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Address: The Vault Business Centre, 123 High Street, Birmingham B12 0JU, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 121 663 1018


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  1. Jasmine Soto says:

    Approached them, as it was a very complex case, He the top boss in the firm worked closely with me and guided me all the way.

  2. ethan martinez says:

    They made it as stress-free as possible. Special thanks to him. You guys really know what you’re doing!

  3. Aaliya Chaves says:

    Based on my experience, I can say that he is a trustworthy and genuine consultancy. I would recommend them anyone who is interested in migrating to Canada.

  4. Delani Massa says:

    I contacted on the suggestion of a colleague. I had recently received my deportation orders over a criminal inadmissibility finding. I was extremely devasted on receiving the news. When I contacted , I had already given up hope as a few years back another friend had been deported despite a long legal battle. The team at worked really hard to prove that I was already rehabilitated in the Federal Court. I will always remain indebted to them for saving me from getting deported from Canada.

  5. Nicole Warner says:

    We are extremely happy with the services provided by them. Very professional and take in to consideration every minute details. Me and my family received the visa with out any hassles. They were happy to address all our queries and made us very comfortable.

  6. Olyvia Bader says:

    We received our PR for entire family through them, a perfect fit people for their profile, they are quick & knowledgeable by all means, they does not waste your time in accessing you & making you understand all aspects of procedure.

  7. Tayson Driggers says:

    I feel grateful with him because he helped me every time specially with my documentation and job opportunity.

  8. Mattias Binder says:

    He was very upfront of the positive and negative, it was refreshing to hear someone with the knowledge he had and has.

  9. Lamar Trotter says:

    I had very little hope to send home office my new application after first had no response for 2 years, he managed to assist my account to prepare the correct application within few weeks.

  10. Albert Woodward says:

    I’m very glad to choose him as my lawyer and highly recommend them for anyone has a problem with his/her immigration process.

  11. mercy hedrick says:

    We approached them for Canada PR process. They took care of submitting all the documents before deadline and guided us continuously throughout the entire process. They completed all the submissions diligently. Will recommend.

  12. devyn kowalski says:

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank and appreciate the time and effort taken by him in order to complete my PR Process for Canada.

  13. Carmella Aponte says:

    I would definitely recommend them for immigration purposes, as their service will definitely save ones time and energy.

  14. dandre chew says:

    Thank you and your staff for your outstanding and professional services provided to us, your legal expertise and professionalism went above and beyond our expectations thoughout the course of our application .

  15. Camden Fernandez says:

    Impressed with this Visa Consultancy. I applied for Canada permanent visa by them. I had a good experience with them.

  16. chance floyd says:

    I highly recommend them who dealt with my application meticulously. My application was under the parent route and I am pleased to receive a decision today in less than 24 hours. I would like to thank everyone!

  17. kason mclean says:

    They have been attentive to all our queries and concerns whilst thoroughly keeping us updated on any progress or next steps. Thanks to him, we were successful in our application and plan to move country in the coming months. Truly recommended.

  18. susie rafferty says:

    I had such a bad experience with my previous lawyer that I never thought there could be as good an agency like this one.

  19. Aleyah Wayne says:

    My case was a tough one and words cannot explain how grateful I am for your guidance and help. He and his team awesome Immigration workers. Would recommend them to anyone.

  20. alexavier mohammed says:

    This is what an individual look for. He proved it that he always ready to listen to anyone’s migration dreams story and try best to make it reality.

  21. Archibald Bedell says:

    After a few trips to his office to explain to me what was needed and to process all doccument my application was completed and on the way to immigration.

  22. Mikel Zeigler says:

    With all the paperwork and hoops to jump through I was glad to have him and his colleagues guide me through the process. Well done!

  23. Roberto Kline says:

    I am greatfull to them for all their efforts and hardwork they put in my PR application. During my whole process they have guided me very well.

  24. Andre Burnett says:

    I highly recomment their service for all kind of immigration purpose. He help me for my husband’s open work permit file . He gave me timely update for appliction. Great service with great staff. Thankyou all….

  25. baila newby says:

    I wanted to immigrate to Canada from always but did not know how to do that. They made it possible for me. Thank you so much team. You are the best.

  26. Nadya Pitman says:

    Me and my husband had successfully came to Canada with their help. Now with all these good and positive opinion on them we are planning to bring my sister in law to Canada with their guidance. Thank u.

  27. Vail Fan says:

    He assisted me through my Visa process to Canada. He is such a warm and caring gentleman with a knowledge base on immigration to Canada, that I felt completely informed and confident through the entire process.

  28. Daquan Kingsbury says:

    I fully recommend this firm where his is so helpful and not only goes extra mile but miles. Thank you.

  29. Meghan Schuster says:

    He handled our case with diligence and a steady hand, and we are happy that we chose him for our case.

  30. Kaedyn Dellinger says:

    I have been granted with Canadian PR Visa. He and his team provided good support to get my migration success.

  31. Richard Holland says:

    The team at respect time limits defined under Canadian laws and never miss a deadline. Their work is always thorough and exact. Perfect people.

  32. damaris saavedra says:

    Thank you for all your help for my spouse visa extension. We much appreciate all your help along the way. You are being a very professional solicitor yet so friendly to us. We would definitely recommend you to anyone else.

  33. Gisselle Barger says:

    I’d like to thank visa answer for their guidance and everthing they’ve done to help us get the visa grant.

  34. jalia northrup says:

    I am really thankful to their team for all the efforts and tremendous job. I will surely recommend them to all my friends seeking any kind of immigration help. All the best to the entire team!!!!!!

  35. Khloey Valente says:

    I 100% recommend them. Thanks to him all my visa applications have always been successful – yes, he’s helped me twice!!! He’s very professional, meticulous and is a true master of his craft.

  36. Juliette French says:

    After having a few bad experience with other immigration firms, he was completely transparent and hassle-free.

  37. Audriana Shearer says:

    He is a hardworking and good lawyer, he helped my friend through his long asylum case on legal aid. We had to go to court many times and it was very confusing but he stuck with us through it all so we are sure he is a good solicitor for whatever people need him for!

  38. marlon langston says:

    Sadly If I had taken him from day one of the initial application for ILR I definitely had success from then.

  39. lorraine ness says:

    We had a great experience working with him. He was always available for contact, very patient with our million questions and always very thorough and prompt getting back to us with anything he had to find out (although most he knew answers to on the spot. Thank you for your assistance and help smoothing out the process for us.

  40. Oona Balderas says:

    We contacted them for assistance with a Partner visa. He dealt with everything from the beginning to the end a end was superb.

  41. Chany Mick says:

    He is a lucky guy especially for students. I have seen so many tough immigration cases solved and corrected by him.

  42. Damion Blank says:

    I am extremely dazzled with their way of dealing clients. I had my spouse work permit application with them and found them so inquisitive to make sure that everything’s goes perfectly.

  43. Gene Steadman says:

    The phenomenal team at really helped us a lot in addressing the questions raised by the immigration officer against our spousal sponsorship application. I am pleased that I approached them in time and sought their professional help. Success and good wishes to !

  44. carly hardin says:

    Excellent customer service I must say. They really take care of their clients. Thank you for everything!

  45. Muhammed Mcgrew says:

    I would highly recommend them because I have got my Canada PR invitation within few months which is surprising but true.

  46. treyvon ballinger says:

    My husband applied for his Family Class PR (Outland) with the help of the Law Firm last year and we are so happy to announce that he received his PR!

  47. Malaysia Clements says:

    My husband’s application approved and our family is getting reunited after 8 long years. My eyes are teary as I am writing this……….Thank you, because it your hard work, my son is being reunited with his after 8 years of his birth…..

  48. Lennox Cowan says:

    They was recommended to me by my colleague and good friend, and I couldn’t be more thankful. They were very professional, all the while friendly, during my entire application experience.

  49. Yuliana Chapa says:

    Competent and thoroughly professional, People at are self-driven and enthusiastic. Always help and guide. Contact them before you lose your chances completely.

  50. Adelle Mateo says:

    The whole process was very efficient and well explained at each stage. All questions were immediately replied by him and the turn around time was very impressive.

  51. Adem Feng says:

    They not only provided us with a complete list of required documents, but also guided us in how to obtain these documents and when they should be submitted eg. police certificate, education equivalency, translation to English, etc.

  52. Sammy Spain says:

    I was stuck with my Visa process and lost all hopes of living in Canada. Then I found this company through a friend and the staff treated me really well with professional guidance and did my Visa application.

  53. Dakotah Collett says:

    I first spoke to them via an email that I sent them from Syria. They were instantly set on my case and really helped me to make my way into a new country. I couldn’t have done it without their brotherly concern and affection for me. They were always self-driven. i never had to give them a reminder call for a hearing. In fact, they would keep reminding me of every important date and document that I required to submit. Was truly blessed to have them. Thank you team for being so amazing.

  54. Warner Burkhardt says:

    He had the patient to fully explain all our queries through this process. His knowledge of the case was incomparable.

  55. jahir hutcheson says:

    He is sorted out mine and my family’s visas without any hassle. Very professional and excellent solicitor.

  56. Wednesday Hasty says:

    When we did seek out a lawyer we were fortunate to be put touch with them. From that point on the process went smoothly and stress free. Our lawyer filed all of the necessary forms and kept us informed of what was going on and what we could expect.

  57. wallace bouchard says:

    He is also incredibly informed and up to date on immigration laws, policies, and processes. He is generous with his time and advice. He creates space for questions and “what-ifs”.

  58. Jacoby Carrasco says:

    He very helpful and approachable solictor. Case was handled by him who did a brilliant job on my ILR application. Thank you.

  59. Calvin Powers says:

    We had an excellent experience with them. From our very first meeting, he was professional, friendly and explained very clearly what needed to be done at each stage (through what is a daunting process).

  60. Britton Gandy says:

    He is a great lawyer and has always consistently communicate with me throughout my case. A great firm with a great lawyer. You have given me great hope and delivered with success. From day one I have received excellent, efficient and professional service. This is a consistently high achieving firm that never fail to deliver and always go beyond expectations. Thank you their solicitor and and all his team.

  61. Mathieu Mayers says:

    His office is tucked away in a wonderful location. I will highly recommend his service and will seek further help with my application in the near future.

  62. aric barringer says:

    He did an excellent job for my immigration matter which took years of battles with the Home office. He was very thorough and knowledgeable with the Home Office guidelines and policies which enabled him to see and highlighted a grey area which enabled me to win my case finally.

  63. Loki Crider says:

    Very professional. I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in immigration to Canada. The process was much easier with their help. Thank you!!

  64. matteo hale says:

    He is fantastic. When I first started the journey for a spouse visa, I was searching the internet and found it incredibly overwhelming and confusing to understand. After speaking on the phone with him and emailing, I now have a clear understanding for applying for the spouse visa.

  65. Marlei Colton says:

    The level of service provided is excellent. He dealt with my case efficiently, professionally and at the highest level. I appreciate the hard work that was carried out on my behalf. I am truly happy with the service provided and would recommend the firm to anyone that needs legal representation. He is first class.

  66. Kaycee Craven says:

    They are way too professional & accurate with their work. We had two different case officers for both and they were too good. The best part is they have different officers for different types of visa and all of them are the best one.

  67. Malaya Thomson says:

    I got a great service with them. The advisor was excellent and delivered on all requirements. I have no hesitation in recommending them.

  68. Amiracle Mccaffrey says:

    He helped me to solve my immigration problems. He was knowledgeable, straightforward and honest. I highly recommend them for anyone that is having immigration issues.

  69. jessica mack says:

    Their fee is slightly steep but in the end, we got a Canada Spouse Visa within 60 working days, so cannot complain!

  70. America Farr says:

    It’s my pleasure to recommend the them to all my friends and relatives as they are the best Canada immigration lawyer.

  71. Alejandra Rubio says:

    He is the sweetest person to work with he has been very helpful and was there whenever we needed him, he is very professional, fast and was very comforting about our application and made it stress free for us.

  72. Maxson Timmerman says:

    I recently hired him to represent my niece and I with my sponsorship for my niece’s immigration application.

  73. Vail Fan says:

    I am writing this review in response to your services and representation in regards to my property case. I am writing the review late as I wanted to get back and resume my work. I really appreciate your services and help provided by your office.

  74. adalia stepp says:

    From the very first step onwards they are so highly professional and their documentation is such that their files wont get rejected.

  75. jordin corrigan says:

    He has been dealing with my immigration matter for over 5 years now. With his help, I have been granted permission on every application we’ve made. He is to the point, professional and very knowledgeable in regards immigration matters.

  76. natalie myers says:

    Very knowledgeable, professional and great price. We highly recommend GSN immigration. My Wife has her spouse visa within 6 weeks.

  77. Violeta Knutson says:

    I had applied a tourist visa for Canada and got my visa approved within 18days. They communicates well throughout the entire process. They go above and beyond for their clients. I had an amazing experience with this immigration firm and will recommend this to everyone looking out for best immigration firm.

  78. Adilynn Saucedo says:

    It was a little out of my area but I’m so happy I travelled to his office, had a chat and made the application with him.

  79. Judah Gallagher says:

    Excellent ! The best lawyer and excellent services I applied my PR under Humanitarian with difficult circumstances, absolutely very stressful time for me ! I was lost my status could get deported with my children but after met him slowly I get my confidence even though at beginning I was doubt as my situations but he know exactly what he need to do.

  80. cole hoffman says:

    He and his team took care of my case. I can not stress enough the level of his knowledge, experience and professionalism. They are extremely supportive, competent and reliable, even making the most difficult process seem easy. My family and I are absolutely delighted with his service. If I could give more than 5 stars, I would happily do so! Thank You Very Much.

  81. raizel mcclary says:

    I had an extremely good experience and cannot thank him enough for successfully executing my case and I had a positive outcome. From the beginning he was very professional, welcoming and willing to explain everything in detail to me.

  82. peighton oglesby says:

    They are a very professional visa consultancy. They guided me throughout the visa process. Thank you so much the entire process team and all the best. I would like to recommend them to everyone who seeking for an immigration consultancy.

  83. Brooklynn Acosta says:

    My very warm wishes regarding the him and yes I strongly recommend this company for the immigration purpose in Canada pr the company is genuinely providing the true info before the money..

  84. Michelle Walton says:

    They were a beacon of hope in my dark world. I had been rejected thrice with my spousal sponsorship application. My husband and I completely dejected and disillusioned. I had wonderful job in Canada and wished my husband to join me there. They helped us a lot in completing our documentation and filling the form with all the necessary details. Their vast experienced helped us to process our application fast and flawlessly. Thank you.

  85. rhiley grillo says:

    The most professional and friendly staff I have ever had. Thank you so much for you help to get me through the Visa process. 100% recommendation for people who are looking for there immigration advice.

  86. Jovi Treadway says:

    I really would like to recommend them to my all friends & family for their most transparent and accurate information.

  87. Coby Rupp says:

    They are the best in immigration law. They will give you the correct advice and guidelines from the start to end. I am with them from last 5 years. They are experts who are really co-operative and honest and wouldn’t misguide you .

  88. Loyalty Homan says:

    I love the fact that he was handling the case herself despite how minor the case was. Communications were promptly dealt with and he was so easy to work with.

  89. Aubriana Woodson says:

    We had a excellent service from him, my wife received her Visa at first attempt and he was of great help throughout the process.

  90. oryan mielke says:

    I’m very happy for the service that I have received from them. He helped me and supported me throughout the process and my application was successful.

  91. Makenna Atkinson says:

    It’s amazing how thorough your work is. I have come to hugely admire your work spirit…truly amazing and inspiring.

  92. aiyana wesley says:

    When I found him, It was my last resource. He was recommended to me by a friend who told me that he is able to do my permanent residency and they were right.

  93. Evangeline Clayton says:

    We would highly recommend him from his team. He was always thorough, knowledgable and patient through what was a difficult process for us. We eventually got the result we wanted – which has been such a relief – and this was in no small part down to his legal advice.

  94. Tess Quigley says:

    He is available 7 days a week and even worked on Sundays and evenings to reply to emails and queries. The best immigration lawyer I have worked with!

  95. Alexandra Mendez says:

    Thank you for helping me with my spousal application. With their help process went extremely smooth.

  96. Hussein Scarborough says:

    We applied permanent residency. It was good experience. He and his team has provided best customer services ever.

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