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Address: 1822 10 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T3C 0J8, Canada

Phone: +1 587-400-3350


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  1. terry goldman says:

    My Canada PR process was a bit tricky with my family expanding, but he and his team made it so smooth for us. All we need to do just provide documentation as per process rest was all handled by them and made sure I am been updated with each process and phase as we go through it.

  2. echo seifert says:

    I happened to admire them for their commitment to detail and an optimistic outlook. In my long association with them, I never saw them discouraged. Extremely helpful and hopeful, they really work hard to figure out solutions for their clients.

  3. Ibraheem Vanmeter says:

    They are amazing. They fully understood our specific needs and the very best way to achieve the desired outcome. The interview coaching session given by them is inspirational for the interview and life in general.

  4. richie pichardo says:

    I applied for my spouse open work permit extension and post graduation work permit through him and got results just in 10 days for both my application.

  5. oaklee andrew says:

    This company in best Immigration Consultants for Canada, assists well through the entire visa application process. Thanks

  6. Stone Lockett says:

    I would like to thank everyone working here for the help and guidance they provided for the grant of my visa. They have been very generous in answering all my queries and calls, special thanks to all of them.

  7. Karim Oliveira says:

    The staff are very professional, understanding and responsive. I always got a reply to my emails within the hour. I highly recommend them.

  8. tilly hair says:

    I wouldn’t be able to go to school in Canada to fulfill my passion and live with my fiance with no worries of the border or government pop-ups for my time here. Thank you so much!!

  9. Anson Rudolph says:

    I am very glad for working with you. During these years your law firm showed its professionalism and support which are the base of my success !!!

  10. Allisson Timm says:

    I have had the pleasure of working with him for the past two years now. I had used 3 different law firms in the past, but all my applications were refused. I eventually found them and I am glad I did, the level of professionalism and compassion I felt was next to none.

  11. Honey Vaca says:

    With a professional help from them, I have finally received my visa. My case was urgent and not easy. It required lots of research and legal documents. He was the most helpful and all work had been done in just one week before my previous visa’s expired.

  12. Brooklynn Acosta says:

    We had many questions along the way and he was always available to answer them and reduce our worries from what can be a stressful process.

  13. alaiyah aparicio says:

    Thanks to their timely and relevant advice, my family could secure Canadian PR well within 6 months.

  14. akeem urbina says:

    As I had the best experience with them. Specially they are in quick and fast processing along with best solutions.

  15. cohen savage says:

    Me and my wife are so excited to start this new chapter of our life and all because of your result oriented services.

  16. Alisson Cummins says:

    My whole process took us 4 Months from start to finish. This all procedure is stress free and time saving.

  17. Zyler Bayer says:

    We strongly recommend that anybody facing an immigration issue get an immigration lawyer lawyer as your first step. We did not do this and caused ourselves much frustration and stress.

  18. Quincy Doherty says:

    One of the most approachable, highly communicative and positive attitude team I have ever met. Their response time was always between 24 to 72 hours and if there was some sort of urgency, a phone number was provided where one can call during regular office hours.

  19. Delylah Wentz says:

    Based on my experience with regards to the processing of my work permit. He has helped me all through out the processing.

  20. Payson Criswell says:

    I had a very difficult case to start with, still I got the approval for my Canada Visa. Thank you for excellent assistance.

  21. annalisa valerio says:

    He has been such a pleasure to work with over the last few months. Naturally, immigration can be a nerve wracking process, but he is easy demeanor has eased a lot of my stress.

  22. Gavin Patterson says:

    I would say our experience with them was positive. They were always quick to answer any queries, provided a thorough list of documents and templates required for the visa and guided us throughout the application process.

  23. jalen arthur says:

    What to say about them, really a good team and professional. They guided me from the beginning till the end, giving the best information and service. I highly recommend them. thank you all.

  24. Yeshua March says:

    Wonderful working culture I am very much inspired. Very presentable the office and the staff. Very fast in resolving client queries. There staff genuinely makes an effort to work on there client’s profile and takes there career very seriously and value all there client’s.

  25. Tom Hintz says:

    I really appreciate the management for all the considerations. Thanks you so much to help me sail through this journey and get my dream come true.

  26. Opal Song says:

    They was amazing, they helped me with the process of going to Supreme court against a fraudulent company. I was really grateful, how they handle my case. The lawyers were amazing, I know its a bit hard to get a hold of them, but in the end it was worth it. Thank you! Keep up the great work.

  27. jaime riddle says:

    I had a very good experience with this them and they did an amazing job of solving my complicated situation.

  28. Nala Holliday says:

    Always giving very transparent and honest advice and handling the cases in smooth and very professional manners.

  29. Vicente Cartwright says:

    I was extremely frustrated and stressed out, until I found him, where they did not just put my mind at ease by solid arguments but also fought my case and won.

  30. Delainey Kester says:

    I connected with them for a PR visa for myself and my family. They helped me through the entire process in a prompt and effective manner.

  31. cloe homer says:

    He professional while creating a friendly and comforting relationship with clients. The service from them was professional, efficient and well organised.

  32. melvin lu says:

    Best and trustworthy immigration consultant company it is available without any issues at all simply amazing experience I had with them. I would like to recommend them to everyone for consultation needs without any second thought at all simply kudos to this place.

  33. eliam millan says:

    Contacted them through a friend. They were completely my money’s worth, and also very efficient. It is because of them that I am a permanent resident of Canada today along with a family of 6. All my best regards to the company and its star team. Hope you keep shining.

  34. Anne Goldberg says:

    I highly recommend them to assist with challenging cases because they took my application and guided me in the best possible direction with limited time. A special thank you to him for all his support and guidance throughout and even after getting the license. Great work guys! Highly recommended.

  35. nora cole says:

    I had couple of experiences with them and it has always been positive. Their staff is very much qualified in their field to provide the customers with required information. They will help you prepare the interviews, visa documents and make sure to give you the best service.

  36. elizabella mabe says:

    Excellent service, Great People. I will recommend them to everyone who needs a kind and honest people to help them.

  37. lexus henke says:

    Everyone wants best in their immigration process. It is the perfection and result-oriented service to their clients. I would recommend them as best immigration lawyer in this field.

  38. Gadiel Sperry says:

    Thank you a ton for your incredible Visa Consultancy service. I desperately wanted to get Skilled PR in Canada but was not sure how to go about it flawlessly.

  39. Shelton Enright says:

    I can trust and rely on him knowing that my needs will be met on time and definitely, I would refer others to him.

  40. Nataly Raines says:

    I had consulted them for my Mother’s visitor visa which got rejected in past and was next to impossible due to various concerns immigration had. I had lost all hopes but still wanted to give it another try. He is very intelligent and experienced person and with his capabilities, he made it possible and my mother’s visitor got approved.

  41. kelan bancroft says:

    I consulted him for my property case and provided me the best solution within few months. I recommend the services of the firm.

  42. Nikolai Travis says:

    There are number of consultants who are after your money and they are least bothered on your eligibility criteria, however he and his team made sure every case is looked after and provide right guidance as per merit of case.

  43. Tylan Barclay says:

    Some visits made me clear I trusted right people. After the application was done after a month I got a good news that my visa extension is being accepted and I was so happy that I cannot even express my happiness.

  44. tala hamel says:

    He was on hand almost instantly to ensure my VISA to the Canada was successful. During this time he brought the process right back to basics making it as easy as possible for someone who has no experience in the field.

  45. willem mosby says:

    He was out of country, he promised me he would keep me in Canada and get me my PR, which he did!!!!! Now, my application has been approved and I am going to get my PR. Thank you to him and the rest of the team.

  46. esai mcdaniels says:

    They are very professional and good immigration expert for Canada also good in prepare documents for positive result.

  47. Briseida Edmond says:

    He has always been friendly, approachable, trustworthy and professional. His consultation was very thorough as he explained in detail the immigration process.

  48. Karah Brister says:

    The application process itself is very streamlined and they provide clear instructions coupled with a rigorous document-verification stage.

  49. Gage Hampton says:

    High quality and high speed legal services. The legal advisor who handled my case was meticulous and extremely responsive to all of my queries. Would 100% recommend.

  50. emberlee trowbridge says:

    They provided me the right awareness and direction related to my permanent residence visa for Canada.

  51. Justice Mullen says:

    Thank you for helping me gain permanent residency, you are an asset to the company and a true gentleman. It was a pleasure dealing with yourselves.

  52. kynsley destefano says:

    Very professional. Highly recommended. Frederic was very helpful and I would definitely recommend to everyone

  53. maida begum says:

    I was lucky for finding them after being left desperate with the lack of other solicitors’ profession and care towards their clients. I am extremely impressed with their professionality in representing my immigration matter. The team was able to mitigate the case favorably and substantially.

  54. Brigham Martell says:

    We will always be grateful You are an excellent lawyer Thank you for your help and excellent work. God continues to bless each day every day, my family and I will always be grateful for being our lawyer.

  55. Brianne Louie says:

    Very friendly, proffesional, and advanced service. I received my visa after refusal few times. Many thanks to he and his team. They advised me through out the whole process. Its nothing like malik solicitors etc. If you can win you’ll be adviced at very first appointment if not, they’ll also tell you. Very fair service. Highly recommended.

  56. Alissa Barnard says:

    I’d like to compliment him for the excellent customer service that they have provided me the past 7 months. They helped with my Canada PR.

  57. Malcolm Dougherty says:

    He is an excellent immigration lawyer he got me my work permit and my permanent resident status to Canada. He did an amazing job I really recommend him, if you need immigration help.

  58. kentrell byron says:

    Honest advise and efficient service. Very satisfied with the service, communication and fees charged. Will definitely recommend to friends.

  59. Emari Cotten says:

    I must say, only because of them now me and my family here in Canada and if anybody thinking of coming to Canada I highly recommend it is the best immigration service you should contact. I appreciate their honest and friendly hard work. Thank You!

  60. Cartier Blackwood says:

    He was very patient with all our many emails and questions, responding very promptly and always kept us updated on the status of our visa.

  61. arnav argueta says:

    I consulted three more Law Firms before them. However the way I was dealt in and advised by his Office was exceptionally a different experience. I appreciate their help.

  62. Tristian Tilley says:

    Excellent service Knowledgeable and Helpful staff. They has done such a great job for my Permanent Resident Application. Best part is that they always return your calls and update you on timely manner about your application.

  63. danna mcknight says:

    He was very informative and calming, which helps in the current pandemic considering websites don’t have guidelines for every situation.

  64. Francesco Applegate says:

    He was quick to answer any questions we had and it was clear that he thoroughly reviewed all of our documents.

  65. alexxa jarman says:

    I would like to thank the entire team of law firm for helping me with the Canadian Residency (Immigration) process. All the case managers on their team are very helpful and respond quickly to all the queries.

  66. Kathleen Dodge says:

    Had the pleasure of working with him for my Adjustment of Status application. Overall, the process was handled professionally, and provided peace of mind knowing that the application would be submitted without error.

  67. Liyana Pulley says:

    They are a highly professional, confidential and an amazing team. My husband and I brought forth a rather complex case for them to manage. However, they were truthful and honest with us from the beginning about the outcome. We were well informed about the requirements and possible difficulties that could rise, nevertheless they were confident that we would win our case.

  68. Pessy Dulaney says:

    For all of those who are looking to seek a future in Canada, I highly recommend them for legal advice and representation.

  69. Dalary Deal says:

    Thank you for your guidance and work carried out on our behalf we all in our family have no hesitation in saying we recommend you and your service to anyone who may require what I regard as an unrivaled service based on past experience. You Naveed are first class in points throughout the process.

  70. Jalissa Whiteman says:

    I truly believe that I would not have made to Canada without their help. They are competent, experienced and devoted.

  71. pilar coakley says:

    One of the best immigration lawyer. Thanks to who helped me throughout in my visa process and I got my visa. Thanks for your consistent efforts on my file.

  72. shanaya dawkins says:

    Before them I have gone through several immigration lawyers and it resulted in a lot of dissatisfaction but they the ownership and resolved my case.

  73. Alissa Barnard says:

    Undoubtedly, life has crossed us on the road with the Excellent was a great help and experience for our family, I recommend it 100%, thanks to him impeccable work my faSuper professional, knowledgeable and friendly, easy to reach and communicate with.

  74. Avyanna Riddick says:

    They are the best firm I have came across. I applied for my husband’s PR from them and the whole process was smooth. They reply to all the queries patiently. I wish I could give them 7 stars!

  75. Emmit Fultz says:

    Had a wonderful experience with them, ever smiling faces to welcome me as a client. Nanda Sir mandeep mam always provide me the information about my PR file status they update me every thing time to time.

  76. benton sumner says:

    Reasonable charges for extra ordinary services. I guess their motto is to get more and more Visa Approval for their clients instead of making money from people.

  77. ralph mckinnon says:

    I have worked with him and his team, (a special thank you to Gerard and Arifa) for two of my Tier 1 Entrepreneurs visas and have always found them very professional, committed and friendly.

  78. Eryn Palumbo says:

    We cannot emphasise enough the hard work, high quality and outstanding level of service that we received from them, and the best part is that they won our case and our family can now live together.

  79. Reem Benavidez says:

    He has a vast amount of knowledge, which reflects in the great advice, answering of any queries and chasing up issues. With his support our spouse visa application was approved in just under 4 weeks non-priority. I would highly recommend him for anyone needing accurate advice and guidance!

  80. Cynthia Felix says:

    They supported me at every stage of my PR application process for Canada and provided me with the best consulting services.

  81. neve guffey says:

    I appreciate all the attention, courtesy and respect I received during my Canada permanent residence application with them.

  82. Raylan Galloway says:

    Provide step by step guidance and proactive solutions, and making the immigration process much simpler. We are very impressed with their team, the way they work and the result.

  83. major hurst says:

    I am forever thankful and grateful to them. Very sweet experience I had. I have already directed many of my friends to them.

  84. Torin Hassan says:

    Excellent immigration services. He worked on my case and did an excellent job. He provided us timely updates. I would highly recommend their services to get the immigration done quickly and in an efficient manner. Thanks a lot !!!

  85. Amere Kieffer says:

    The way he has helped me is one of the best consultant that I ever had. He was so friendly and had lot of patience and clearing my all the questions that I have put for him.

  86. canaan carranza says:

    They took my case with professionalism and kindness. He is outstanding in any immigration topic, detention and Asylum cases.

  87. Seren Lally says:

    This team of immigration attorneys sure deserve a 5 start rating for all their diligence and thoroughness with the application process.

  88. Leslie Conway says:

    He went above and beyond after we needed to re-visit a few details due to a tragic change in circumstances. Thank you – you have been amazing and we are ever grateful for your support, compassion and understanding. We both wish you all the very best for the future!

  89. Kinzie Olivarez says:

    The whole team is experienced, hardworking and talented. My parents got there visa within 10 days after two refusals. Thanku so much. I am very happy with there service.

  90. Lenore Cassell says:

    All my documentation was arranged and fixed with me sitting here in US and then filed in Court. For this, it saved me a lot of time, and money as I was not required to take up any travel costs and I was not required to take a leave from my job.

  91. Luka Palacios says:

    They made sure I was comfortable and my mind was at ease even during the wait period. Their confidence mattered a lot.

  92. Angely Hawes says:

    They were quick to respond and very efficient. We would definitely recommend and will continue to use them in future.

  93. hanan manzano says:

    He informed us about all the possible ways to make our dream come true and is standing by to help us reach it when we are ready.

  94. Anya Barlow says:

    I would like to acknowledge my amazing experience with them with th also thanks for my wife’s partner visa. Really helpful staff. Thanks guys

  95. Lupita Gerard says:

    Number of factors are included like this is my last semester so duration of my study permit is less than 4 months, we have age gap. I was referred to them by my known.

  96. jayleen pugh says:

    I am very thankful to them. He and his service team is very cooperative, friendly and helpful. I am 100% sure choose them again for my future goals. A lot of thanks to you all for got a great success in my work permit process. Thanks Guys Again

  97. Ebony Vicente says:

    He is a lawyer who is very dedicated, supportive and patient. We are thankful for everything you have done for us and continue to do.

  98. Oakley Starr says:

    They made everything so clear in the beginning of the process and made no fake promises like I had with other consultancy in the past.

  99. Lindy Underhill says:

    It is quintessential for someone to hire a consultant for the PR process even though it is fairly simple. The nitty gritties of the process are best known to them since they have professionals on the team with an experience at Canadian High Commission.

  100. Paul Marquez says:

    I am writing this review in response to your services and representation in regards to my property case. I am writing the review late as I wanted to get back to US and resume work. I really appreciate your services and help provided by your office.

  101. Treyton Almond says:

    Absolutely amazing people. Top-notch in the business but very humble. They were extremely patient with us. I and my husband know nothing about law and immigration process even today. They really helped us a lot.

  102. Makenzy Oviedo says:

    Finally I found a company which could sort all my problems out. This is really helping me through the visa process in a more professional way. This is the only company who understood my problems and cleared all my doubts and now I am really in a comfortable zone.

  103. maggie patrick says:

    Very big law firm. Honestly speaking, I am satisfied with their service. My case was very complex and they handled it nicely. I have got PR VISA which was my long lasting dream.

  104. Loki Crider says:

    I have used the services of them on a couple of occasions and over the moon with service and experience of the team. Thank you all.

  105. Lesly Huddleston says:

    As far as immigration lawyers go these guys have been extremely helpful and have helped me get to a position where I feel comfortable and informed.

  106. lakyn babb says:

    This is the place that I will suggest to people who are aspiring to study abroad, my experience has been seamless and smooth.

  107. Aiva Billups says:

    I commend them for their professionalism and patience in answering my unending questions. Keep up the good work and will surely recommend to my friends and relatives. Thank you and God Bless!

  108. kahlil bickel says:

    He way has been able to help me with my work visa and knows exactly what needs to be done with proper knowledge.

  109. Lonnie Byrnes says:

    Our goals as a family to move to Canada were a challenge for us but they made it look like a walk in the park.

  110. kamari crews says:

    They give you their time, listen to you attentively and offer the most genuine advice on your case. Their payment system is highly transparent. No hidden charges or botched up pricing. Definitely the most honest in the business.

  111. Theodor Baylor says:

    A big thank you for all the help and patience on my immigration application The firm is wonderful and supportive.

  112. Calder Scarbrough says:

    Five years ago I hired them to represent my Jamaican daughter-in-law & it was their specialist excellence that prompted me to contact them again regarding my own immigration problem recently.

  113. Alexavier Mohammed says:

    They provide excellent service, gives personal attention to every case and fast processing. Their way of doing work is very unique.

  114. Dusty Berryhill says:

    Exceptionally high professionalism, transparency and integrity. Very satisfied and grateful to They, for the excellent work done in handling several immigration cases for my family and myself.

  115. Adon Macedo says:

    Thank you for following up on my Canada immigration application constantly and helping me get the approval on time.

  116. Koltyn Moorman says:

    It is one of the most professional, legitimate, well-informed and agile consultants, when it comes to Canadian Permanent Residency. I came to them with some complications in my paperwork and they were so well prepared that they rectified my file in no time and I got the PR.

  117. Kace Schindler says:

    I have referred a number of people and also used their services. I can safely say he is well worth the cost and gets the job done. He provides excellent immigration and legal services. Thank you so much.

  118. Tiberius Dorn says:

    We had very awesome experience with them. There are plainly a knowledgeable and experienced immigration lawyer. I really appreciate your dedication and professional help.

  119. Craig Crain says:

    At beginning I was looking for immigration agency who can manage my case and I choose them who answered my questions in a clear and quick way.

  120. Yassin Lashley says:

    They has offered me the best immigration services for Canada PR visa. They keep me up-to-date about the visa application process and solve all my visa queries before applying. I’m very thankful to them.

  121. Emilyn Landeros says:

    They were very helpful with some initial information gathering for my partner and I. Unfortunately they weren’t able to assist due to our somewhat unique circumstances, but I’d recommend getting in touch with them if you’re needing any assistance at all.

  122. lael urena says:

    They has very good counseling persons and they are doing the things very quickly with a clear note, he guided me well and he was very patient and helped me from day 1, he gave immediate solutions to my doubts, very patient.

  123. Cody Saunders says:

    Based on my profile and experience they helped me all through out the Canadian PR Visa processing. Well trained professionals with great knowledge and have effective strategy in dealing with my PR Visa approval.

  124. Aleida Menchaca says:

    I can’t recommend them enough and have found them to be professional and competent on every level of the process. They went above and beyond for us and that goes along way in this day and age. Thank you.

  125. nicolai soliz says:

    I had to arrange my documents myself but it would not have happened without their knowledge. Thanks a ton team!!

  126. Julianne Samuels says:

    Thank you for the amazing work you’re doing. I’ll recommend you, local national and international. You deserve it.

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