I highly recommend them and will be going back to them in the future. Thank you!

  23. yaneli condon says:

    He was very accommodating and made changes wherever we felt were needed. It is a great law firm, with highly qualified professionals, they are definitely not out there to extract money from the client.

  24. alonna hedges says:

    He really helped in making the student visa application process for my family go as smooth as possible.

  25. kynlee couch says:

    Their fees are reasonable compared to most other immigration lawyers, they treated us and our family with dignity and respect, and they worked extremely hard to achieve a positive outcome for us.

  26. legacy harms says:

    They are better than the other big firms providing PR visa. He provides all the information required and helps with the process from the beginning till the end.

  27. Mattias Binder says:

    I never usually write reviews but this I felt was an exception. My case was a complicated one and he was the only solicitor that actually reviewed it positively and gave both sides of possible outcomes unlike others who focused heavily on the negative leaving no hope. He kept in touch and welcomed as many questions that I had throughout the process and showed empathy. Needless to say we were successful. Hw is highly knowledgeable and experienced and I am glad I came across them. The best law firm around!!

  28. Orin Dupuis says:

    When we got in touch with CC Law firm I was in my third trimester of pregnancy (and as some of you may know, it’s not the easiest task to gather legal documentation while pregnant!). The law firm took care of every detail and always encouraged us to ask questions should anything be unclear.

  29. raymond lindsey says:

    I seeked him for advice on my Indefinite Leave to Remain application. He was direct, no BS, professional and knowledgeable. I was very pleased that I found him for the useful advice and would highly recommend him service to anyone who seeks Canada immigration advice.

  30. yaakov bruner says:

    I had couple of meetings with other immigration lawyers that left me feeling not confident and doubtful about their services. They helped me with my immigration needs.

  31. Dagny Benz says:

    I appreciate high sense of professionalism that I experienced while working with him. His quick action, follow ups and keeping us informed on the latest news are unique. I definitely recommend their firm.

  32. Deontae Hazen says:

    Amazing is the word for them. What is it about Canadian law that they do not know. Will really help you throughout your filing and will always be available even if you seek their help via a call or an e-mail.

  33. Gaia Mccombs says:

    They stood by the expectations and has a meaningful contribution towards my immigration case. The hard work is admirable and it guarantees steps towards the milestone which seems impossible, their team make it possible, specifically.

  34. Alaiyah Aparicio says:

    The best immigration lawyers ever. After having a bad experience with some other lawyers, I came to Canada migration lawyer to deal with my matter.

  35. deonte cochrane says:

    I used the company twice for 2 different visa applications and each time they have provided me with a great service!

  36. Agatha Weatherford says:

    I strongly recommend them for complex cases like mine. With his efforts and proper guidance , I got my husband’s open work permit less than 2 months. His instructions and advises have always been very clear and precise in every matter.

  37. Cade Orr says:

    We had a ton of questions and he did a great job of addressing each one while also offering suggestions and advice along the way.

  38. Maggie Patrick says:

    Had Good experience and friendly staff. Got Re-Entry Visa with them is one of the finest/professional organization which follows process and procedures and simplify the procedure to client.

  39. yuri niles says:

    We have been in the service with him. He is very smart and his answers are quick and easy to understand. He is very good in his knowledge and a truly hearthful person.

  40. Gitty Fennell says:

    I am really happy with the great work done by him. He had dealt with my application thoroughly and have explained everything clearly.

  41. danica fraser says:

    I had a great experience with them. They helped me apply my wife’s PR and TRV which was seamless and stressless. Their staff was really helpful and supportive.

  42. Miya Betts says:

    Lots of lawyers in my country try to exploit people trying to immigrate but not they. It was a pleasant experience.

  43. jalaya robinette says:

    I am extremely glad that I approached their team. He in particular was guiding me about the whole process and also helped in organizing the documents.

  44. edmond snipes says:

    My case manager, answered all my questions and concerns and helped my understand the mistakes I made in my first application. He was also super responsive, I always heard back from his in 1-2 business days.

  45. hailey palmer says:

    My ACS verification was done in just 15 days after submission, which was a real surprise as I had heard that it takes a minimum of 1 month. Really happy with these guys.

  46. Kimberlee Mckelvey says:

    If someone searching for best and reliable visa service. This is the best places to go and get good results.

  47. Kay Senn says:

    We finally got the positive response we had been looking forward to for years. Highly recommend them. Great law firm!

  48. Josette Randazzo says:

    Always there when you need them. It was so comfort to be around the firm and I really loved the way my case is being dealt with. Many thanks to him and Co Solicitors.

  49. Zaine Henriquez says:

    He is a consummate professional. He makes time to listen and answer all of his client’s queries. I have had 2 successful visa outcomes with him & his team. Would highly recommend him to anyone seeking Migration services.

  50. kaci ferraro says:

    His attention to detail is amazing and he made every small bits very properly covered while making the application. Thank you so very much.

  51. Ilyas Landon says:

    Always accessible and always available. Never found them ignoring me or avoiding my calls. I was won by their level of dedication to their clients.

  52. Hamza Whitley says:

    Absolutely brilliant service. We left it a little late in the day and our visa deadline was fast approaching. He and team were very helpful and gave us clear guidance to complete our application on time.

  53. Wilhelmina Brink says:

    A year ago when I was looking for legal aid solicitor I emailed many, some made excuses and some told me they will get back in touch but one instantly replied and said yes and asked me to come to the office and he was that one, once again thank you for everything.

  54. Joseline Cupp says:

    We spoke several times, by phone, email and in person as he always was accurate and ready to help with questions.

  55. Billy Hinson says:

    It’s a professionally run firm with an objective to help their client in ethical ways. Although I first approached them with some cynicism, slowly I realised it’s the kind of agency you would have a long term relationship.

  56. Tarik Blanks says:

    Just got my ILR from the help of my solicitor. Great service, got it in around 2 month. Highly recommended :) Thanks, hope my wife’s dependant visa will soon be approved by the home office.

  57. Howard Cutler says:

    Excellent service by them my husband’s case was handled efficiently by him who guided us throughout the visa process. He was very supportive and understanding. I would recommend them and I have had a positive experience with them.

  58. Blanca Dunaway says:

    They helped me in a very complicated case. I had immigrated to Canada on a spousal sponsorship but my husband would often beat me. I was aways from my family and terrorized by the cruel treatment meted out towards me by my own husband. I could not even share the sad details of my married life with my parents. I wanted to set myself free from this ruthless relationship but did not know what would become of me in Canada. I had a good job in Canada and did not want to return to my own country. I also feared public humiliation for only eight months had passed since we got married. One day, a friend of mine at the office saw me having a quarrel with my husband over the phone. She spoke to me about the matter and I could not hold back my tears and told her everything. She advised me to consult Law Firm. Lawyers at listened to me with great patience and empathy. They were really moved by my story and promised to help me. They had to make very strong and compelling submissions to get me approval to stay in Canada. Within the nest few more months, I was given approval to stay in Canada. Their guidance really helped me a lot, Thank you for being so helpful and empathetic towards me.

  59. Camryn Mccall says:

    He helped me and my spouse to prepare our Express entry application and submission. We were worried about our case because it was so complicated.

  60. Tirzah Dugas says:

    I would recommend this firm to anyone who is looking for extra help in making sure their application is solid. Thanks so much!!!

  61. Cecilia Harmon says:

    As an IT Professional, I wanted to explore my chances of immigration for better future. I enrolled for the free counselling and profile assessment session with them. Upon evaluation, I was advised for Canasa Immigration as I have better chances and qualify for the program. I thank them for guiding me right.

  62. mykel bosley says:

    He has been in contact with me throughout the process and I will suggest anyone whose looking for immigration or PR process to Canada to contact him.

  63. david lewis says:

    All the staff is amazing and have much needed information in the field they are in. The process went quite smooth because of them.

  64. Kaliah Skipper says:

    He did an excellent job on our PR Application. He is detail-oriented, very knowledgeable and put in a lot of effort in preparing our application.

  65. Joanne Carreon says:

    I had a wonderful experience with the team and I must say that they are extremely professional and thorough in their work.

  66. ysabella shane says:

    I would like to thank them to help me make my dream come true. It always looked so difficult as an aspirant who wanted to migrate to Canada that it’s not easy. My process was so seamless with them. Great team which is very friendly and down to earth.

  67. Ren Echevarria says:

    I originally processed this myself but hit a bump and required an expert to help us out. I set up a meeting with him, and he did not waste any time!

  68. Amaryllis Aceves says:

    I have found you to be a very knowledgeable immigration professional and the free consultation you offered us has undoubtedly provided me with valuable insights and eye-opening information.

  69. Marco Gates says:

    Extremely happy with your service! Your professional approach and dedication of service is much appreciated.

  70. yehuda schulte says:

    He has represented a good friend of mine expertly. He has been very patient and understanding and always been there to help.

  71. lilliann appleton says:

    The staff in his office are extremely helpful, knowledgeable,and a pleasure to deal with. I am extremely fortunate that he took my case. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an Immigration lawyer.

  72. Anja Chestnut says:

    I came across to him through a friend of mine. Great people to work with. Friendly and professional. I strongly recommend!

  73. Madden Mckenna says:

    They was god’s blessing to me. When I lost hope from every were they were the one who helped me out. I was facing such a critical situation were I just pray and move on but they made things happen.

  74. Yeshua March says:

    Best Immigration solicitor. !! He always maintained well communication with me whenever I had any query. However, He is very expert in his field. I will definitely recommend them. NO DOUBT.

  75. Kalina Malik says:

    I would like to Thanks him because he is first person who had given me confidence that I will get visa just by knowing my qualification & experience.

  76. Zayna Matheny says:

    I was very pleased that I found him for the useful advice and would highly recommend his service to anyone who seeks Canada immigration advice.

  77. Braylee Hartley says:

    He and his team worked for us tirelessly to get the result we needed. Our case was a complex case and he was honest about our chances of the result we wanted but nevertheless worked as much as he could to help us.

  78. maelyn tice says:

    As my work permit was aproaching it’s expiration date I was looking to for an immigration lawyer to handle the process of obtaining PR status. After talking to him on the phone he had me sold on using his law firm.

  79. Kain Muse says:

    He gave us very good advice and systematically submitted the paperwork for the application. He was prompt with his response whatever the time. He was very thorough with the legal information and was supportive during the whole application process.

  80. armando everett says:

    If ever I need any help with visa application matters, he is definitely my first point of call. Thank you so much Stacey – you made our day today! God bless you — The Ginns

  81. Rochel Mehta says:

    Thanku so so much to you and your amazing team. I am not able to express my feeling into words that how greatful, I am towards you. Your are such a amazing person that make us believe that good people are still exists.

  82. Stellan Southard says:

    I covered my journey to Canada with the continuous and consistent support of the lawyers at. They were really responsible, perceptive and efficient. I really cant thank them enough for their zeal for success.

  83. davi seal says:

    Thankyou so much for serving me and all other happy customers associated with you. Your support and corrective feedback at each and every step has resulted a wonderful experience in gaining Canada PR.

  84. Zaine Henriquez says:

    They stood by the expectations and has a meaningful contribution towards my immigration case. The hard work is admirable and it guarantees steps towards the milestone which seems impossible, their team make it possible.

  85. Odessa TRUE says:

    This law firm is absolutely best! teir expertise. I have now received my visa. Thanks for helping me to get my permanent residency done andhey did a amazing legal work for me. I applied for Canada PR visa under federal skilled worker program. They are very professional, organised and committed to his work.

  86. Boone Hobson says:

    He always responded promptly to provide clarity on any concerns we had and in general was very helpful throughout the application process. This process would have been a lot longer had it not been for the help and support of him.

  87. Jaeden Watters says:

    When my family and I, immigration issues became complicated in Canada, the awesome staff at this law firm turned it around through professional advice and directions.

  88. Brailee Wimmer says:

    I am happy to report, I recently received my Canada Permanent Residency, strongly due to his fine work and the entire team.

  89. anirudh calvillo says:

    They were very through in filling my application and assured me that I would be able to get my PR which I did receive few weeks ago.

  90. Rhys Dailey says:

    Extremely Professional and Charismatic Lawyer having highly impressive drafting & arguing skills. Also, the transparency level they have with their clients is just great.

  91. shlok he says:

    Very very satisfied and have recommended my friends to go with them for their immigration needs. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

  92. kendra beasley says:

    There are no words to express my gratitude, he has been there all the time helping and guiding us, from documents preparing till submission. He had help us to prepare all the documents by providing correct sample documents.

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