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Address: 10235 101 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5J 3E8, Canada

Phone: +1 587-400-5589


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  1. Nyomi Sharma says:

    He proved to be a complete asset to securing the successful outcome of my spouse sponsorship immigration process. He made a daunting task manageable with fantastic communication, guidance, support and leadership.

  2. Colten Talley says:

    He dealt with mine and my son’s immigration matters and was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. Would recommend him with absolutely no hesitation.

  3. haris lien says:

    We used this law firm for our permanent residency and citizenships applications. It is the type of the firm every client wants.

  4. alaynah spellman says:

    I have been very impressed by the manner in which he and his firm Fortune Legal handled my property related issues. Since inception of my property dispute, the kept me updated with court proceedings in the case.

  5. Iman Renfro says:

    After a refusal on spousal sponsorship we were afraid of seeking professional help. We had earlier heard of many people being fooled by immigration companies. However, we called on the recommendation of a dear colleague of mine. We needed some credible firm to depend on because we could not have lost our chances of spousal sponsorship forever. I had a great job in Canada and could not have decided to leave it. We definitely needed a quick solution. When we first talked to lawyers, we instinctively knew that we are in the right place… and there was no looking back since that day. Today my wife and I are happily settled in Canada.

  6. Daniel Jackson says:

    He is the best lawyer in the game. He was so knowledgeable about everything, in the consultation he explained everything so perfectly I went home feeling satisfied.

  7. Abdulrahman Aiken says:

    The services provided was truly exceptional. I was dealing with him and the way he guided me the entire process was outstanding.

  8. Lucero Robins says:

    They educated me with complete system and assessed my application very thoroughly. I saved thousands. What I liked here, is their approach. They were very detailed oriented, ethical and supportive.

  9. Ayman Scoggins says:

    Once documents have been provided to him he has taken care of everything and made the whole process very easy! Very friendly service and affoedable prices. Thank you!

  10. Javion Vernon says:

    Highly recommend them. From the outset they were very responsive and supported us with our application through all the various steps, he was great, ensured our paperwork got submitted very quickly and accurately, and after a initial refusal due to a paperwork mix up by the processing officer, he put in a complaint and appeal which was dealt with within two weeks and the application successful with an apology from the Entry Clearance Manager.

  11. Kenslee Bradbury says:

    Thank you Canada Migration Lawyers, I have just received my Canada residence permit, He was my case lawyer he guided me through the whole application process and quickly responded to all my queries and concerns, the whole team were so professional, helpful and supportive.

  12. maddisyn taber says:

    We used the full service meaning that they acted fully on our behalf and also uploaded the documents for us meaning minimal work for us – highly recommend to reduce stress levels!

  13. Khadijah Apodaca says:

    I had a family property issue. I would specifically mention that despite time difference, the office lawyers were available and the communication with him was exceptionally professional and smooth.

  14. edna logue says:

    They helped me big time in my immigration application. I had made huge blunders when I had applied on my own. Then my parents asked me to find some capable lawyers instead. I read about them in someone’s blog and instantly contacted them. I am really thankful for my parents’ advice which made me search for them. Thank you. You were saviour for me.

  15. Amaria Menendez says:

    Very friendly and transparent. Provided regular updates during every stage of the process, guided me correctly and very prompt in responding to all my questions and concerns.

  16. Tierra Wisdom says:

    Approachable, efficient and knowledgable service that delivers the desired result for a fair price. They ask the right questions, take the right precautions and deliver the result once they are confident that the requirements have been fulfilled.

  17. Alden Silver says:

    I applied for Canada PR and they gave me quick response regarding the same. I do recommends it for your visa and immigration services!

  18. Xenia Snook says:

    It has been successful and pleasant experience working with them and team for My Sole Rep visa. They have an exceptional knowledge and understanding of the Sole Representative of overseas business visa. I am very satisfied with their service and would certainly recommend them.

  19. Natali Schnell says:

    They helped me through a very complex and challenging journey with the Home Office. They teamed up to deal with my application and it was a success in the end.

  20. Ahmir Beebe says:

    Truly appreciative for the services we have received, and even more grateful for the relationship we have built in the process.

  21. Marcela Sanborn says:

    As a result of his being so thorough regarding which documentation we should provide, our application was successful. I would have no hesitation in recommending them and especially him, to anyone who is seeking to apply for a similar visa.

  22. ofelia mackie says:

    It was a honour and privilege to be associated with him who along with his team ensured the quickest study visa for my daughter at Canada.

  23. Flora Escalante says:

    They prepared our application for us, ensured they had covered each issue that may have held us back, and overall provided excellent customer care.

  24. Cade Orr says:

    If I could give 10 stars I would. This Law Firm is in my opinion the best immigration law firm. Their reviews are well-deserved and I wish I had trusted these reviews instead of wasting my time and money consulting two other immigration lawyers recommended by friends.

  25. Alea Teixeira says:

    Their team is much co-operative for immigration consultant. They have provided good consultancy for my friend who immigrated Canada.

  26. Alaynah Spellman says:

    Thanks for giving us that assurance and support from the start till the end. In 2.5 months we got the Permanent visa in spousal case.

  27. Kenslee Bradbury says:

    I can not thank him enough. My case was very complicated. Mr. Nanavati personally guided me and helped me through all the hurdles. I had a great experience with them.

  28. Jedidiah Butcher says:

    He is a very professional immigration lawyer. If you need any help regarding canada permanent residence they respond fast and guide you in right direction.

  29. Maylani Justus says:

    They have good information sharing and notification practices. Helpful in every phase of the application which took several months. I will recommend them to any aspiring applicants.

  30. Coralee Mccallister says:

    He dealt with my visa extension and he was extremely helpful from day one. Always answering questions and being clear and quick in every step of the process. Would definitely recommend his services.

  31. Harriet Higginbotham says:

    His willingness to follow up and actively support even after the payment reflects on his kind nature. He is also a very humble, sincere person who wholeheartedly invests into his clients cases, was mighty helpful with the PGWP extension process. I would highly recommend Tracy’s service to everyone who is in search for an outstanding immigration lawyermily and I are in Canada.

  32. Reese Oconnor says:

    You can see from their attention to detail that they really care about their clients and getting the best result possible.

  33. alora hare says:

    Excellent delivery of services well in time. I got me Canadian Visa thanks to him. He helped me on every stage of the process. I really appreciate his support and service.

  34. Liara Manns says:

    A perfect, fully professional, and exceptional law firm I have ever worked with. I have asked them to check legal and complex documents several times. Every time they could kindly support me with practical advice, and everything went perfectly with the help of their professional advice. Fully recommendable for those who need legal service!

  35. maddison grimes says:

    I got interview for my PR case last November, he helped me a lot to clear my PR case for Canada. Now I am in Canada just because of his proper guidance. thank you sir.

  36. yitzchok mabry says:

    I’m highly satisfied and strongly recommend Immigration Lawyers. They are very professional, experienced, knowledgeable, helpful and honest. I had great experience with them.

  37. Yaneli Condon says:

    They are rare gems in their field. They study a case from all dimensions and find the most viable and quick solutions to your problems.

  38. Preslie Durand says:

    Amazing experience with the lawyers at. Committed and goal-oriented. Always found them working towards the best interest of their client.

  39. brook vanwinkle says:

    We approached them through a friend but in the first meeting only, we knew that we were at the right place. I have been to many consultants before, but the kind of professionalism, knowledge and experience Immigration Xperts have is definitely ahead of others.

  40. susanna fay says:

    It has been wonderful experience with them. Thanks for helping me in getting Visa For Canada in the said time.

  41. Nia Crane says:

    I am glad I took their services and will highly recommend to all the working professionals to hire them as professional Canada permanent visa consultants. They are indeed the best.

  42. Huxley Brunson says:

    I must say I was actually surprised by their dedication and the will to get the job done and I felt that they worked like it is their own case which was very exiting to witness.

  43. Evalynn Granados says:

    He and his team really do an amazing job at meeting client needs. As a co-op student here, they gave me a great introduction to immigration services and taught me about the workings of a successful business.

  44. Amadou Viola says:

    Never seen such professionalism and dedication. And within a month we got the visa and are so happy that we went to right place at most difficult time of our life.

  45. Basil Duhon says:

    Unlike other people, they provided 100% transparent information at every stage of the process and they did all the work themselves after I provided my documents.

  46. Renesmee Falcon says:

    They are indeed experienced and knowledgeable in all Canada immigrations matter, which is why am happy to recommend them to anyone seeking help with regards to Immigration, Visas and UK residency.

  47. Alya Gaona says:

    Excellent law firm with highly qualified legal professionals. I highly recommend them firm for any immigration concerns, Thanks to him and to all the team for the amazing work and amazing service you have done on my behalf.

  48. Harun Bushey says:

    Thanks for providing personal insights in the application and making it perfect for a direct grant. I surely recommend them for any visa processes and/or immigration.

  49. Shaylee Wiles says:

    In some of the areas during the process, there could have been a more clear explanation to have things moving faster, I’m so happy to have found this company and the people with it.

  50. Coralie Dupont says:

    They have a simple and true information which makes the process so easy and significant and the counselling done by was absolutely great and full of knowledge.

  51. Emaan Kersey says:

    Everyone I spoke to spoke highly and recommended them and it’s very true why they recommended him to deal with case I had. Was very honest from the beginning and also helped me to stay calm till the whole process was successful.

  52. madison nelson says:

    I appreciated their guidance with all the requirements and specifications for all the documents needed for the application. Everyone who worked in our case was diligent, efficient and attentive to our needs.

  53. Annaleigh Hinds says:

    Its amazing how this lawyer solves your every problem and provide much needed support to clients always

  54. blythe bourgeois says:

    I think I did a review in Google before but I would like to say it again Thank you him without you my brother wedding in Edmonton would be a disaster, he was able to get my brother a visa to enter Canada to come to my brother wedding in Edmonton after Canadian Embassy refused their Application. Thank you Thank you….

  55. Paizlee Hallman says:

    Did exactly what they said they would! Rumors about work visas taking forever and being so expensive had me scared to take a position in Vancouver. These guys reviewed my CV and put together a different recommendation.

  56. Wylie Seiler says:

    My family and I wish him and his firm the very best and will be looking at using his services again in the future. Many thanks to him!

  57. Rylie Hull says:

    I remember things had been difficult in between, but the team didn’t loose hope and kept me pushing my luck towards the goal.

  58. zakari grider says:

    With your advise and recommendations, I am in the process of retaining an attorney from the Law Firm. So far excellent service delivery.

  59. Mordecai Rawson says:

    My husband and I went in to see him for a consultation regarding a Canada Visa. The office was tucked away and somewhat difficult to find. However, the experience we received was like finding a buried treasure.

  60. Karli Brito says:

    From the first consultation with him, it made us realise we were at the right place, he carefully went though all our questions, he ensured we had all the necessary requirements to apply and was very positive and honest with us.

  61. Desean Jerome says:

    I applied for my Settlement visa from Nigeria through IAS. I was attached to him Tunde-Olowu to handle my application. I must say I was very impressed with the way he handled the whole process.

  62. alain arena says:

    Exceptional service at all times.. He is the best!!!.. very professional and well mannered person. This is our second time using him and still will continue to do so…

  63. alonso norwood says:

    This is the second time myself and the family have sought NA law with a successful outcome. He has been very friendly, supportive and knowledgeable. A lengthy spouse visa application was successfully well planned and put together and my mother’s citizenship prior to that. Highly recommended.

  64. Jordynn Dahl says:

    With realistic and fair costs for taking on our case and achieving a successful outcome myself and my partner would like to thank them.

  65. Binyomin Restrepo says:

    I had to re-apply for a visa and was worried about making the same mistakes, so I decided to work with lawyers instead of doing it on my own and I’m so glad I did.

  66. Avaya Munn says:

    Addresses every timely application necessities. I was lucky with my spousal application being processed by him.

  67. Turner Akins says:

    I did the right choice when I went to your office especially with my complicated sponsorship application, without your help it was almost impossible to bring my family to Canada.

  68. Rhiannon Bruns says:

    He dealt with my spouse visa application. He made the process very easy. I received excellent advice and service throughout the whole process. They really know what they are doing. Easy to deal with, friendly and professional. I would definitely recommend them.

  69. Brighton Beaty says:

    Thanks to help my moms visa approval. I really recommended if anyone have any queries regarding immigration then go there for genuine advice and excellent service.

  70. valentina walters says:

    I have submitted an application for Canada Visa from them and really amazed by the quality of service which they are offering to their clients. He was really helpful in the entire process and checked all things accordingly. I didn’t even know anything about it but he was the one who ensured that all the things go in place well.

  71. Warren Fitzpatrick says:

    I highly recommend them because they are truly professional and know their Job well. In the beginning of my visa processing, I did few things myself and erroneously incurred unwanted expenditure. I used their services from the very start, they surely would have save your money.

  72. Maylani Justus says:

    I will recommend them blindly. If you have any problems you should book an appointment with them to discuss it.

  73. Malachi Hopkins says:

    He is really really helpful and hard working, My working time never allow me use phone, he always wait me finished my work then give me call, and no matter what time he always there to help me.

  74. calder scarbrough says:

    I just called to deal with the Scam by the hot water tank provider. He helped me and he is really nice and patient. He helps analyze the situation and gives great advice! Thanks. I am now more confident and less anxious about my case!

  75. Anaiah Oreilly says:

    They offers the best in the industry. I have been to several other solicitors who would only even answer a question if I pay them. He was on the other hand very concerned about my case rather than worried about charging me the fees.

  76. Asha Michaud says:

    If you have an immigration application you should use them because they not only care about the success of your application but they also work hard with you to find ways that will make the application better and hopefully successful.

  77. Anjali Montanez says:

    It has been both a pleasure and a highly successful experience for us working with them in our application for a Tier 2 Visa Sponsorship for a prospective employee. Thank you for so adeptly and calmly guiding us through the process and, most of all, for helping us to achieve success in such a smooth and timely manner! I would not hesitate to recommend them.

  78. Yohan Hazel says:

    Gracious and considerate, they will help you even during the most difficult times. Everything is taken care of in the most efficient way.

  79. isley mcfall says:

    I work in the USA and I wanted to obtain Canada PR. Consultants at my place are highly expensive and do not have much time for specialized case handling. Then one of my friends referred them. My immigration lawyer had all the information and the entire team helped me get my PR Visa.

  80. Kassidy Levy says:

    He was prompt in responding to any queries that I had and kept me posted on the progress of my application. I would highly recommend them.

  81. Braden David says:

    One word magnificent. I strongly recommend this place to all the people who were willing to apply for permanent resident. Staff is very polite and always there to solve my queries without any delay.

  82. devan ellington says:

    They were the only company I approached that replied straight away and agreed to help me remotely as during the period of our initial consultations I was abroad.

  83. Elyjah Steinmetz says:

    I was lucky enough To be appointed him as my Lawyer, not only did he make the stressful process bearable he kept me informed and helped me to understand and feel comfortable with my situation and the actions needed.

  84. Will Paige says:

    We sought his help regarding our permanent residency application as part of the federal skilled worker immigration stream. His knowledge and experience of the entire express entry process was invaluable to us. We highly recommend him as immigration lawyer and consultant.

  85. Bryon Donner says:

    I can’t possible get a police clearance from the country I came from due to incapacity of my former boss to retracted his claimed. I thought it was over, pack my things and go but he said stay calm and wait, I did wait for about a year and now I am here.

  86. Cordelia Bermudez says:

    I am happily living inside Canada with my spouse and our daughter and have a happy live in Canada. I would like to thank him.

  87. Emeline Greenlee says:

    Thank you so much for your help and All the best. I would strongly recommended my friends if they need any help related to immigration law firm.

  88. Clay Whaley says:

    I was applying for PR while holding a temporary work permit, and they guided me through each step of the process and made sure I understood.

  89. polina mcmichael says:

    I was so depressed and confused when my son’s dependant visa was refused. A friend directed me to him was appointed to handle my case with him professional skills and indepth knowledge in immigration issues the appeal was granted earlier than i thought. Mum you soooo good. Thumbs up for up .

  90. Booker Theis says:

    I had very difficult situation with my documents, but his Team was working so hard to help me, and was succeed!

  91. Irina Swafford says:

    It is a well organised, efficient and professional immigration experts. It was a pleasure working with this company.

  92. Cecelia Byers says:

    Thank you for your commendable support for getting Canada ITA. They are professionally sound and are always ready to solve your queries. Me and my wife have just made the profile and in course of 2 days we received ITA – which is remarkable.

  93. antoinette schoen says:

    My only notion behind choosing a lawyer was to find an experienced professional to guide me throughout my Visa journey so that no errors happen and my Visa isn’t rejected.

  94. leen whitworth says:

    In my opinion there is no better company for Canada immigration than them. I want to thank them for them guidance and the dedicated team for their efforts. I also want to tell everyone who wants to move to Canada as quickly as possible to approach these guys and take up their services.

  95. shaila hales says:

    When I was advised by one of my friends to ask for a consultation with them, I was hundred percent sure that they would help me in the best way.

  96. Williams Milan says:

    I can’t speak highly enough about this firm. He and team are knowledgeable, professionals, competent, friendly and have great expertise in immigration matters.

  97. enoc kerrigan says:

    They has helped me with my immigration process providing good support. The staff were very responsive. Overall they are a good immigration consultant to hire.

  98. Ethen Martins says:

    Many thanks to him for having successfully secured for me and my wife a business visitor visas to the Canada.

  99. aundrea heisler says:

    Without your expertise and guidance I would have been lost in acquiring and filling out the necessary paperwork. You were helpful in answering all of my questions and relieving me of unnecessary stress.

  100. Camellia Rudy says:

    They charge very reasonably compared to other solicitors . They offer a brilliant service and very professional.They keep you informed whenever there is a update without any delay. I recommend every one- very experienced and helpful.

  101. Monte Layman says:

    It can be a rough old ride going through the immigration system as it stands and incredibly confusing and stressful, so my recommendation to anyone in the same position is to speak to him, get the information you need.

  102. lorenzo navarro says:

    I contacted them to help me when I received a rejection on my work permit for the third time in a row. I was completely exasperated and confused. Despite my really difficult case, they gave me reassurance and ensured a brilliant outcome for me.

  103. Rafael Carey says:

    A highly credible and reliable immigration firm. They charge a flat fee which means that you are always aware about the charges before you enter into a contract with them. So you do not have to worry about any hidden charges. Over and above all, they are also extremely dedicated and committed to their clients. I would recommend them to anyone dealing with the immigration process.

  104. Ariella Schaefer says:

    Suggest that people should use their services in the preliminary stages itself to avoid any undue expenditure due to lack of information.

  105. Callan Burrell says:

    With their help and outstanding support I was able to obtain a student visa for a close family member, truly a reliable work with a great staff.

  106. Maeleigh Guo says:

    He is very professional, educated, honest, respectful, competent, punctual and attentive to me and my case.

  107. Pessy Dulaney says:

    They executives are very knowledgeable, and responsive, and they also QC’d my documents before submission to make sure I did not stumble on any errors, and they kept me informed about the process end-to-end.

  108. Allan Manuel says:

    I work with startup visa team. They are professional. Their advise help us to look forward, In addition they help us to progress our startup in canada.

  109. Madysen Elwell says:

    I have had an excellent service from them and would recommend it for everyone. For 2 years in a row I could not get my family a visit visa due to a stupid reason but lucky I found the right person who helped me.

  110. Nichole Koontz says:

    I would recommend them to anyone who is trying to obtain a Canada PR. I really appreciate the way he dealt with my case and updated me in each step of my file.

  111. Caeden Castleberry says:

    We found them after a search online for visas to Canada and had a free 15 minute consultation. He was very knowledgeable of the visa application we required and gave us a break down of the potential process and timelines.

  112. zadie ricci says:

    Our case seemed fairly straight forward to us but we wanted professional guidance just to be sure. The response to our numerous inquiries was either offers of services at exorbitant rates, offers of “initial 30 minute assessments” for hundreds of pounds or occasionally no response at all.

  113. scotlyn fenner says:

    Initially staff here were very kind and welcoming. We had initially applied for parents visa and got rejected. After reviewing our documents they assured that it would be approved second time. He helped us gather the right information and upon submitting the application we got approved.

  114. Shaniyah Lanning says:

    I commend the team that worked on our case for working tirelessly from beginning to the end. We were always updated about our case. He is the only member of the team that I can remember his name at this moment. Thank you all for the good job you did. We will forever be grateful to you.

  115. benton sumner says:

    I highly recommend them for any immigration needs. Excellent service. Our solicitor was highly knowledgeable and made the visa application a smooth process. Could not have achieved this without him! He guided us every step of the way. Would recommend him and this firm to anyone.

  116. Sunshine Zachary says:

    They assisted me for an H and C application. It was definitely not an easy case and they burnt the midnight oil for me to make some really compelling submissions. Their research is meticulous and so is their approach to things. Thank you people for the great amount of time you invested in my case.

  117. Maryn Deutsch says:

    He explain the job that needed to be done ahead of time and made me feel comfortable and confident that all was going to be alright. I’m glad that I hire him.

  118. Kaydon Cloutier says:

    A big shout out to them for assisting my family to get a skilled migration visa (Canada) in the least time possible. This was a direct grant which means the documents were concise and as per Immigration laws.

  119. saif littleton says:

    Whole team is very helpful. Thank you very much everyone. It was not easy without your guidance. Thanks again.

  120. yadira denham says:

    Thanks a lot for the amazing assistance and processing my case. The entire team is very professional and will give you clarity on the requirement. Their expertise in immigration helped us with grant of visa and immigration on time.

  121. Kimberlyn Baltazar says:

    Working abroad is everybody dream and so as mine. I tried many times to apply for US, Canada and Australia. But I failed to get a job there. Then one of my friends recommended them.

  122. Sandy Loya says:

    Applied for my spouse work permit extension application through them. We got positive results. Very blissful from their services. They are knowledgeable and professional team.

  123. Arlo Snider says:

    They helped me complete all my documentation arrange all the interviews for my job and complete the process successfully.

  124. juelz faust says:

    With his guidance, we were able to get sponsorship status on our first application without any back and forth delay.

  125. Anastasia Osborne says:

    I am so grateful. It’s only cause of him that I’m studying here in Kingston, Ontario. the way his staff handles the customers is way too good. His staff is very friendly. Moreover the service is top notch.

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