Grzeca Law Group SC

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Address: 1434 W State St, Milwaukee, WI 53233, United States

Phone: +1 414-342-3000


6 Reviews
  1. kalaya jain says:

    I had an amazing and wonderful working experience with them. The team is highly professional and knows how to make the whole Immigration process easy for you.

  2. Arantza Salter says:

    We would like to thank him for the time he put intomanaging our application and we would thoroughly recommend them to anyone looking at starting a life in Canada.

  3. kaylin head says:

    Incredible people. Exact and methodical. My case was extremely challenging and rare but they gave microscopic attention to detail which was highly commendable.

  4. Chance Floyd says:

    I got excellent service by them. He was excellent with my case, got the visa successfully. They are excellent they supported throughout my case.

  5. Giada Hauser says:

    He was prompt with his response whatever the time. He was very thorough with the legal information and was supportive during the whole application rocess. He made us feel comfortable and guided us comfortably through the complicated system. Overall we had a very positive experience with him.

  6. Javon Quezada says:

    It had been a wonderful experience with them. Our case was quite complicated and number of immigration lawyers demotivated us. It was only them who successfully completed our case.

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