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Address: 755 W Big Beaver Rd Suite 1100, Troy, MI 48084, United States

Phone: +1 248-519-9900


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  1. Giavanna Wiseman says:

    He who was our case officer and provided us ample support, time and guidance in every step of our process. In short, if you are looking for immigration services, is right choice for you.

  2. georgiana bethea says:

    I have personally recommended their services to my three co-workers, and they are doing well in their case.

  3. xavion hitt says:

    He was very helpful with my work permit application, he gave me honest advice on what to do, very friendly and reliable. Reasonable price for the services. I recommend this firm to anybody who needs an immigration advice.

  4. Emilio Davenport says:

    Was more than happy with the outcome and one of the lawyers came in on his day off to sort out the last bit of the outcome.

  5. Harvey Moyer says:

    This is one of the best service providers for immigration purpose. As the tag line itself says Always Assure Success, they deliver what they promise, That’s all we could ask for.

  6. avamarie keeney says:

    Amazing Professional, friendly and knowledgeable service, he has taken the stress out of the whole application. I have no hesitation in recommending his services. Thank you so much.

  7. Victoria Gomez says:

    I was very nervous. He gave me the positive energy and strength to go through this. I finally got my green card approval.

  8. Chris Workman says:

    I highly recommend him and his services. His professionalism, support and guidance in navigating the process to get a green card have been absolutely remarkable.

  9. joanna roy says:

    Their services is not very expensive, so it was a easy decision for me to take their services, but I am very happy I went ahead with the decision. Strong recommendation for anyone considering them for visa requirement.

  10. kendyll javier says:

    My brother lives in Canada and even I wanted to move with him but I was not aware about the immigration process for my profile. They helped me with their expertise.

  11. Elva Babbitt says:

    100% safe and friendly and they will solve your immigration problems and other law problems as soon as possible.

  12. Zia Mcalister says:

    I recommend them. He was very helpful regarding my spouse visa. He has got very knowledge about immigration laws and his team was very professional.

  13. Rayah Saleh says:

    He was very helpful with PR application process. My case was a bit tricky and I reached out to many lawyers for consultation before I came across here. I appreciate it!

  14. mariajose gilley says:

    He is very professional, understanding, nice, humble, helpful and very honest man or I can say solicitor. He took the time going over and above our expectations to ensure we had everything, including ourselves, ready before our case went to court and also for all documentation for home office.

  15. erica mccray says:

    Throughout the whole process of putting our case together he and his team were first rate and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone. Thank you!

  16. nayla rinehart says:

    I heard a rumour they were the best immigration experts in Canada, my experience with them has proved the rumors to be true.

  17. Lorelai Downey says:

    I worked with them to apply for my indefinite leave to remain in Canada. He who was in charge of the case advised me to apply directly to Canadian nationality, I was amazed that it is possible. Others would have charged for 2 cases, well he applied to my Canadian Nationality and got it without applying for indefinite leave to remain sparing time and money.

  18. Micheal Ernst says:

    Wonderful Experience!!! It is one of the most genuine agencies. Trust them and they will help you through the entire process. They know what they are doing.

  19. Yana Soares says:

    He and his team is amazing. Having used his services for an application for Settlement I can attest to this. He is transparent, honest and reliable. His team have been very responsive to emails and always had my interest at heart. Thank you for the excellent service.

  20. Karly Pulido says:

    I was refused before and had lost my hope of ever getting my spousal visas approved. I believed and trusted them and now I am in Canada on my spousal PR. Thank you once again team.

  21. Bradford Spurgeon says:

    He was so professional in his approach and he helped us solve a very complex immigration issue. He displayed a lot of calmness and knowledge throughout the whole process. I would recommend him to all clients with complex immigration cases/applications.

  22. Jamison Church says:

    Went in today with a query which was answered. He is a very lovely and kind person. The staff are also very welcoming. I was offered advice free of charge that was very helpful.

  23. Swayze Cooks says:

    It is good to know that there are stand up professionals still out there who provide a real ‘human’ element to something as scary as immigration law, and in my case deportation.

  24. Esha Strait says:

    I worked with them to get residency for my wife who is from the US. The process with the government isn’t exactly simple but they helped it be as easy as possible.

  25. Carmen Sloan says:

    Thank you so very much for all the help & support during my application process. It has truly been a journey and it was great to have you guys along every step on the way. A very big thank you once again.

  26. Tyce Ibrahim says:

    I would like to say that he is a real gem and is expertise in Canada Immigration. His Honest and true guidance throughout our process of migrating to Canada becomes very easy. Initially it was very hard to look for a geniune person for our case however we were very lucky to have him as our immigration Consultant.

  27. Ibrahim Rosario says:

    For my parents super visa, for my parents lottery PR, For my wife’s work permit, for my wife’s PR, for my sister in law’s PR, for my sister in law’s parents.

  28. Kara Fritz says:

    He has worked through the case efficiently and has also been proactive to keep us in the loop at each stage.

  29. Tytus Kelso says:

    I thank to those who was handling my cases and done a tremendous job. I would highly recommend them for all your immigration related services………

  30. Margarita Luong says:

    He is very knowledgable in his field. He takes time to explain things in detail. He went out of his way to assisst me in my case.

  31. Isela Schenk says:

    Thanks for a good consultancy regarding my immigration doubts. You have good services for those who are planning to go abroad on a business trip or looking for a tourist visa or student visa.

  32. Jaylan Jablonski says:

    They are one of the best immigration consultancy I have ever came across. They has helped my family in getting PR. They provide excellent service and gives personal attention to every case. I have referred my close family & friends to him and they are impressed by their courteous dealing and marvelous service. I wish very best to them.

  33. esmee heffernan says:

    I have always wanted to settle abroad so I started my research for the same, I researched a lot and find that with the help of immigration lawyers it will be easier and then I came across them. The executive there was quite polite, interactive and explained the entire process to me, he told me all about he required documents, the procedure and ways to increase my chances, they explained the entire process and I have already started preparing for it with great support from them!!!

  34. Snow Bremer says:

    He is very well versed in citizenship application. He checked every detail of my application form including my requirements and the physical presence calculator.

  35. Nadya Pitman says:

    He has shown outstanding dedication, care and never give up attitude and ultimately achieved the absolute desired result with his hard work.

  36. aliyanna paterson says:

    I felt I was treated like an individual and not like a number. I had some silly and serious questions and he was more than happy to answer them and encouraged me to ask more.

  37. Lex Spradlin says:

    I was in a very messy situation with my PR application, to the extent that no immigration law firms were willing to take my case, but he take it and make it a success.

  38. Esmee Heffernan says:

    Very good staff…. Knowledge about the latest updations in rules and policies related to immigration and study permits … My brother got visa within one week of applying for it…

  39. Eyan Hickson says:

    My overall experience was excellent. I would recommend them to everyone who wants to settle abroad. Cheers to the entire team

  40. liah branson says:

    Best immigration lawyers , very professional ,& I will recommend this company to all my friends and family.

  41. Jaeda Sarver says:

    Reasonable priced and well mannered staff. No hidden charges or any lying or hiding of facts by staff. Extremely helpful and nice consultancy. Thanks

  42. tova olds says:

    I had wonderful experience with them. They are very professional, experienced, knowledgeable, helpful and honest. They provide me good services throughout the process.

  43. Jeriah Carvajal says:

    I am so happy I chose them to look into my case, from the first conversation to the final result of being granted, I have felt so comfortable throughout the whole process and I will recommend anyone to use them.

  44. Abdulrahman Aiken says:

    Highly recommend them for all your Visa needs. He and his team worked very closely with me and my wife for almost 2 years to ensure that we received our Canadian PR. The processing times were long but the team did not loose hope. He is very transparent and always provides sincere advise.

  45. rubi fournier says:

    Thank you very much for the wonderful legal assistance that he provided me with by allowing me to gain permanent residency in Canada, it was a long and arduous process, but thanks to its highly professional skills, and the friendliness and helpfulness I eventually reached my goal, thanks again for your work.,mille grazie ancora.

  46. Malcolm Dougherty says:

    Thanking you so much for all your wonderful effort for the obtaining of visas for Rose which is keeping us together and living for each other.

  47. Aanya Munson says:

    Upon comparing with other consultancies, I can say that they provides the better immigration services. Right from the free counselling, documentation, profile evaluation, application submission. Everything is top-notch about them. I highly recommend them for all immigration seekers.

  48. Lilyana Minor says:

    They have immigration experts with specialized exposure to Canadian laws. Their valuable inputs on me file of H and C application ensured an easy and quick approval for me. I am sure their help saved me from spending the rest of my life in a war-torn country. Thank you for being so amazing.

  49. brendan livingston says:

    I am highly satisfied with the services I got from them. They are very supportive and honest. I and my friend applied for Canada PR Visa from there and we both got invitation last week.

  50. Ori Fancher says:

    I just got my PR with the help of this Law Firm! I cannot thank them enough. He and the staff worked hard and answered my (many) questions with patience and a deep understanding of the law. Thank you again!

  51. yadira denham says:

    Saw many reviews about fees, but sincerely from our experience we contacted many lawyers, fees were so unimaginable (expensive) and we choose them because they had less fee compared to others, but their service is impeccable.

  52. Cesia Hubbell says:

    We hired them for our ITA to fill our Express Entry profile. They were very professional in the approach. Our case was handed in a timely manner and the documentation request was very straight forward.

  53. cam kovach says:

    It’s been very reassuring knowing that he was always a phone call away to help ease our fears and guide us on what to expect.

  54. Jazzlynn Winstead says:

    I had a good experience with my parents PR process. They were patient and very approachable. I would definitely recommend them.

  55. Francesco Applegate says:

    Wouldn’t hesitate it recommending them for all visa enquiries I will definitely be using them again in getting my spouse visa, I would like to conduct my sincere appreciation or all the help I received from him.

  56. Angelie Lum says:

    We used their service for family permit and settlement status applications. They gave extremely clear instructions along the way so we barely needed to do anything.

  57. austin simmons says:

    My Immigration Caseworker, is very professional, very friendly and competent, he was very responsive, answered all my questions and concerns in a very clear and professional manner, insightful and extremely helpful, any email queries were returned before 24 hours.

  58. Jhett Poirier says:

    I m very happy to share my experience with them. Great company…. Very punctual and friendly staff….

  59. Zaydin Nail says:

    They helped us with our Canadian PR applications. We had a great experience working with their team through every step in the process. I would definitely recommend them for their services.

  60. Luciana Coffey says:

    You all will always remain a fond memory for me. You really worked very hard on my file and ensured that my study permit was approved within weeks. It is because of your great guidance and advice that I completed my academic qualification in time. Thank you so much.

  61. armon brody says:

    Did a wonderful job helping me with my visa. Responds to emails quickly and is willing to help out a lot.

  62. Ignacio Sneed says:

    He and his team is amazing, professional , and kind. They helped me a lot and made this whole experience so much better. I highly recommend him to everyone!

  63. Azari Musgrove says:

    I would like to start by Thanking him and his Team who worked very hard to secure my future after we have been to many solicitors who were unable to do anything for me I was told by a Friend to contact him and his very dedicated team.

  64. Ruthie Kolb says:

    They were real life saviours for me. They won a 7 year long legal battle with me which I had almost given up. They showed great conviction in my case and always helped me in uplifting my spirits. They were always extremely determined to resolve my case that at one point I left it all on their experience and discretion. Definitely the best.

  65. ziggy beaman says:

    They are amazing lawyers and they are the real deal. They provided yeoman service to me. I have been employed with a company for 13 years, and unfortunately I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.

  66. malka bliss says:

    I had an amazing experience with their team. I was impressed with thier attitude, dedication, warmth and patience while guiding me through the entire process.

  67. caius hu says:

    They has a very professional, skilled team and has a very streamlined process and does a high quality outstanding work.

  68. Coraline Moser says:

    Very professional service and will help you from start to finish in your visa filling and follow ups. I am really satisfied with their guidance and would recommend others to use the service.

  69. Vaughn Bergman says:

    Can’t recommend more. I was in kind of a emergency situation with my Visa and they help me get everything on track again. I also had my application during lockdown but I received my visa faster than anyone would have thought. Reasonable price and good service and always there to help!!

  70. Donnell Mill says:

    He was very engaging and made sure that I understood every step of the process. He took all the stress of the situation away.

  71. kainoa lavoie says:

    One of my friend recommended me to him, I recommend every one to him, very experienced and helpful solicitor. And all the cases which he took of mine and friends, results were all positive bring relief joy and happiness from the stress of immigration issues.

  72. Jenessa Durr says:

    I went for a consult this week. He, the immigration lawyer I met with, took his time and answered all of the questions I had. He was very knowledgeable, had a good sense of my circumstances and I felt he gave advice I could trust moving forward.

  73. dia grisham says:

    I applied for PR Visa for me and my wife along with my kids. He handled my case very professionally and he ensured that all our supporting documents were included while submitting the application due to which no further questions were asked by the Immigration authorities.

  74. Braven Frausto says:

    Remained in regular touch with me despite the distance. Updated me over every new change or progress in my case. Found them very professional and enthusiastic. Keep up the spirit team. You are the best.

  75. Leyla Self says:

    He is such an amazing human being. He is kind, considered and beautiful inside and out. He has accepted my case and I am so glad I found a lawyer like him. I recommend him to anyone 100%.

  76. Evie Braun says:

    He always explains to me what he is doing and will be doing in the process of the application in detail. He also replied to my query very quickly. With their help, Frustration will certainly be less in my case.

  77. Aarush Keyes says:

    Good, grounded advice and management of applications, no flashy gimmickry and false promises. Importantly, he is very clear on how things done now, will impact future applications. Highly recommend the team.

  78. Haisley Dombrowski says:

    He is very professional and kind. Based on our experience I unreservedly recommend him for immigration needs.

  79. Maira Stidham says:

    I sought help from them to get a fiancé visa for my fiancé to come over from Canada to the Canada and I then required assistance with a spousal visa 6 months later. The service I received was excellent!

  80. Makyla Paniagua says:

    Very professional law firm, A gentle lawyer with an amazing team. I handed over my 3 cases to him. They are always helpful in providing consultation and facilitating for the case.

  81. Leandra Bott says:

    He is a colleague noted for his expertise in immigration law, in particular permanent resident applications. I have referred clients to him for immigration matters and they have not been disappointed.

  82. Jordana Jacobo says:

    I just want to say thank you to everyone for everything they have done for me, he has done so much for me and my family cannot thank him enough for his hard work and advice.

  83. gemma hood says:

    He is definitely among the Top 5 immigration lawyers in Canada. He is extremely helpful and dedicated to seeing his clients win.

  84. Tala Hamel says:

    Lovely people. Great work ethic. High professionalism and result-driven approach. You will never feel lost in their company. They not only assist you on the case but also explain whatever little detail you need to keep track of. That becomes a great help as you do not feel as if they are misleading you.

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