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Address: Cornwall Buildings, 45 Newhall St, Birmingham B3 3QR, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 121 295 1000


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  1. Hayven Ulloa says:

    Very knowledgeable and highly professional Lawyer. He gracefully managed our nerve wrecking PR application.

  2. Yasin Isbell says:

    I’m so blessed to had their help. Highly recommend them for whatever immigration hurdles one has to pass through.

  3. andersen berube says:

    Thanks a lot for doing a great job. They helped me in every process of my application. A special thanks to him, a passionate and kind person.

  4. zofia conger says:

    They are the best solicitor firm. They are very professional and guide you on right path, spot on services. I would highly recommed since I have had a great experience from their professional services.

  5. Thiago Melton says:

    He was very honest and straight forward from the start and he knew what need to be done exactly even though my situation changed several times during the process yet he managed to help me with my case.

  6. Kailani Latham says:

    The staff were extremely helpful with both my Grandparents Visa and my Permanent Residency application. A credit to the firm.

  7. Chelsea Huffman says:

    Very good service….I applied for visitor visa on partner base for Canada and I got my Visa within given time. Very thankful to the the team.

  8. Rosalynn Fierro says:

    We got an amazing service from him. Their assistance and prompt communication made the whole process easy and efficient to follow.

  9. Kylin Lovejoy says:

    Professional Integrity and positive Approach. Admirable job by these people. Thank you all of you for being the best.

  10. Bishop Dietrich says:

    I can’t thank him more to get me and my family the resident permit. Highly recommend him to anyone who needs the good immigration lawyer to win your case.

  11. Divya Pine says:

    We mostly corresponded with them were very polite and professional and very knowledgeable about the immigration process.

  12. Cecily Cheung says:

    They truly are the best immigration consultant, they offer the best services to the students to fulfill their dreams to study abroad. Very reliable and honest, highly recommended. Well, in short, I can say that this is one of the best immigration lawyers.

  13. Cylas Terrazas says:

    After spending almost a year uncertain on how to initiate my wife’sspousal sponsorship process to Canada, I found them almost by luck. They provided me with an incredible service! They clearly outlined everything for me right at the beginning. They were transparent on the fees. There were no hidden charges or surprise demands later. They spent quite a lot of time on my case as it was a spousal sponsorship case and I and my wife both come from different countries. It was challenging to provide them with all the required documents. But they knew what they were doing. The process went smoothly and we received our sponsorship approval very soon.

  14. Nasir Springer says:

    He has successfully managed two of my (rather complicated) work permit applications in the Canada now. Honesty and integrity aside, he is really good at what he does.

  15. Elisheva Furr says:

    They do follow a stringent sla when giving a response to their clients. For me, since the processing timelines went through a change this year, it took considerably long time till the grant, but they was constantly tracking it throughout without getting irritated by my regular follow ups.

  16. Alana Duran says:

    He helped me in the process to submit my documents for the visa. I emigrated to Canada on PR visa and they helped me through all the formalities for visa application.

  17. irvin lennon says:

    I would like to happily announce that me and my wife got our Canada Permanent Residency Visa on 7.11.2019 and certainly it would not have happened without your speedy documentation preparation.

  18. ridley denning says:

    You won’t be disappointed. Walked me through everything and answered all my questions no matter how many times I called always took care of me like it was the first time contacting them. Highly recommend.

  19. jelani mullis says:

    I have had successful Immigration Tribunal appeal for permanent residence, and following successful Citizenship application. I’m very thankful to him and definitely would recommend everyone in need of Immigration process help.

  20. Tierra Wisdom says:

    My family and I would highly recommend them to anyone who has immigration issues. Personally, I would happily use this service again in the future if needed.

  21. Diesel Clevenger says:

    What a great Expirience here very professional, approachable and friendly service… very helpful , I will always reach out to them for any future concerns! I will always be grateful for their outstanding service! Top Service!

  22. jaxsen alves says:

    I approached them for a property dispute with my tenants. Me and my friends were staying abroad at that time and did not knew how to handle the issue. But he and his office really helped and brought us out of the mess.

  23. Marigold Kling says:

    He has been really positive since the first day we consulted for the Sole Rep Visa, and that certainly also helped me to prepare and decide for this route.

  24. oskar shore says:

    I am blown away by their integrity and all the hard work. They are very professional and focused with great competency. I will always be grateful to them. I wanted to thank you for the excellent work. Highly recommended.

  25. Atharv Saxton says:

    While I was searching for the right Immigration lawyer, I decided to go with them because of the speedy answers they gave which convinced me of their knowledge.

  26. kimberlee mckelvey says:

    I would highly recommend them to people who’s planning to come in Canada. Best experience with you guys. Cheers!

  27. Emmie Anaya says:

    This team here is praiseworthy. I recommend them in case you have immigration matters that need diligent attention and timely action.

  28. kamila hobbs says:

    The lawyers at exude enthusiasm and positivity. Even with my kind of case of criminal inadmissibility, they did an amazing job and never did they feel deterred by some initial challenges. Truly amazing folks.

  29. Zaire Cates says:

    He has always been available to speak to when we had a query about issues relating to immigration. He was prompt in getting back to us.

  30. klara her says:

    Best immigration lawyers in Edmonton. Thank him and your staff I just got my PR few day and Now I just waiting my mom and my sister come to my wedding. They work so professional and responsible. I recommend to this place who the people want find the best lawyer . Thank again!

  31. zia mcalister says:

    Both applications were prepared in a very short time frame and both were successful. A truly 5-star service throughout.

  32. Meredith Holcomb says:

    He and his team are amazing. Having used his services for an application for Settlement I can attest to this. He is transparent, honest and reliable. His team have been very responsive to emails and always had my interest at heart. Thank you for the excellent service.

  33. Zaniyah Colvin says:

    It’s good to be on board and getting assistance from a team who does not treat your matter as another file number but put sincere efforts in making sure the money is worth the quality.

  34. Jorja Chinn says:

    I started my process with them in march 2019 and got PR Confirmation in january 2020. It was a dream of mine and they actually turned it true in just 10 months.

  35. Fiona Deleon says:

    Thank you so much to them!!he and the team I’m very impressed with them is work they are very professional with they’re work.

  36. Amaris Swenson says:

    They are the best firm I have came across. I applied for a spousal PR from them. They reply to email queries patiently. I highly recommend them for an expert advice.

  37. Ira Kellogg says:

    He really changed our opinion of immigration solicitors after we’d been so badly treated in the past – I would 100% recommend him and his team as their loyalty and dedication to our case brought my Husband back to me after so long apart. Thank you!

  38. Umar Bone says:

    He is honest, trustworthy, and very professional. I received my BRP within 1 month after application. He is very knowledgeable in immigration matters and I would highly recommend him.

  39. Uriel Connor says:

    Our goal is met. For this journey, we do evaluate other offices and options, but definitely we wouldn´t have anything close so we chose the best one.

  40. Arian Rainey says:

    They took some time but its worth a while and the success rate is 100%. Thanks for helping in Canada’s visitor visa application.

  41. pearl lockhart says:

    I had an amazing experience with them. The entire team was very supportive and guided me well I was really nervous before starting the process as this process just did not involve my money but trust and dreams as well so it was a very important decision for me but looking at their success story I finally enrolled for Canada visa and my decision was all good.

  42. kasper burwell says:

    I have no words to explanation their outstanding dedication toward their clients. I am extremely happy with their work.

  43. Atreyu Carrera says:

    Spoke with him in January 2018 and he was excellent. He explained all the exact details and ins and outs of the government rules and regulations to find the best immigration solution for myself and my partner.

  44. Jeremy Lowe says:

    They are genuine people and reasonable charges. In the starting I was so confused but their team help me throughout the case processing steps and is really appreciated. I will suggest everyone to contact them for Canada tourist, PR any type of visa.

  45. gabrielle wang says:

    Highly recommend the service they have provided. Very polite and helpful. Special thanks to the whole team. Very happy to deal a business with you guys. Once again. Thank you so much.

  46. quentin ewing says:

    My very warm wishes regarding the Firm and yes I strongly recommend this company for the immigration purpose in Canada pr the company is genuinely providing the true info before the money and all they are checking whether we are eligible or not and the information regarding the pnp program I didn’t get any where given by the counsellor afreen to me.

  47. audriana shearer says:

    I am an accountant and I knew that Canada has better salary options which are why I wanted to migrate which is why I went to them. I was convinced to pay after checking their knowledge and intelligence to provide resolutions instanteously.

  48. whitley hawley says:

    Very regular contact and answered all questions on time and impartial advice. Very pleased with the service! I am very grateful for his excellent job!

  49. Caris Bernardo says:

    Excellent service, very helpful and very genuine. I have experienced that there are other firms that are happy to take your money and not give you what you need. This company told me everything upfront so I knew exactly where I stood from the offset.

  50. Maddex Dix says:

    They helped me with a work permit application. They also helped me in the nomination process. At most times, I found them going out of the way to help me with understating the requirements of the program that I was applying under, and also worked out the details for me. Really grateful to them.

  51. Cambree Archuleta says:

    I am writing this review to share my experience with him and his team, so that the people with similar situation or problem get the correct feedback to reach out to the right problem solver.

  52. Amarion Ragsdale says:

    What impressed me the most at was their level of expertise in every field. When it comes to Canadian immigration law, they know it all. Definitely recommend them.

  53. Ransom Storm says:

    He was very thorough in his investigations and promised our application was going to be successful. The whole process with all members of his team contributed to a seamless service and a very positive outcome. Many thanks!

  54. Bradley Leonard says:

    I admire the team at. They did a great job on my work permit application that had got rejected twice. They always assured be that they would find the quickest of the solutions, and they did. Today I am writing from Canada and I am extremely thankful to these magicians.

  55. Ryu Weil says:

    The team was professional and satisfied, I would recommend to contact him for immigration and legal requirements.

  56. Cassius Plummer says:

    They were nice and professional throughout and they really know how to do their job. Would definitely recommend.

  57. everleigh ng says:

    He is a great lawyer that I will recommend to everyone needing a help about Immigration, not to mention his staffs who are great too. I definitely say He is the best Lawyer in Edmonton if not in Canada, why not try his service and you will admire the difference…

  58. Adelaide Combs says:

    They provided us with great and timely service. Staff was very professional and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend this place for all your immigration related needs.

  59. abel chapman says:

    They were prompt with responses and help, flexible with their terms, reasonably priced and were on top of my entire situation even as it went past the window of time it was supposed to go.

  60. Dora Dexter says:

    We have used them now 3 times and each time they have been excellent we would highly recommend using this company professional service throughout the process and excellent communication and assistance from there friendly and helpful team also good value for money.

  61. Adrien Mims says:

    My file was incredibly complicated as it had a combination of business and work permit requirements. I visited 3 other immigration lawyers prior to it and all were cavalier in their approach. It was the only one that studied my file in depth and provided strategies to crack the application.

  62. Geovanni Gooden says:

    Honest, professional and always available to us every step of the way. Immigration application is always the worst but he couldn’t have done more to ease the process. He even got my nephew’s wife her Visa.

  63. Orion Velez says:

    They are the best immigration lawyers. I had a very good experience with them while applying for Canadian PR.

  64. Layah Milburn says:

    They do not hard sell nor pressurise their customer and the most important they are specific in details and would assist in all your enquiries.

  65. Pyper Cuellar says:

    My experience was beautiful. The team is component and professional. The best consultancy to handle the Canada immigration process and programs.

  66. Sana Shanks says:

    I was recommended him by a friend and I am so pleased I was! He was very prompt, professional and personal. He helped me every step of the way and of course I had multiple questions through out the whole process he answered them in a very speedy response and put me at ease.

  67. Khali Hackney says:

    Me and husband are doing pretty well in Canada since 2 years and they helped us with prelanding and post landing and supported us throughout as we were unaware of many things.

  68. Landin Eden says:

    You played a crucial role in the success of our immigration application. We would have definitely blundered without your constant help.

  69. Ahana Ries says:

    They, specially him, words are falling short of I am to praise him for everything he has done for my immigration case. 100% ability of each and every task with utmost sincerity has left me stunned. Highly recommended.

  70. angie blanco says:

    He went through everything step by step and was very prompt by responding to emails and calls when necessary.

  71. Rahaf Kirkman says:

    They really are experts as far as Canada Immigration is concerned & truly recommend to go for their services at the beginning itself to avoid rejections & additional costs.

  72. elian devine says:

    He is hard working and genuinely interested in his clients which was suprising to us as we had countless disappointments previously with other immigration lawyers who were more interested in our money than our immigration matter.

  73. jamya paulsen says:

    He is always available for any queries or help you need. I will be going back to him again very soon. Highly recommended.

  74. bryden keeton says:

    We had them for two services: my husband’s PR through express entry n spouse PR (mine). Both were successfully done.

  75. Uma Flanigan says:

    They has been helping my family for years. He was brilliant with my mums visit visa. My mums case wasn’t straight forward but he did a great job and she got her visa.

  76. Brea Brackett says:

    Excellent work ethics and professional service. Always provide right advise at right time. It was simple and as promised. 5 stars

  77. Davian Beyer says:

    So Grateful to him for assisting with Canadian study visas. His service is top notch, and his knowledge and legal acumen is unparalleled. Highly recommended.

  78. cole hoffman says:

    Your professional ethic is out of this world. Always found you prepared, result-driven and self-motivated. I never had to remind you about my case. You were always determined to do your best for me as your client. Thank you so much for being so amazing.

  79. Demond Ballou says:

    I used them to apply for my wife’s spouse visa which was granted. I was assigned a case worker-He who was just amazing at what he does.

  80. ember valenzuela says:

    You are the best would be an understatement but yes, you are the best. Keep up the good work and keep making a difference to people’s lives. Thank you.

  81. Nash Beard says:

    We are so grateful for all the whole teams hard work and always having someone at the end of the phone if we needed them. I can’t thank them enough

  82. Payson Criswell says:

    The day I had my consultation with him changed my life forever, I come out of his office feeling like I had already won my case and that feeling stayed with me until my case was heard in court and I won!!!

  83. Suzanna Eisenberg says:

    He and his staff will work to make sure their clients are happy of what they pay for and you will never regret to pay them. It is worth every penny.

  84. Reuben Wilkes says:

    They provided an excellent service from the start to the very end. They are very professional and I would highly reccommend them to a friend.

  85. Bronx Horan says:

    I am thankful to him and the team for their timely support throughout. The assistance towards systematic documentation and their guidance are the key elements of getting right direction at all times.

  86. quinlan sprinkle says:

    He is a professional and supportive solicitor and has in depth knowledge of immigration law. Our application for Sponsor’s licence was so thorough that it was approved by Home Office within a week. Highly recommended.

  87. Carson Burns says:

    I don’t know what I would of done without them, they helped us through every stage of the process and after several bad previous experiences from different so called professionals I knew I could trust them to get it right first time every time.

  88. Ester Poston says:

    Originating from the non EU country makes it a bit complicated to obtain residence permit in the Canada but he did a great job and now my visa is here. Would strongly recommend!

  89. Lamar Trotter says:

    Great experience! He and his staff helped us every step of the way and took away the stress and worry of the paperwork and the entire process, giving us updates throughout and walking us through the necessary steps. Thank you! Would highly recommend!

  90. aubrei orton says:

    He went above and beyond to ensure the safe return of my Husband. He is very professional and understanding of each case and the families involved within them.

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