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Address: 1455 St Mathieu St #100, Montreal, Quebec H3H 2M4, Canada

Phone: +1 514-989-9700


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  1. Indiana Easterling says:

    They really helped me a lot to complete the procekly and made my Canada Visa application really easy. Overall my case has been very well managed.

  2. steven day says:

    Very helpful. I tried to do the process on my own but unfortunately got stuck. I then approached him and the team was charming. Thanks for the quick response!

  3. Callan Burrell says:

    Honestly, I would say that this visa consultants are awesome and professional visa experts. They helped in getting my Canada PR visa. Very supportive team members.

  4. amaia lovelace says:

    Its been a great dream of mine to get to Canada. I was hoping to get a student visa, but after studying my profile they suggested me that better option would be direct PR in Canada.

  5. Ahuva Jurado says:

    I recommend to anyone planning to go abroad permanently. Just contact them and then leave it on them completely.

  6. Kabir Merchant says:

    They are very prompt and are a step away for solving any query. I am really impressed by their gentle way of handling clients. I would strongly recommend them.

  7. mauro kelleher says:

    Our experience with them to gain our landing papers for Canada has been excellent. Throughout the process, the advice provided was very insightful, and despite the Visa system changing and changes in our personal status.

  8. Stellan Southard says:

    When a friend advised us to contact them, we did so without much thought. However, after our very first meeting, we decided to hire the firm. We were convinced from the start that they are unlike any other lawyers in the business. They worked really hard on our spousal sponsorship application. Extremely efficient, competent ad trustworthy, they made it all a smooth sail for us. Can’t thank them enough for their commitment.

  9. Geneva Nugent says:

    I would highly recommend you to our family, friends and colleagues, you have all been terrific! You’ve done a remarkably amazing job for me and my wife and we both thank you from the bottom of our hearts and very much look forward to seeing you soon. Best Wishes.

  10. Marianna Link says:

    He was gracious enough to guide me on the phone itself after I briefed him on situation, instead of having me meet him and pay consultation fees.

  11. margarita luong says:

    The best part with them is that they are transparent and conveys the right information. They promise only achievable commitments. The entire process was hasslefree.

  12. Adriano Towne says:

    I am completely satisfied with the services I received people at. They really worked hard on my application and ensured that we do not forget to include any seminal information. Highly efficient, hard-working and diligently involved team with a keen insight into Canadian procedures. Highly recommended.

  13. Allen Blackwell says:

    Excellent help and advise throughout the whole process. He and his team were always on hand to give us honest succinct advise to help us navigate our complex and ultimately successful case.

  14. Don Reiter says:

    I was advised every step of the way. My calls were always answered or always returned when leaving a message.

  15. max duncan says:

    They are a reliable and fast growing Immigration Consultancy Service for Canada Immigration Canada Services.

  16. Mattias Binder says:

    This law firm has sound knowledge of how an immigration case should be handled no matter what one’s background is.

  17. montgomery handley says:

    I chose to use them when filing for my Permanent Residents application through sponsorship to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

  18. queen main says:

    Thank God I came in touch with the lawyers at before making a terrible blunder with my application file for Canadian citizenship. I had completely muddled up my travel history. It was only on the advise of my sister that I went to meet them before making my final submission. And God… that saved me. They are truly my saviours.

  19. Dayson Sparrow says:

    Their team believed in me and helped me when everyone said it’s impossible for me get Permanent residence in Ontario.

  20. Katelynn Dickinson says:

    My complex visa application was approved thanks to this firm’s dedicated and thorough team. They were very prompt with communication and always available. I will be using them again.

  21. donnie vergara says:

    I can definitely recommend him, he is extremely professional and efficient. Very knowledgeable and good communication. I’ll use his services in future.

  22. Journei Jaime says:

    I’m highly satisfied and strongly recommend them. I took their services for my daughter and they performed excellent work. It was a great experience with them.

  23. bennett may says:

    Got my spouse visa extension in one day service! The firm is very honest and will not give you a false hope. From the day I had instructed them I felt calm and relaxed as they were in total control of the situation, so highly recommended!

  24. Emery Nunez says:

    Thanks a ton to the whole team esp., our account manager. He was very professional and well informed with all the details. He helped us all the way till the end. All the milestones were achieved before time with his help.

  25. triston honeycutt says:

    He cleared all my confusions and doubts. He provided relevant information as required. Excellent service. 5 star rating for sure. Thanks

  26. Starr Buchholz says:

    They are truly Visa specialists. I had applied for Canada PR, the services provided here were quite satisfying.

  27. Kianna Mortensen says:

    He advised and supported me with my work permit extension, open work permit application as well as permanent residence application to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

  28. Rowan Rojas says:

    As far as I’m concerned, this is the best solicitors firm in the world. We shall forever appreciate the work that you did for us concerning my wife’s application.

  29. Damarion Hitchcock says:

    They answered my questions, and provided the right information. The process were smooth. They are certainly the firm I recommend, and I’m thankful for their support.

  30. Lenna Brehm says:

    Everyone are so friendly and they treat you so well that you feel like you are part of the family. No matter how many times I’ve called them, they always answered the calls.

  31. mariela mixon says:

    Very professional and friendly services. I applied for the Canada visa and I successfully got the visa.

  32. Ahmed Kidd says:

    I am happy with the services provided by them for my Canada PR visa process. My visa got refused 2 times earlier but this time when I applied through you people my visa got approved.

  33. creed vest says:

    I highly recommend him whose very reliable, organised, knowledgeable about the current laws, patient, humble and very kind.

  34. andrew hill says:

    Amazing team at. The firm worked very hard on my case and were determined to find a solution. Even when I had many moments of disillusionment, they never gave up on the hope. I am glad to have met them. Would sincerely recommend them to all who wish to immigrate to Canada.

  35. Alaya Muniz says:

    Had a great experience with them. My spousal visa case was handled professionally and we got the PR within 10 months.

  36. Eviana Lundquist says:

    Hi everyone if you are looking for immigration advice they are the best of the best. They are very very very honest and professional on my each step of immigration status. I spoke to him as well and he helped me beyond my expectations. God bless them. Absolutely Brilliant.

  37. Cale Nobles says:

    I am very thankful to them for helping me out with my Canada permanent residency. Thanks to them for helping me with all the formalities and guiding me throughout the visa process.

  38. eliseo kimble says:

    The members of the Refugee Commission who reviewed our case recognized the high professionalism, knowledge and experience. For all these reasons, we allow ourselves to recommend him and his team, so that they can be hired by other people or families, who need Legal Assistance for immigration issues, refugee claim processes, etc.

  39. Aliah Sylvester says:

    Very honest and professional. After a long wait, he has successfully made my dream into reality. I got my Canada visa. Excellent work by whole team.

  40. Bowie Meacham says:

    I would recommend everyone to go with them without even a single thought. They are the best. Thank u soo much.

  41. Woodrow Roeder says:

    I strongly recommend them to anyone who seeks the best services for their specific immigration cases and expect the best results.

  42. Rosemarie Donald says:

    Great service… I would recommend everyone to apply for their visas from this place. Very knowledgeable and cooperative staff. I wanna thanx to entire staff for helping me to get my parents visa in short time.

  43. fox leary says:

    Thanks for helping me to get my permanent residency done and also thanks for my wife’s partner visa. Really helpful staff. Thanks guys

  44. Milah Pendleton says:

    They explained the complete process to me and cleared all my doubts too. I found them genuine and they gave personal attention to my case.

  45. serafina mize says:

    My experience with them was wonderful. I am very much pleased and satisfied with the quality services provided by them.

  46. Phillip Ayers says:

    They put so much effort and dedication into my case and answered every single question I had so there was no confusion. I was able to get my approval so easily with him and I definitely recommend them for any immigration purposes.

  47. Vivaan Paz says:

    The staff is quite honest, transparent and dedicated towards their clients. I strongly recommend universal adviser migration services to avail services for immigration.

  48. Khylee Spearman says:

    He is very professional, efficient, and reliable! Without the key points he has pointed out Im afraid this application won’t be success. Thank you!

  49. Issa Wyant says:

    Thank you so much for your service and what you have done for me and my family. It was truly a pleasure working with you!

  50. Summer Fischer says:

    It was truly a delight to have worked with him and looking back I don’t think we would have successfully navigated the confusing immigration system without him.

  51. Sariah Carlton says:

    I had a very good experience with the Team. Really appreciate the way they do there job, on time and professionally never get any problem even we live in other province million thanks, who always update us about our file process.

  52. Louisa North says:

    Recently had an immigration application that I could not deal with myself and was unsure of the options I had, He took such great care of the submission and details of my application and advised me on the most suitable options for me and truly made me feel so confident in his exceptional knowledge of immigration and the process that I would face.

  53. Aaiden Lawless says:

    I really appreciate their help with my PR application. Knowledgeable about the current rules. Keep updated about the status of the file.

  54. Anais Capps says:

    Do not be fooled by fanciful adverts and fascinating names. Those who are in the business from years and have helped thousands of people will not be found on billboards. I met lawyers at through a friend. Had heard about them only through people who had either immigrated to Canada or were planning to do so. I followed by friend’s suggestion and met them. I knew almost instantly that I am in safe hands. They are truly amazing.

  55. maycee jasso says:

    I am on top of the world. And appreciate your support from the bottom of my heart. Thanks to the entire Team!

  56. Kalli Chamberlin says:

    He is transparent in his dealings, helped proactively with documentation and had good estimates of the timelines involved.

  57. Maryam Dodd says:

    They has done a brilliant job in my Canada PR application. The level of knowledge and experience they possess is truly commendable.

  58. cristina greco says:

    I have spent a lot of time researching the right Immigration Company and therefore I can help people save their time who wish to Migrate abroad.

  59. Carina Ricks says:

    We have worked with him for several years now – He is extremely knowledgeable in his field & a real pleasure to work with!

  60. Kaidyn Looney says:

    I availed his services when I had applied for my PR application for Canada. It was a great experience throughout as I got a very personalized attention for the process and my queries were answered promptly.

  61. Ingrid Mcneal says:

    First time having to use a lawyer. They were all very helpful and friendly. Explained any questions I had about the processes and what to expect with quick responses.

  62. Brynnlee Rosenbaum says:

    We would highly recomend you and your firm to anyone who may require legal assistance in immigration related and work authorization matters.

  63. dalia lay says:

    Your work ethic is enviable. Really happy that a friend recommended you. Thank you for helping me in my immigration filing process. Love from Canada.

  64. Rene Koehler says:

    I am having a wonderful experience with him and team. They all are extremely professional and knowledgeable in all the queries.

  65. Aleen Guyton says:

    Very polite and organized people.. Knowledge of Canada Immigration law and legal proceedings are excellent of the associates working here and very prompt service by the Law firm….. Thank you for the kind support…

  66. Sevyn Whitcomb says:

    The entire credit of the success of my case goes to the efficient team at who won’t ever compromise with the results that they set for themselves. Really appreciate their hard work and commitment.

  67. Ken Pond says:

    I appreciated Deep for keeping me in the loop about filed papers and every little step that needed to be handled to move our case forward to absolute success.

  68. Brianna Cunningham says:

    Don’t know about others who have written reviews here, I had a very good experience and received a good service for the third time.

  69. rigoberto everhart says:

    The process guided by him became virtually seamless and I received my PR earlier than expected since the team here at Ira was there to assist me throughout the process.

  70. Sade Reuter says:

    Having a immigration lawyer backs you up with all knowledge and expertise and prevents silly mistakes. And I would strongly recommend them.

  71. Jade Sandoval says:

    Had a fantastic experience with them. They are trustworthy and commit you what they can actually deliver.

  72. Diego Matthews says:

    He managed the whole process for us, administration, appointments and advise his services are exemplary, very comforting to know he is at hand.

  73. Aizah Brownell says:

    They are located just a short walk from us. Which is great if you don’t want to drive long! Working with them, we found communication to be very open and appreciated the prompt responses to any contact method.

  74. Kalise Maes says:

    Hi, I am here to share my experience with Sabz solicitors and their services. They have provided me an OUTSTANDING service with regards to my immigration matter.

  75. Kal Caraway says:

    My visa application was made soon after. The process was smooth, all my questions were answered swiftly and I was very clear on what I had to do.

  76. brailyn runyan says:

    I recommend my family friends and all the stressful people who are going through immigration problems please visit here.

  77. amir benson says:

    I really appreciate for all the help and guidance towards my immigration process. He has done an amazing job.

  78. Estella Sadler says:

    It was very hard for me to re-apply and other visa experts very telling me that you have very low chances to get and luckily I connected to their team and they made it happened stressfree.

  79. kourtney rosenthal says:

    Excellent Service, Processed my ILR on Spouse route – Received Excellent service from the team and the application was successful and done on same say service. The complications related to excessive absence was dealt with smoothly – Highly Recommended.

  80. mackenna tejada says:

    I was truly impressed (and relieved) to meet this incredible person and an amazing lawyer. I highly recommend this firm.

  81. danna mcknight says:

    Hi I have applied for Canada PR Visa. I’m pretty impressed with the way they explained about the PR process and they are very professional and polite when ever they are contacting me.

  82. Karol Gilson says:

    They have very clear payment plans and also they make every thing crystal clear from the starting. Personally I am very happy with their services.

  83. Simran Toomey says:

    He is very professional and takes care of his customers! Paying attention to every single detail!!! I have used his service three times! Highly recommended

  84. cheyenne snow says:

    They gave detailed advice and helped guide us through the visa application process to give us the best possible chance of being successful.

  85. Aurelia Dubois says:

    They are experienced lawyers so they know what can strengthen our application and they provide all the details to them so that immigration wont ask anything later that saves lot of time. These days processing time is 1 year but my spouse got visa request after 10 months without any interview.

  86. Kentrell Byron says:

    Their team and staff was very supportive and guided me throughout the process and helped me in all the legal procedures.

  87. amara brandt says:

    I wish, I had an option to give more than a 5- Star rating for them. He deserves that for his excellent service. At first I heard about him and his team from a University friend. Later I googled about him through online and have seen 100% success rate feedbacks from his clients.

  88. Jaylan Jablonski says:

    I must say after seeking advise from various immigration lawyer, eventually I found correct advise from them. My case was dealt professionally and efficiently at various stages. I will definitely use and refer them.

  89. Joziah Cornell says:

    The process driven by your team mates was seemless, with zero error. He is an inspiring leader for the complete team.

  90. patrick guerrero says:

    I stay in US. He was very helpful and his junior lawyers were also very much of assistance. The best thing of the whole experience was that I was not required to come to Canada at all.

  91. Miliana Ledezma says:

    They Provided me the right awareness and direction related to my permanent residence visa for Canada. Guided me so well and cleared all my doubts.

  92. Demarion Ridley says:

    Best immigration lawyers in Edmonton. I would like to thank him and his team for helping me get my PR through H&C grounds.

  93. Crew Swan says:

    He went the extra mile to ensure the application was successful. He put in a personal and made the application a success. I’m quite very impressed and will strongly recommend.

  94. Anderson Houston says:

    Very pleased with the level of service provided by him on my spousal green card application and I would definitely recommend him.

  95. Brayton Hutchings says:

    If anyone is looking for a good immigration attorney then fortune legal is the right place, as in my opinion this is the best immigration law firm as they expertise in this areas of practice.

  96. Ebony Vicente says:

    Their consultancy is top on my list for any immigration matters. I just got my PR yesterday and I must say that the whole process is smooth and assuring.

  97. luna burton says:

    We have given their reference to our relatives who are looking for an honest and well-informed guidance for Permanent Residency VISA application for Canada!!!

  98. crimson rainwater says:

    There was a necessity to file the application a second time but they were not at fault. They helped us on it for no fee and we incurred no additional charges for the same which went through successfully.

  99. Dedrick Whetstone says:

    I had a great 50 minutes counselling session with him who told me the entire Canada PR process. He has great knowledge and very kind.

  100. jiselle gilman says:

    They are one of the best immigration firm. They deliver what they promise. They are true to its motto ” Service , Trust and Success”.

  101. Avamarie Keeney says:

    I have been urging to write a review for them since a while now. To kickstart, these guys are a professional lot i.e they know their work. They are very well versed with the dynamic laws of countries especially Canada which was my case.

  102. Ava Davis says:

    A team of professionals who know what they are doing. They did their due diligence on our case before guiding us to move forward.

  103. Collier Rounds says:

    Fantastic service by him and his team. They have taken all the stress and pain out of immigration for my wife and I. I am from the UK and my wife is from the US, and we have 2 lovely boys. He has made it possible for us to all stay together as a family.

  104. Mathilda Eberle says:

    I know they, immigration solicitors in one and half years they done a great job for me and my family. I think this solicitors are best. They are very honest and kind and hard workers.

  105. Lailani Ramon says:

    I would definitely recommend this company to anyone, especially someone like myself, who doesn’t have the knowledge or time (I work full time) to apply for PR, Citizenship, Work Permit, Study Permit, etc.

  106. Dayson Sparrow says:

    My case was complex and unique, and no other lawyer wanted to take it. Danielle Cohen agreed to work with me and did so kindly, throughly and passionately.

  107. Dusty Berryhill says:

    I spent 4 years struggling between many Solicitors seeking help for my wife case till I found the Right solicitors I can Trust. Full of experience, Human not just looking for money, honest and likes to go for extra miles to help everybody. Thank you very much for all what you did for me and still doing for my Wife.

  108. bronson zapata says:

    They provided me with realistic advice and various options relating to a study permit visa application!

  109. Kyrah Ballew says:

    He is very knowledgeable, professional and highly experienced who understands the dynamics of home office very well and able to guide the clietnts on customised approach that brings higher chances of success wrt your application for tier 2 licence .. Highly recommended

  110. Graciela Younger says:

    Landed Last week in Canada as PR with my whole family. It was all because of his guidance. He is very well informed and never make false promises. Greatly impressed by his services and guidance. Searched everywhere in tri-city before contacting him and found him to be best and economical.

  111. Alysia Truax says:

    We used their service in order to apply for a partner visa for my wife so she can join me in the Canada. He is our case handler was supportive, friendly and professional throughout the entire process and always provided clarity on what was required in order to be fully compliant with the requirements of our application.

  112. hannah long says:

    His knowledge is formidable and he was clear, direct and kind from the start. He made me feel comfortable in a situation which could have been the opposite.

  113. Marlie Mattson says:

    I used this service when coming to the Canada. It was not an easy case but he was able to resolve it. I highly recommend them apart from their fast service they are very accommodating, organised in the entire process.

  114. Alora Hare says:

    He was ever so helpful and friendly, he was always there to reply to my questions and support me as a friend mentally and emotionally.

  115. Tamya Marra says:

    Amazing team! Thank you very much for the service especially to our solicitor. I’ve got my visa and arrived Canada just weeks ago.

  116. Cole Hoffman says:

    He helps me to understand the immigration procedures clearly for temporary and permanent residency. He have vast knowledge about the immigration procedures involved with CIC, and I would strongly recommend immigration lawyer him to people. Thank you

  117. emry rincon says:

    To my honesty, I have never even seen them or visited their office in person, but they way their professionals interact makes you feel that you have known them for ages.

  118. Ayat Chitwood says:

    I am happy to choose him and will glad to recommend any of our relatives, friends and everyone!! Highly impressed with the service.

  119. Delaney Shepherd says:

    Thanks for the awesome service. I have taken the services from this immigration consultant for my brother and this consultant has completed all procedure of immigration on time as they has promised in initial time.

  120. youssef flint says:

    He is really great help to me, they change my life before I struggle a lot and paying fees unnecessary without doing nothing then he help me a lots and show me a right way he really a great person and great professional guy.

  121. jazzlynn winstead says:

    Even in challenging situations ( which invariably pop up) , he is calming influence, as I was consistently assured they had been there before.

  122. Ryan Flores says:

    They were so helpful, friendly and professional and put my mind at ease when I was so stressed about the whole process. I would recommend them 100%.

  123. Jones Gulley says:

    It was an amazing experience working with them and its nice and dedicated to help team, throughout our journey to receive Canadian permanent residence for me and my family via Skilled Worker and Parent Grand Parent Sponsorship programs.

  124. rowan rojas says:

    Its been a great dream of mine to get to Canada. I was hoping to get a study visa, but after studying my profile their Direction suggested me that better option would be direct PR in Canada. So I decided to go for it and Am really happy I took that decision.

  125. gianna larson says:

    He was very assertive and confident which made us feel at ease. He by no means was also very reassuring regarding a positive outcome with our case wen we first contacted them.

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