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Address: 822 Broad St, Beloit, WI 53511, United States

Phone: +1 608-364-6000


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  1. Zakari Grider says:

    They were always on my case despite the distance. I have never met them. All our association was either through e-mails or over the phone. I never found them unprepared to answer my queries or being lax on my file. Even when I was not around and could not hold weekly meetings with them, they were sincere enough to constantly work to find the best solution to my problem. Their lawyers will be ready to speak to me whenever I called. Very knowledgeable and absolutely trustworthy people. Great!!

  2. Daleysa Searcy says:

    I think he is the best immigration lawyer in GTA , I seen the comments what the people’s wrote about and really I like it, that lawyer are a human being, respect one, have power with a very good experience in all kinds the cases.

  3. avrie marrs says:

    I just received my permanent residency yesterday and couldn’t be more thrilled thanks to their direction! Thank you so much.

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