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  1. Stephanie Townsend says:

    I’ve worked with him for the last 10 years. They provide highly practical immigration solutions.

  2. Maleah Geiger says:

    Exceptional service at all times.. He is the best!!!.. very professional and well mannered person. This is our second time using him and still will continue to do so.

  3. Bodhi Lancaster says:

    Thankyou for helping me with my PGWP application. He worked on my case and guided me through whole process. He provides me timely updates.

  4. Rainey Hargett says:

    It was really helpful to have the law firm’s professional input, guidance and contributions during our immigration application. They made sure we dot the i’s and cross the t’s all through the process. They are very professional, Excellent, Efficient and Reliable.

  5. Quinton Saenz says:

    Very professional service. Guidance was provided appropriately as per my case and was well informed of the progress throughout my application. Would highly recommend.

  6. Hannah Long says:

    At some point he even said, “If it will put your mind at ease to pay me £3,000, then by all means, pay me £3000, but you absolutely do not need to.” firms.

  7. Sven Tuggle says:

    We can’t thank he and the team enough for making our experience amazing and getting our application approved!!. We highly recommend them!

  8. lewis alston says:

    We can’t thank he and the team enough for making our experience amazing and getting our application approved!!. We highly recommend them!

  9. braven frausto says:

    My husband’s spouse visa has been granted I am very happy and pleased, I would like to thank them for all the help and support.

  10. Baxter Baptiste says:

    My experience with them is a pleasure. Going through immigration process is quiet stressful but he was there to guide from start to end of the application and made it much easier and stress less. This firm is full of knowledge. Will definitely recommend to friends and family.

  11. Tahiry Kocher says:

    Thanks to for all his help and efforts for the obtaining of my visa. Thanks to him I can be able to stay with my husband in Canada, throughout the process he was always available and supportive. He helped me and my husband to prepare for all necessary documents.

  12. Valarie Koller says:

    In August 2018 my wife and I applied for Permanent Residency through the spousal entry and just a little over 10 months later in June we received our approval and I became a PR of Canada.

  13. Harun Bushey says:

    They are truly amazing, not only the staff here is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in immigration field but they are super attentive and dedicated and will treat your case seriously.

  14. elaine shafer says:

    He advised me on the case free of charge (hard to believe!). Very thorough and up-to-date knowledge of the immigration system for the non-EU countries and true to his principals.

  15. Zada Alger says:

    Thank you Team for your continuous contribution to my case. When I contacted you, I had already given up hope on winning my refugee claim but you did it for me. Thank you so much.

  16. Skylah Early says:

    I would like to take the time to thank them all for simplifying the process for us. Looking forward for a positive application outcome. Cheers

  17. delia tellez says:

    He had given me full guidance of all the documents I needed to gather together in order to make the application successful.

  18. Kenton Farrar says:

    They are one of the best immigration services provider. Specially for those who having getting problem in visa. Guys please contact them ASAP, Your all problems regarding visa will get vanish.

  19. Kristina Gunter says:

    All of the stress and confusion that comes with a visa application was eliminated once I sought his help.

  20. Brooke Graves says:

    Me and my whole family would like to thank you to make us understand about this opportunity and to get us this Canada PR.

  21. Sol Mazur says:

    He has not only delivered, but I’d say he’s gone above and beyond what I’ve paid him for, to make sure my husband and I are living here in Canada-together.

  22. Kamrynn Ovalle says:

    I approached them to apply for my Indefinite Leave to Remain, I was running out of time for my application, but they was quick arranging an appointment and taking my case.

  23. Jalia Northrup says:

    Unlike other law firms, my experience with they tells me they take their clients cases very seriously as their own. Their honest assessments, accountability, confidence, reliability and affordability of their services is all at the best interest of their clients.

  24. Kyleigh Melendez says:

    Was more than happy with the outcome and one of the lawyers came in on his day off to sort out the last bit of the outcome. Great experience and shows that they look out for what matters most the people.

  25. baileigh alcantar says:

    Many thanks to the amazing team for taking on my wife’s case and ensuring justice was done after a long, hard fight. 5-stars is not enough for the professionalism, diligence and honesty of your work.

  26. keshawn hamblin says:

    Very happy with the service I got. Friendly and professional. I was walked through what to expect in my interview and how to prepare and all the questions I had relating to visas were answered. Thank you guys for a great service and result!

  27. leen whitworth says:

    I can’t thank his enough for his hard work and commitment to my case. The complexity of my case was made very simple by him. He is very calm professional kind and smiles always.

  28. Maylin Wicker says:

    Its was an extra ordinary experience to visit your office having such a stupendous and experienced staff lead by honest and veteran leader.

  29. fiorella voorhees says:

    If I ever look back at my immigration journey, I feel only gratitude and love towards. Really made a difficult dream come true for me and my family. Big thanks from Canada.

  30. Anaiyah Cato says:

    I would highly recommend Immigration experts for any visa consultancy services. I can personally vouch for Canada but one of my friends has also got a grant for Canada using their services.

  31. Haidyn Wheaton says:

    I worked with them to obtain my PR first and after a couple of years, once eligible, they also helped with the citizenship. I’ve been with them for the whole journey over the past 5 years. They were professional, knowledgeable and provided the service level I was looking for.

  32. estella sadler says:

    They were very supportive in my husbands Appeal application, they were informative, precise and considerate to my requests.

  33. terra byler says:

    Getting a residence visa was a nightmare on my part because unknowingly I entered the Canada with a family visit visa and my husband and I had no idea that you can’t switch the visa I had. Then they help me and my family to get visa to Canada.

  34. diya osorio says:

    I recommend them for migration process, from my experience I got a response from their part, a month ago I started my migration process from there from beginning to till now I am getting a good and supportive response from their part.

  35. Kingsten Jang says:

    Great job guys. Just received my Canada PR visa. You all are outstanding. I would recommend you to all. Thank you!

  36. Carli Lorenzo says:

    Starting with the initial consultation, He was very clear about the course of action to be taken and what it would require.

  37. Avelyn Doucette says:

    We cannot thank the team enough for the work they did and will be using them again once we apply for the next visa.

  38. Adon Macedo says:

    One of the best service in town for any kind of Visa and immigration consultancy. Highly recommended immigration firm.

  39. maura slack says:

    They always find ways to get things done. I approached them for an exceedingly difficult case. I am thankful to God for making me hire them. They are not only laborious and experienced but also very humble. Never felt disrespected or offended by them.

  40. Navaeh Boettcher says:

    He is a very helpful and a very nice person. His service is very good and I would definitely recommended him.

  41. siena dempsey says:

    I’m very happy to recommend him. He helped us apply for a Canada visa. Right from the start he was efficient, responsive and informative. He worked very quickly and managed to finish our application in a very short amount of time.

  42. Kyson Cramer says:

    The consultants are well spoken and highly knowledgeable I will soon be flying to Canada with my family. They have guided me for post landing services which was the best part.

  43. isabell venegas says:

    I have to say that this is the best law firm. Thank you to him, its just because of you that I am here in Canada alongwith my family. Thanks a lot

  44. maritza sorenson says:

    It was clear during my consultation that he had the experience necessary to quickly navigate the complexities of the Canadian immigration system.

  45. aviva herzog says:

    We are very happy with the service I have viewed him \he was fantastic friendly easy to speak to and gives u all the help needed I strongly advise any one to use this service as we have had my husband’s 2 visas with them and are now going on to his 3rd with him.

  46. Jaxsen Alves says:

    They became a family over a period of time. My case was extremely challenging. I was stuck with three rejection on my family class sponsorship application. They worked really hard on the files of each of my family members and found the perfect solutions. Thank you.

  47. Marisela Oxendine says:

    I was hesitant in contacting them at first because a lot of people had advised me to apply for permanent residency independently. Thank God I didn’t listen to amateurs otherwise I would have really destroyed my chances of a smooth sail to Canada. The team at helped me great deal to make a flawless application which is, now I know, the most crucial step in the immigration process. Thank you folks for your advice and help.

  48. kaylen easley says:

    I can’t thank him enough for the things such as quick e-mail responses and also ensuring the submitted information was as accurate as possible.

  49. Jenelle Lafleur says:

    They were very approachable and patient with all the questions I had, which is very important to me, and sure enough, everything they explained happened within a timely manner.

  50. Zayla Kelsey says:

    My husband got his PR in 6 months processing it from them. I have recommended them to all my friends who are keen in immigrating to Canada.

  51. Journey Pittman says:

    Although he suggested, that success of my particular project was questionable and not guranteed, I appreciated I was told so right-away and although on this occasion we did not open the case, I would recommend him and as it is known, “word of mouth” reputation is something priceless, that money cannot buy.

  52. Damian Elliott says:

    The team at have real knowledge of their field and understand Canadian law inside out. They did a phenomenal job on my case and I am so happy that they were the first I contacted. They gave some real insights into my case and why I got rejected in the first place. They went to a great extent to make a persuasive appeal for me. Really grateful to them.

  53. Ishan Ko says:

    He is the best immigration lawyer anyone can imagine, a professional who knowns the immigration law in the smallest detail.

  54. Yeshua March says:

    I highly recommend them. I worked with him in order to obtain my 2 year working visa in the Canada. He is organized, efficient, professional and always answered any questions I had.

  55. Jaydan Simpkins says:

    They was dedicated and took time to follow up until the process is complete. I really thanks to all the team.

  56. alina simon says:

    The process was very smooth and efficient. Again I thank he and the team and highly recommend them for your queries regarding immigration matters.

  57. Wesley Lawrence says:

    They found a solution to my case just in a single discussion when many other lawyers had already refused that I could ever get to Canada. Phenomenal professionalism and wonderful people. I am planning to retain their services for applying for family class sponsorship. Thank you team. You are amazing.

  58. Arsema Mashburn says:

    For the first time I feel I’m working with a firm that really cares for clients comparing to other firms that only look for sales.

  59. Kaylyn Carbajal says:

    This is the only company who understood my problems and cleared all my doubts and now I am really in a comfortable zone. Thank you for making things easy and good.

  60. Katia Solorzano says:

    I can’t thank enough to them for my Canada PR. They gave me the best assistance and help me to complete all the formalities related to the process without error.

  61. Blaire Isaac says:

    We also went to the Home office together and waited (few hours) until i got the result. I have already recommend to all my friends and colleagues.

  62. Koen Borden says:

    Prompt responsive visa consultancy. They provide me good visa assistance and very supportive and understanding visa experts.

  63. gema budd says:

    He walked me through the entire immigration process and was always up to date with all my documentation. Thank you!

  64. juancarlos galarza says:

    They are very Detail oriented and very helpful. The best thing is they make every small detail crystal clear to clients and keep them informed about everything they deserve to be.

  65. Matheo Duenas says:

    My salary is very low which is why my cousin recommended me to him for Canada Migration as there are alot of high paying jobs in Canada.

  66. Parker Gonzales says:

    Complete transparency, Two way communication and support was provided at each stage; right from preparation to submission of the application. The team gave the best consultation and made the entire rigorous process completely stress free. I wholeheartedly recommend.

  67. virginia forbes says:

    They have knowledge, experience and a proactive approach. During the months in which I stayed in touch with them for my case, I never saw them keeping a lax attitude either towards or towards other clients. Great people. Great team-work.

  68. priya vidal says:

    Thank you for detailed advice that made my decision a lot easier. Super impressed. I’d give you 100 stars if I could!

  69. lilly sutton says:

    He handled the case with so much dedication as if it were his own and helped me along every step of the journey which included answering all my stupid questions at ridiculous hours. Great work guys!

  70. Raylen Charlton says:

    I have chosen them due to recommendations from multiple closed friends and there good numbers of positive clients.

  71. Kynzlee Perryman says:

    I got a visa refusal and I was broken. Visited many places but didn’t find somebody whom I can trust. Then my friend suggested me about them, who heard my story and took my case and said “dont worry we will help you out”.

  72. Aspyn Christman says:

    With your advise and recommendations, I am in the process of retaining an attorney from the Law Firm. So far excellent service delivery.

  73. jaxen lowry says:

    My husband and I went in to see him for a consultation regarding a Canada Visa. The office was tucked away and somewhat difficult to find. However, the experience we received was like finding a buried treasure.

  74. Jorja Chinn says:

    He and his partner did such an amazing job. Walked us through every step and had a wealth of knowledge and advice. Responded quick and made a stressful process smooth. Highly recommend for all immigration matters.

  75. Jaslene Fain says:

    They assisted me throughout the journey in getting my Canadian permanent residency. They kept me in touch with the latest developments and proactively assisted me with making plans on the next step to take in getting my Canadian PR.

  76. Caesar Seaton says:

    The online portal where you submit your docs is pretty robust and shows that they have done this for a while.

  77. ismael peck says:

    I highly recommend him the kind of situation I was in got refusal for my wife visa was very stressful but in a very short span of time, he helped me to get my application and documentation done.

  78. renee albrecht says:

    He was very professional, frindly and he never missed my call, he always had an answer to all my questions. We met few times before the appontment in London, he filled in all my documents, gave me a document list to prepare and went through the final check up a week before the appontment.

  79. Elissa Winslow says:

    I advise that no one should go there with the wrong energy and attitude because at the end of the day shes about positivity and not negativity. Thanks him for sticking it out with me I appreciate it alot and words cant explain how grateful I am thanks again.

  80. Lael Urena says:

    Since the beginning of my Canadian permanent residency application, they has assisted me with my entire application, they made me feel comfortable and at ease throughout the whole process.

  81. Callan Burrell says:

    I am a chef by profession and people did not value me much because this passion is not highly recognized here which is why I decided that Migrating to Canada would be the best choice. They not only explained the process to me but made sure that I complete all the necessary steps in time along with my work.

  82. Esai Mcdaniels says:

    If your looking for a good team you’ve found the right place highly recommend. A massive thank you to him and all his team for there hard work and experties.

  83. Hosea Garris says:

    I talked to many Iimmigration Lawyers as well before finalize them to process my Canada Permanent Residence (PR) Visa application. The Iimmigration Lawyer provides me accurate and realistic information about Canada PR and all the team members of this Organization are very much helpful throughout the process.

  84. Giuseppe Beaulieu says:

    Due to some misunderstanding we missed interview for final determination but he took care everything and he sent an apology letter to CIC.

  85. King Keller says:

    We are very grateful to him and all his hard work in sorting out this Residency Visa for myself and my son. He helped us through every step of the way and was always there if we had a question.

  86. Desean Jerome says:

    I would highly reccomend them for any immigration matters. Keep up the excellent work whole team. Once again thanks.

  87. Stefano Wiegand says:

    I am a British Citizen married to an Canadian American Citizen and were applying for a green card. We couldn’t have successfully navigated the process without him and his team. He was very easy to work with.

  88. Corrina Maggio says:

    After getting my daughter’s PR processed from their agency, I can say that they are not like other consultancies who focus on getting money from you.

  89. Yahaira Radcliffe says:

    These guys really are good at what they do! The personalised attention I got was really something. Immigration is a serious matter and the assistance was 110%, they really go the extra mile.

  90. aja peebles says:

    He and his office staff was very good and helpful towards our property case. I had a lot of concerns in the beginning with regard to my case and was very reluctant to start the process. However the way they handled my matter and fetched the results, I shall remain always indebted.

  91. Yahya Hoffmann says:

    Phenomenal level of expertise and commitment! Amazing co-ordination among the team mates at. They have experts on every case who are always ready with strategic solutions to your problem.

  92. Nathen Clem says:

    I would strongly recommend having a immigration lawyer because when you are tied up with your hectic schedules of daily life and work, it’s difficult to do research on processes.

  93. Liv Bingham says:

    I can not thank enough him for making my case a success! it was a difficult one as I had been absent a lot in last 5 years (for work purposes)…He had an excellent eye for detail and guided me well on when to apply exactly and well prepared my case for the naturalisation.

  94. fatimah fugate says:

    Also shared info on what I needed once I landed in Canada. Very thorough, proactive, transparent, and professional. Highly recommend them!

  95. zackery noriega says:

    I am very grateful as I spoke to many lawyers and just did not feel comfortable felt they were over charging and offering a poor service whereas with him it was the opposite I will never go anywhere else!

  96. Carlos Hudson says:

    Great Services. He will guide their customers through all the steps and will ensure that the application is accepted at all of the stages.

  97. Musab Mink says:

    Most other firms wanted to us to sign up even before we were not sure if we wanted to get the PR. But these guys explained the process and the pros and cons upfront and which was deciding factor in us using them to represent us.

  98. Kendal Negron says:

    Best money I have ever spent! they did a highly professional job, I cannot fault them. Throughout the months of processing by the Home Office they kept me up to date with progress.

  99. Juliet Lara says:

    Fantastic …hv patience to understand the details of d case n then only provide a concrete solution n always reachable ….5 plus rating from my side ….

  100. Houston Platt says:

    I cannot recommend him and the his team enough, they made the process seamless and were very reassuring throughout and so knowledgeable – nothing was a problem and in those situations that is what you need.

  101. ameir fogg says:

    I had a very complicated case with a little hope of success but I was surprised on how they got me through it. I really appreciate their help and amazing service. I would highly recommend.

  102. Giulianna Shinn says:

    Fantastic service, cannot recommend highly enough. He is extremely knowledgeable and helpful, and helped alleviate any concerns that I had.

  103. Ayub Paulino says:

    What level of expertise and commitment! Fabulous co-ordination among the team members at. They have experts on every case who are ready with strategic solutions to your problem. Amazing people.

  104. Lena Roberson says:

    I was recommended by my friend, who left a positive review below. I also had a very good experience with him. I would recommend him to my colleagues as well.

  105. Malik Rocha says:

    I contacted them for Canada Tourist visa. They explained me all the necessary steps and the entire documents which I needed for the visa. I got my tourist visa very easily. I like their services very much. They did fabulous job. They are best visa services provider. I would like to recommend them to all.

  106. Tobias Jefferson says:

    He was quick, attentive, and provided me with thorough answers and advice critical to my process. Incredibly thankful. I can only recommend him for your immigration process needs.

  107. Jacelyn Eggleston says:

    You are awesome in every way. I particularly was impressed with the way you all sit and discuss the various aspects of the problem. I found you all highly knowledgeable and committed. I must have myself learned something from your high work ethic. Thanks for everything.

  108. adara fogarty says:

    I was in disbelief when my husband was finally granted his Visa to the Canada. I owe it tohim and his team down at IAS. Overall, great experience great service.

  109. Dianna Drury says:

    We highly recommend him and his associates for anyone planning to move to Canada. Thank you for all the support, guidance and sharing your expertise with us.

  110. Gibson Whitt says:

    Thank you so much to the Law Firm, who has been absolutely wonderful. Team is extremely knowledgeable regarding the process and required verification.

  111. Olin Monson says:

    He assisted with my transition to Canada as a PR. I found him to be knowledgeable and always available to provide guidance and clarification.

  112. Kiaan Gantt says:

    With the constant effort from the documentation team, I received my Canadian PR just in time. Thanks to them!!

  113. hanan manzano says:

    Best immigration company I’ve experienced with!! Got my PR in a very few days and in a very low cost.

  114. brylan cedillo says:

    He was a huge help! Felt comfortable all throughout and never a hint of doubt at all. My experience with them was exceptional because of him! Highly recommended!

  115. trenton hutchinson says:

    My time is the most precious thing to me and I would like to thank them for managing my entire Visa application hassle free and giving me results.

  116. Ayush Ralph says:

    Finally I was dealing with someone who knew the Laws and spoke sense. They are absolutely patient and humble professionals. He spent a great deal of time guiding me over the phone, although I had not even officially met him or paid him for the services.

  117. Emilia Steele says:

    He worked on my application for the EU permanent residence permit case and went above and beyond in his help and dedication, demonstrating professionalism and personal attention to all details, guiding me through the complicated application process.

  118. Tyrese Almanza says:

    Couldn’t be happier to start my life in Canada as a chef where my passion will be appreciated and I will earn much more in dollars.

  119. Elliana Dalton says:

    Every concerns and questions answered quickly. Currently I’ve get my legal status and still waiting the final process and seems everything going soo far so good , and I starting having a stable life. Thank you.

  120. Alston Cushing says:

    I am living in the U.S.A and it was great luck for me to find your company through the Internet. I have a hectic work schedule which is why I wanted professional help to attain my goal and because of your efforts I got my first stage of documentation cleared for Canada PR. Hoping for the best ahead!!

  121. Oaklynn Grenier says:

    They are very knowledgeable on the current law and very strategic with cases. I highly recommend them to others based on our experience.

  122. Prince Weeks says:

    Very excellent immigration services. Experts in their service. I have applied for visitor visa through them, got in first attempt. Now they are working very well for parental sponsorship program.

  123. Shiloh Puckett says:

    I am very grateful for the help and service we received from him and have already recommended him to friends in a similar situations as us.

  124. forest spurlock says:

    He was supportive and result oriented. Appreciate the help and assistance of his staff lawyers as well.

  125. Antonia Caudill says:

    Helped take the worry out of filing all the applications properly and made sure everything was done promptly and accurate.

  126. Tenzin Leong says:

    He dedicates himself 100% to clients where him hard work, creativity and perseverance all contribute to ensuring a clients need are met.

  127. Veer Mcmillen says:

    I would really like to thank to him and whole team for their exeptional work they have done for the entire process of my PR application.

  128. daria lauer says:

    Not only they are extremely knowledgeable and experienced in the immigration field, but they are also attentive and dedicated and will treat your case as their own.

  129. haidyn wheaton says:

    He has provided me professional advises and been really patient with the application which has made the process much more easier and quicker.

  130. April Mcintosh says:

    Thanks to him and his team I won my case. He is very professional and confident.. he worked hard on my case and was optimistic all the time.. he responded very fast to any question I had and always kept me updated..again thank you for making 2020 best year in my whole life..

  131. Kyle Rhodes says:

    My visa was approved effortlessly and stressfree all because of your company. Thankyou for your hardwork!!

  132. Rahaf Kirkman says:

    And lastly, he went all the way to help in sorting out our son’s BRP got stuck in one of the courier service despite the time limit of Home office of putting up inquiries for delayed BRP was still not expire.

  133. Jamie Haas says:

    They explained me simple manner and solve my issue I was surprised as to how quick the process was and also it was great value for money.

  134. Moira Moffett says:

    He was always available, quick to respond and one of the few who I felt was competent in my matter as I had done a lot of research myself and a lot of lawyers said things I knew myself were inaccurate. Got my visa approved today. Will definitely recommend their services.

  135. chad ferris says:

    The very beginning our case was embraced with a notable empathy and professionalism. The accuracy breaking down the process and the step by step orientation brought confidence and the certitude we were on the right path.

  136. baila newby says:

    It was great experience with them. I contacted them for Canada PR process and the assistance and support I recieved from them was out of the box.

  137. Gunnar Dorsey says:

    Yesterday my Canada PR visa is approved and would like to thank from the bottom of my heart for this. All this would not have been possible without their efforts.

  138. prince weeks says:

    Excellent help from a very experienced person. No hesitation in recommending him. Always available to answer questions.

  139. Coby Rupp says:

    I am very busy with my work and hence it was not possible for me to track the legislative changes happening in the Immigration department.

  140. nathaly aguilera says:

    Best immigration and Visa services. They deliver the best quality service with diligence and honesty.

  141. jiya parkinson says:

    I never felt that I am lacking some information or skill, to have the Canada PR, thanks to the while team led by him, whose personal guidance is so meaningful and encouraging.

  142. stuart nunley says:

    Great service all the way round. Seems to be staffed by ex-home office assessors who well know the common mistakes that can be made.

  143. Quinlan Sprinkle says:

    If you are looking for total transparency, honesty, and trust worthiness in an area not so common to everyday people, I highly recommend them.

  144. daxon thigpen says:

    I would like to thank him and his wonderful team, for helping me and my partner during our consultation.

  145. Adnan Heim says:

    After 2 weeks he submit all my documents for my wife visa & then Naeem booked my wife appointment & after one week she got the visa.

  146. Corrine Perdomo says:

    I had such a wonderful experience with him. My husband and I were have immigration issues and were pretty traumatized about the whole situation. A friend recommended him who managed to turn around our situation into the outcome we had so desired.

  147. Marek Alicea says:

    As an old adage says, “client satisfaction is the key of success, they falls in that category very well.

  148. ena thibault says:

    I definitely recommend their services if you want to apply and are working full-time. Their services will save you time and energy.

  149. raheem linares says:

    The costs and an approximate timeline were discussed in detail beforehand and the communication throughout the process with him was quick and efficient. \

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