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Address: 4720 Kingsway #628, Burnaby, BC V5H 4N2, Canada

Phone: +1 604-434-6622


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  1. dani tobin says:

    Thank you very much for your hard work from the start to finish which enabled my wife to gain a settlement visa to the Canada and a visa for her daughter.

  2. Cecilia Harmon says:

    Very good firm and the solicitors gives good advice I wished I had come to him earlier to deal with our immigration case and staff are so friendly.

  3. Teegan Newsom says:

    I think I have made a good choice to get the services from them. They are amazing and diligent helped me to go through all process of extension of my husband Visa.

  4. Agatha Weatherford says:

    Quick, qualified help regarding any immigration questions. He was very professional when dealing with my permanent resident request, he provided a list of documents I need to provide and took on everything herself therefore I can say that effort from me was minimalistic and the service provided by him was excellent!

  5. vito hoppe says:

    They won’t mislead you. Will give you the most sincere advice and will find the best solutions. Contact them and listen to them. They know what they are doing. They will never let you down.

  6. bryleigh renteria says:

    I will strongly recommend his services to anyone who’s out there in need of Help I was so fortunate I got to know him. He did absolutely exactly what he told me from our initial consultation and everything just happened step by step surely.

  7. Kaley Sams says:

    You only have to make sure you provide whatever is requested on time and you will have nothing to worry about.

  8. Novalee Cottrell says:

    They are always available via email or phone, answer all the questions in detail, and during meetings, they are always prepared and will spend extra time with you.

  9. sami trahan says:

    My best wishes are always with them. Will definitely give you references to my other relatives and friends.

  10. ameena munguia says:

    I was always well-informed of the progress and he ensured we were on the front foot of my application to avoid any delays.

  11. Cai Haggard says:

    I recently set out to acquire Permanent Residence for my spouse through him. I spoke with him and he assured me that I could put all my doubts and worries to rest.

  12. revan wellington says:

    Excellent work. Luckily our friends recommended us them, and we started working with them. When no other lawyer wanted to take our file.

  13. Novalee Cottrell says:

    They are the Best Immigration Consultant Services for Canada. Right from my case officer to the executive staff is the great example of the best customer services & thorough professionalism.

  14. Truth Brake says:

    Best immigration consultant…..I met two refusal before applying through him and now finally i am in Canada…genius person he is..thans alot sir.

  15. Khaleb Kowalczyk says:

    Last year when Immigration was on its peak, I registered myself with them on the strong recommendation from my cousin. Upon evaluating my profile and experience in Information technology, they suggested for Canada Immigration. I began preparing for the process and they have carried out everything for me. In few months, I received my Canadian Visa and moved to this amazing country. I thank him for securing my future!!

  16. andrew hill says:

    I would like to thank him for making my process smoother and easier. Will definitely refer to my friends as well.

  17. omari justice says:

    I had the pleasure of dealing with friendly, responsive and a wealth of information in navigating the entire process from start to a successful finish.

  18. Aura Kee says:

    He is a very professional and competent lawyer. Always aware of deadlines and available for any questions. I highly recommend his service. My husband and I were very satisfied with all his engagement and professionalism.

  19. Matheo Duenas says:

    I used his services multiple times he always goes above and beyond for anything to make sure his clients are satisfied.

  20. edith cuevas says:

    The best part about paying to a lawyer is that they are updated about the changes in the Immigration sector in comparison to someone who is not from this field.

  21. Bristol Blanchard says:

    To prove the point, my `Indefinite Leave to Remain`’ was issued within a month of presenting the file.

  22. Jericho Busby says:

    One of the best Immigration lawyers. I will recommend for any kind of immigration need as they are such a fabulous immigration lawyers.

  23. carlie keys says:

    They has been a fantastic partner in Canada PR journey right from Day 1. They have no hidden costs and everything little detail and cost associated is explained to you in the first meeting itself.

  24. Annalee Gagnon says:

    Well well! Their Services headed by him has been exceptionally brilliant for me! The team coordination is superb! Things here processed so smoothly and brilliantly that you don’t have worry at all! Very friendly staff.

  25. Rochelle Stockwell says:

    I would like to thank him and the rest of the team at team for getting my PR application under humanitarian and compassionate grounds approved.

  26. Lacy Layne says:

    After the initial call I am able to make an informed decision regarding how to proceed forward. Excellent advice given by him.

  27. Matilda Cotton says:

    In my opinion they are the best in the Canada. My case with them was handled professionally with confidence producing positive results.

  28. Aysha Osman says:

    He is truly the name to consider for Immigration. My brother recently got his visa application approved for Canada. We are really thankful to him for making all this true.

  29. rozlyn distefano says:

    I would not have succeeded in my PR application if it wasn’t for his team. Each team member has their own speciality and they guide you through all the headaches and frustrations of bureaucracy with patience and great support.

  30. Muhammad Berger says:

    100% recommend them, they all lovely and super helpful. My friend dealt with him before and she was very happy. Today I called him and he helped me over the phone like no other solicitors would do. They are unbelievably helpful and professional.

  31. Mahir Wampler says:

    Once I visited them, He took my counseling session. Because of the ease and price, there was no need to look for the other options.

  32. Laiyah Libby says:

    Professional service & caring staff. They really helped me with my brother’s visa. I am very satisfied with outcome of their work.

  33. Elliot Hardy says:

    My profile assessment was done smoothly. The team is fantastic and understands the value of time and client servicing.

  34. Jonah Oliver says:

    He worked hard on my spousal sponsorship application for outside Canada. He was relentless and kept on immigration Canada until he got here from over seas. I am really thank full to him, he is the best immigration lawyer I was able to get my wife’s permanent resident application approved in no time.

  35. Lillian Hughes says:

    I praise the faith he develops with clients and transparency. His work speak highly of his knowledge and experience. Thanks

  36. makaela hassell says:

    I would like to thank him and the rest of the team at t for getting my PR application under humanitarian and compassionate grounds approved.

  37. Avia Caraballo says:

    There were times when I was stuck in my Immigration application process, but these guys made it look very simple and guided me at every step. Your case would not just be a “file” for them. I strongly recommend their name.

  38. Jelani Mullis says:

    A successful family class sponsorship for me. Our family reunited after ten years of living apart. I simply don’t know how to thank you all. Thank you for the immense hard work that you put on my file to re-unite my family. Highly indebted!

  39. Kamiyah Boston says:

    We were given a dedicated solicitor who dealt with everything on a daily basis. Telephone calls were always returned quickly as were all emails and letters.

  40. Dontae Quarles says:

    I recommend them to anyone who requires immigration advice and help with their application. They are very professional, patient, very effective in communicating, and spend quality time to listen to all your worries and advise you accordingly.

  41. Callahan Showalter says:

    With their help my path to Canadian immigration was very smooth and in timely manner. They delivered what they promised.

  42. kooper grubbs says:

    I would like to take the time to specially thank all for simplifying the process for us. Looking forward for a positive application outcome. Cheers

  43. Brittney Ratcliff says:

    I was worried that due to my busy hours at work, I will have a difficult time with documentation; however you guys made my process so easy.

  44. Josh Colby says:

    I’ve used the services of him for a very complex visa process over 5 years. On each occasion he’s been quick to respond, extremely knowledgeable and very professional throughout.

  45. talen bard says:

    At the end of the meeting I knew that this was a firm with people I could trust. I have now received a Canada Residence Card, which was my issue, within the discussed time frame. So, I am really happy that I chose them!!

  46. Asha Michaud says:

    He has been incredibly helpful and informative over the years across a spectrum of topics related to Canada immigration. I highly recommend him and the firm. He is a pleasure to deal with, very knowledgeable – and you are always made to feel that he has your best interest at heart.

  47. Wendell Cromer says:

    Great experience in associating with them, Finally I applied my Canada PR without any complication & my case officer was very supportive and helpful during the process, he guided me from end to end. Thank you guys. Will refer to my friends as well.

  48. Jarell Arceneaux says:

    He was absolutely amazing and so helpful with my husbands Canada visa process to relocate from Tunisia. First class service!

  49. Ariannah Angelo says:

    I happy from this company. I like his service. When I applied for my visa after 2 months later I got that from him and co solicitors. Thanks I appreciate from him. Thanks.

  50. aaden mcmullen says:

    I was always left enamoured the way I saw them dealing with the intricacies of my case. I was always impressed by their animated discussions on their modus operandi and discussion on possible outcomes of my case. They are perfect are always prepared with a resolution before-hand. I have never seen such level of expertise ever before in my professional dealings. Wish them great success.

  51. Emmarie Sommers says:

    Today I am settled in Canada as a permanent resident along with my family and feel deep gratitude for. They were a blessing for me and my family. In fact, we are today living as a happy family in Canada because of constant hard-work of the lawyers at. I have recommended them to many of my friends have always felt glad that they have never disappointed any of my friends.

  52. Jaxson Ruiz says:

    His expert knowledge was a great assurance and demeanour made him very approachable and always willing to assist. Also a big thank you who was methodical, efficient and helpful.

  53. hattie levine says:

    They handled my case in the most professional way. They directed me to the right thing which completely shows their transparency and honesty towards their clients.

  54. Ziva Mcarthur says:

    They are best at what they do. Fair and transparent with pricing, no hidden fees. Thank you for helping me get my citizenship.

  55. Kynsley Destefano says:

    They always reply in time and clear all queries and concerns with great patience and efficiency. The best part with them is that they maintain transparency through every process and conveys the right information as mentioned in the official guidelines and promise only achievable commitments.

  56. Cori Waldrop says:

    Exceptional ! Professional guidance and advice provided even for future period without contractual condition.

  57. Deanna Bellamy says:

    It would have been so easy to go down the route of promising something unrealistic to open the case, however, way is a long term success, great care in his job and reputation.

  58. Thalia Segura says:

    They are the best in terms of Canadian Permanent Residency Process. They had complete Knowledge about express entry as well as other provincial programs which matched my profile.

  59. Kathryn Sawyer says:

    I would to mention team knows how important the customer is and try to develop friendly relation. Not even a single time, I felt that I am being given wrong advice, so in short I will recommend anyone who thinks he or he want the best service.

  60. Aleksander Shockley says:

    Excellent service, always ready to help even outside of office hours and very reasonable-financially!

  61. Sabella Bahr says:

    They listened to me, heard what I had said about my citizenship application with care and understanding and wasted no time in sharing his expertise.

  62. Ellison Coyle says:

    I would recommend him to anyone as they provide outstanding services and very professional and knowledgeable about the immigration process.

  63. Ripley Curtin says:

    I appreciate their detailed suggestions with my documents and their prompt responses to my emails and calls. Thank you for all your hard work!

  64. atley hartwig says:

    The go-to place for any immigration related assistance. And I am saying this from personal experience, not hearsay. He and his well-trained staff are honest and do not mislead you in any way. They guided me patiently and expertly for getting study permit to Canada.

  65. Amilia Tamayo says:

    Though initialy in my process the process was not well managed, but as soon as my case was take over by him, he managed it so well.

  66. Bryana Matteson says:

    He is my “Superman”.Got also some problem in sponsoring my family so I did go to him and now my family will be coming soon., very honest and friendly staff thank you again.

  67. rileigh carman says:

    If you need somebody who puts your needs and best interest above their own, here is where you need to be. Much love and respect.

  68. Benicio Wylie says:

    Very comprehensive and detailed instructions given by him. Would highly recommend anyone requiring a visa to Canada to reach out to him.

  69. Isaac Ramirez says:

    They has been of great help in getting my Canada PR. He, my case manager guided me about all the required documents and the entire visa process. Very genuine services. Thanks.

  70. Yaiza Coppola says:

    Fantastic experience! Professional and approachable, He and his team were nothing short of amazing. Don’t waste your time with other solicitors…he is the best.

  71. eithan sutter says:

    I am very happy to write this review for them as they helped me a lot to apply for Canada PR along with my job in Canada.

  72. Tytus Kelso says:

    They are the best immigration law solicitors. They are genuine, co-operative and honest. They charge a very reasonable amount.

  73. Neva Moy says:

    The financial requirement was very confusing for our unique circumstance (as my husband and I had been traveling the previous year with no employment), they were able to file my application 6 months earlier than I anticipated would be possible.

  74. cohen savage says:

    Thorough and meticulous from start to finish. Even though you pass through a number of different lawyers and solicitors, the process from moving applications from start to finish is extremely well organised. As exhausting as I found the process at times, the firm will not leave any stone unturned, and thats what you want at the end of the day – a guaranteed result.

  75. Alaina Mclaughlin says:

    The firm is populated with the best law professionals that I’ve ever come across. They exhibited highest level of professional competence, expertise, skills, integrity and probity.

  76. enzo dillon says:

    A huge thanks to the whole team, If you are feeling confused/helpless regarding Canadian Immigration, please reach out to here immediately! Do not go to random consultants, go to a professional consultant with well trained case managers and a highly young, driven and vibrant workforce. Future Applicants take notes!

  77. Ariela Pickering says:

    He provided an excellent service to our start-up company in advising us on the immigration process and helping us achieve sponsorship status in order to provide visas for our international staff.

  78. jayci bunnell says:

    I got in touch with him and his team to assist me on applying for a work permit as well as a sponsorship license for my company. We are very appreciative of the thorough, timely and attentive support we received to have my application approved.

  79. lynn coons says:

    The entire visa process was smooth as butter. Thanks to him for his knowledge, experience and service. He understands the case well and makes a solid application.

  80. diya osorio says:

    This law firm has provided student visa to me and spouse visa to my wife and a good service from start to finish.

  81. Jorja Chinn says:

    This Law Firm is the second form of sucess in the world of immigration. I got an outstanding result. So, I highly recommend to everyone to go there.

  82. allana durden says:

    They are the other name of Hope and Trust. He, the one who looks after my immigration matter with all the dedication and devotion. Highly recommended without even taking any second opinion.

  83. Elin Metz says:

    I was able to receive my PR in just a year, from the start of gathering my documents to receiving the confirmation. Even though I was living in a different country, the agents kept in touch and would answer all my emails accordingly.

  84. Kyleigh Melendez says:

    We would still be trying to navigate through all the forms and paperwork had it not been for his help. If you are going through a spousal sponsorship we highly recommend hiring him.

  85. Jahmari Tse says:

    Excellent service with great professional experience, he sorted my very complicated immigration matter, Highly recommended for people looking for best experts in immigration issues.

  86. Adon Macedo says:

    He completed our Canadian Visa applications quickly and efficiently, and answered all of our questions promptly and with utmost courtesy at all times. We received our visa in just a few months. We would unconditionally recommend them.

  87. alizabeth scanlan says:

    One would get personal case managers and they are very approachable and knowledgeable about your case and about the processes.

  88. Casper Rauch says:

    I am now a permanent resident and I couldn’t thank them enough. My case was a difficult one but they kept me calm and walked me through each step.

  89. Kacie Geary says:

    They are definitely best in the business. I wish the firm a great success in all their endeavours. I could not have found better people to work on my case. Thank you.

  90. alba emmons says:

    It is evident that all efforts were made to aid the success of my application and the experience the him has working with Immigration was invaluable.

  91. Haylee Kaufman says:

    Always quick to respond, extremely supportive and helped me to a great length in collecting all the necessary documents. Without their help, I am sure I would have not taken document part very seriously. Thank you peeps!!

  92. Cami Wolcott says:

    They helped my company get their sponsorship licence, and then helped me apply for my Tier 2 (General) visa.

  93. derek chandler says:

    If you are currently looking for an immigration lawyer and you’ve got suggestions from friends and you are about to pay someone stop right now! And book a consultation with him. I promise, you would thank me later. It is pricey but definitely worth it, if I could give him a 10 star rating I would. This process does take patience and mutual respect for a fantastic result. Tell him I sent you :)

  94. clarke laing says:

    Honest & trustworthy. Competitive fees. I have many positive things to say about my experience, every step of my file was dealt with expertise.

  95. Constantine Packer says:

    He was efficient and extremely professional. We always had the impression he had our best interests at heart.

  96. Layan Breen says:

    First, Praise God for the positive result! Thank you Sir and team for successful outcome of my H&C application. I was hopeless but you encourage and appease me that you will deliver, give your best and work hard.

  97. iyla laney says:

    I was completely satisfied and happy with the services and consultation provided. Thank you the whole team. It’s always good to have a good Attorney by your side. Which I had as a whole package by retaining him.

  98. Deontae Hazen says:

    I promise, you would thank me later. It is pricey but definitely worth it, if I could give him a 10 star rating I would. this process does take patience and mutual respect for a fantastic result. Tell him I sent you :)

  99. Cesar Cervantes says:

    They are an exceptional company. From my first phone call with them many of my stresses about my Indefinite Leave to remain case were lifted.

  100. Inez Gabel says:

    They made sure that the application was submitted with complete due diligence so that my chances of success became high.

  101. Breck Kwan says:

    I’ve used them on more than one occasion now and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone needing assistance with their immigration applications – very reliable service!

  102. Augustus Pollard says:

    He is refreshing and a delight to work with. His professional approach really helped me to get the outcome I needed with my family immigration problems.

  103. lemuel stutzman says:

    Their support is amazing and I am really grateful to them for achieving my goal. They help in building my confidence in a big way. Their whole team is very supportive and very knowledgeable about all immigration process. They response very quick. Good job!

  104. Trevion Fortenberry says:

    Excellent and highly professional service. Thanks again for all your help. I’m glad to know that you guys are there when I need it.

  105. Emmerson Ferrer says:

    Finally my Canada PR approved!!! I approached them after one failed attempt in year 2017. They are very professional and friendly.

  106. jaren lindgren says:

    I highly recommend them. They are extremely professional with the complete knowledge of the immigration related to Canada.

  107. bradlee geyer says:

    I dealt with him who provided an outstanding service from start to finish I had made an application of Retained Right of Residence where my case was a little bit complicate but he always gave the right advise, he is very knowledgeable and experienced in the field. I highly recommend them and I will definitely comeback to do my PR through them again. Thank you!

  108. Coralee Mccallister says:

    I would definitely recommend their services to anyone looking to apply for a visa in the Canada or for any other matters related to immigration. Thank you., I appreciate your work.

  109. jane york says:

    The transparency level they have with their clients is just great despite of the fact that they are running an International Law firm.

  110. Audra Talbot says:

    I was amazed at how friendly the staff were with me in regards to my work visa. I was facing difficulty in understanding the process but the staff spent the time to explain my process from start to finish.

  111. Jairus Belt says:

    With a smooth transition to Canada, and realistic timelines, gave us the ability to plan and settle well in our new home. We would highly recommend them. Thanks to him, it was stress free, easy and approved in 6 months! Thank you so much!

  112. leeland ashton says:

    What’s different about him from any other good immigration lawyer? He genuinely cared about us as individuals and was always on hand with advice and answers to nagging questions.

  113. alanah carrier says:

    The best thing is that they give you a good reply to all your queries. Also, they are careful, attentive and professional in approach. There is a fine back-end team that will take all care of you.

  114. deasia peyton says:

    My experience withthem was excellent and my account representative was absolutely professional and helpful.

  115. Kynnedi Goolsby says:

    We felt like he dedicated sufficient time to our case and was very knowledgable. He was always on hand to give us answers to questions any time of the day or night and made the whole process a lot easier. I cannot recommend his services enough.

  116. Mattias Binder says:

    No Words can express the gratitude and respect that I have for them and their team. Its been a tiring and tedious journey, but without their guidance, it would have never culminated at its intended destination.

  117. Kaylan Koerner says:

    I have best experience with them. I got my visa in first attempt. They have very co-operative staff. Special thanks to the team who were just a call away to all my queries.

  118. Leila Briggs says:

    I gave up all my hopes of migrating abroad because of some bad experiences in the past. His expert advice and accurate timelines helped me fulfill my dreams of migrating Canada.

  119. Rochelle Stockwell says:

    They was recommended by my cousin who had used their services and said they were amazing. I decided to used them too and I can confirm their services are next to none.

  120. Zamari Colson says:

    I had visited a few other lawyers with no success of professionalism and confidencence of taking my case. When metting him at this office it was a pleasure to hear the truth and yet hope. He was very upfront of the positive and negative, it was refreshing to hear someone with the knowledge he had and has.

  121. Miriam Bond says:

    The estate agents also complimented us on our choice, advising that they are “the most efficient lawyers that they have come across in a while”.

  122. Jannat Freedman says:

    The company staff is super pleasant and professional as well. I’d like to thank them all for their great and sincere help.

  123. Brooke Graves says:

    My husband and I called him multiple times, with a multitude of questions and we were guilty of asking repeated questions as well, each time, he diligently answered each one.

  124. Kensleigh Beals says:

    Really appreciate the efforts put in by him who were handling my case. I would highly recommend everyone to consult with them who are seriously looking to migrate to canada. Thanks

  125. hero speck says:

    My experience with the was great. Everyone there was very cooperative and helpful. Thank you for your advice and assistance.

  126. bjorn knoll says:

    He explained things very well, provided a water tight cover letter in support of the applications and ensured that this was properly backed up by the correct type of evidence.

  127. Prince Weeks says:

    I am saying this cos I used another law firm for my wife’s application, we are still arguing till today lol.

  128. Callan Burrell says:

    Your quality, efficiency of staff as well as of yours and doing the things in timely manner is really appreciable.

  129. Taryn Judd says:

    He and his team took care of my case. I can not stress enough the level of his knowledge, experience and professionalism. They are extremely supportive, competent and reliable, even making the most difficult process seem easy. My family and I are absolutely delighted with his service. If I could give more than 5 stars, I would happily do so! Thank You very much.

  130. deklan barraza says:

    I used this company for my wife’s non standard settlement visa application. We got approved and it’s likely due to the extra mile these fine folks wentThey prepared our application for us, ensured they had covered each issue that may have held us back, and overall provided excellent customer care.

  131. Daiana Parsley says:

    I used their services for Canada PR. I am fully satisfied with their services and best decision for choosing them.

  132. Samson Vu says:

    I am exceptionally satisfied with the service provided. The Team is Well Organized and never missed any steps which would have delayed the immigration process. They are reliable and get the work done on time. They are very much reachable by phone and email, so I always feel supported. Thank You for your guidance and amazing help.

  133. Olive Guerra says:

    Highlighted everything that was required for the Visa application and couldn’t have possibly been more prepared for the Visa Interview itself.

  134. Noemi Kimball says:

    Thank you for your help in successfully resolving our Canada PR case. I am so glad with the overall services.

  135. abagail vines says:

    They’re very helpful and replying to my query via email very responsive. Recommend to everyone who requires Canada Visa!

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