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Address: 250 University Ave Suite 200, Toronto, ON M5H 3E5, Canada

Phone: +1 855-771-8472


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  1. Arionna Haddad says:

    Professionals like are rare to find. They really helped me a lot throughout my appeal case in the court. Keep the good work up and keep helping people. Good Luck Team.

  2. vera camacho says:

    My experience with them is very professional, honest and efficient. since 2010, without any hesitation I am recommending this firm to my friends and family and they succeeded.

  3. brianna cunningham says:

    I got my work permit within one week through them. I am very thankful to all the staff they are very cooperative for my approval.

  4. leviticus hollenbeck says:

    They were incredibly helpful with any questions I had, and quick to respond and put my case together.

  5. Theseus Dandrea says:

    The team here is absolutely phenomenal! They truly know their work. They instill confidence from the beginning, and their communication is swift and clear.

  6. Isabella Wilson says:

    My case manager was amazing. They guided us from the beginning to the end and my children and I got our visas and are settled in Canada. I will recommend this firm to anyone.

  7. Savanah Delgadillo says:

    The staff works hard and is on point at ensuring all documentation and dates are met when handling your application. They defiantly a go-to for a peace of mind when it comes to your immigration matters.

  8. Elaina Farrell says:

    Excellent team, great company! Special thanks to him for all your work and support on my Canada immigration case. Well done!!

  9. Arrow Carvalho says:

    My experience with them, has been outstanding. Retained the firm for an issue with my application, I have yet to receive the PR however the support and professionalism offered by this firm is the best I have seen.

  10. Emelia Cash says:

    I highly recommend them. My husband and I were referred to this office by a friend who had a similarly positive experience.

  11. ronan kane says:

    Biggest thank you and high fives to the team at them. Their professional services are informative and definitely put me at ease every time I came seeking for clarification throughout my Immigration process.

  12. Brentlee Halstead says:

    Excellent Services… Good team work and very helpful people. I can say one of the best immigration company. I would like to recommend everyone…

  13. emmitt john says:

    They are the best immigration lawyer. I was very disappointed when I got my PR rejection then I went to them, they were so nice to me, I had no hope that I would get my PR but they were always positive and helped a lot to apply it again. Finally I got my PR.

  14. arrow carvalho says:

    Excellent service regarding my immigration case. I was fully supported thoroughly throughout the process. He was my solicitor. He was very respectful, approachable and knowledgeable.

  15. Suzanne Sprouse says:

    We are very happy from their service. Always they welcoming not as client as a family member. They give their 100 percentage In every case. I give the reference to everyone please use the service.

  16. mei cawley says:

    One of my friends recommended me to contact them when I was completely hopeless, desperate and about to give up with applying for a visa to visit the Canada during my holiday. I was completely surprised how he was efficient, responsive and informative.

  17. olivia johnson says:

    I had approached them, he, for our company’s Tier 2 sponsorship application. He and his team were pretty professional, asking the right questions and answering the queries with due thought during the process. They supported us with all necessary documentation to file the application.

  18. kahlan olmstead says:

    I would highly recommend him to anyone needing immigration advise, I will be in contact again once my husbands visa needs renewing

  19. aaniyah schatz says:

    Just got the good news from Home office, my visa application has been granted. Thanks a lot for the entire help and effort he put in this case.

  20. Rosalind Gaffney says:

    He has also been very approachable during the entire application process. I am extremely satisfied with their contribution to the success of my husband’s visa and I would highly recommend them to everyone seeking professional help in any sort of VISA. THANK YOU.

  21. Malayah Woodall says:

    Excellent service, very knowledgable, and very reasonably priced. I would recommend anyone who needed legal advice on an immigration matter to look to at them as the first people to call.

  22. Olive Guerra says:

    I had heard many innocent people getting defrauded while they were trying to immigrate to Canada. Fraud and deception are common in immigration. That is why I was completely against hiring an immigration company for my case. However, I had to look for a reliable agency when my work permit got rejected. I had filled the application form perfectly but did not understand why the visa officer rejected it. It was then that I went to visit the lawyers at and discussed my case with them. Within not time, they highlighted the abundant gaps that I had left in my application form. It was clear why the immigration officers doubted my credibility. I hired their services after getting my parent’s approval and have never looked back since then. Thank you Team for your great commitment to your work.

  23. leif german says:

    I would like to thank for his professionalism and confidence in handling the renewal of my Parent visa. He was very supportive since the beginning and gave me the most relevant advice for successful outcome.

  24. zachary olson says:

    They are definitely the best companion to take through your journey in getting an immigration visa to Canada.

  25. Deja Qualls says:

    Even on a day he was meant to go on holiday he did came for couple of hours just to complete the process and assured me that everything will be fine.

  26. Rolando Keating says:

    They are very professional, they dealt with all the paperwork, submissions, hearing bundle, and appointment of Immigration Solicitor.

  27. kailani latham says:

    Because of him only we had started the process and today we hold the PR of Canada. Secondly I would like to thanks our case officers. There are no words to express my gratitude to them, he has been there all the time helping and guiding us, from documents preparing till submission.

  28. adyn harless says:

    I had a client who had issues with his entrepreneur visa that may have affected future business with myself. I recommended them, who gave a service that went beyond expectations with transparency and professionalism on a next level. My client is happy & so am I continuing to do business together, all because of this firm, who I would recommend to anybody.

  29. Wes Hammonds says:

    He is an extraordinary lawyer as well as a truly caring and understanding person. He helped us get through the process with ease, helpful guidance and amazing communication through out the whole thing.

  30. Arion Outlaw says:

    He has been extremely helpful and patient throughout our application. Thats show how experienced he is and calm.

  31. Jayleigh Rausch says:

    Personally he used to check all the documents thoroughly before submitting. He used to answer all our queries very politely and was also updating the status of the application.

  32. Lanie Schott says:

    It has been the most delightful and fruitful experience, with everyone. The professionalism and sincerity the t team has shown, is very commendable and helped me through various rigorous VISA steps.

  33. Susana Tolliver says:

    I had no knowledge about canadian Immigration and I was looking for someone on whom I can rely 100% for my case. And here my search is complete.

  34. Naima Martino says:

    Our application went smoothly and nothing was missing, he is very helpful and gave us the best support .

  35. Dakotah Collett says:

    You have been very supportive all through the process and we can never thank you enough for providing us all your services. We will be definitely come to thank you and your team.

  36. Jakob Britt says:

    They went through everything step by step and their willingness to help and positivity made the process a lot less stressful.

  37. axton poe says:

    Had a pleasant experience with them. Thank you for your commitment and determination. You fulfilled my dream of settling in Canada as a Canadian citizen.

  38. Bree Ulrich says:

    He handled my Appeal when my son was denied Visa to come into Canada, under Family Member Sponsorship. The Appeal process was successful and took less time than anticipated under the circumstances. Thank you!

  39. Yehuda Schulte says:

    A lot of the correspondence was done through email or over the phone he is in Edmonton this did not have any affect at all on the service or professionalism from him and his team. I highly recommend to anyone.

  40. Ledger Batista says:

    We had the option to meet with him in person we decided on skype meetings as his office was quite far from where we are located. He was never more than an email or phone call away whenever we needed to speak with him.

  41. Jaylani Espinal says:

    I called this firm for some information regarding getting married to my partner, who is on a tier 4 student visa. We received in depth advice and guidance which cleared our concerns, and this they gave in a professional and friendly manner.

  42. Addilyn Dyer says:

    I have used their services. I personally recommended their services for a number of friends. I find them honest and professional in what they do. If you have a genuine case then I bet they can help you and you can leave the paper work to them.

  43. Sulaiman Savoy says:

    He is the best word to describe him. Entire team is very committed, knowledgeable and helpful towards the numerous questions that come up during the Immigration process.

  44. Wade Kuhn says:

    At first my experiance was not very good as I paid for a faster service and it took them 2 months to put all my documents together.

  45. maple bear says:

    I was completely blown away by their skills and knowledge of Canadian immigration law. Immensely helpful and supportive.

  46. Emmy Lyon says:

    The team here is thorough, professional and pleasant to work with. I highly recommend you give them a call, give them a try and judge for yourself.

  47. malia berg says:

    I have just arrived in Canada, and I give full credit of this to him. He was there to answer all my questions, through texts, email and Skype.

  48. irelyn mariano says:

    He took the time to listen to all our concerns initally and gave us a roadmap of how to go about the whole process.

  49. Dawsyn Benefield says:

    Your quality, efficiency of staff as well as of yours attention to every case and fast processing. Their way of doing work is very unique.

  50. Christos Ridgway says:

    Before being referred to them, my family and I were at the verge of giving up on our immigration status in this country. As a result of their professionalism and competence, our situation was reversed at the very first attempt after so many denials with other law firms and failed court hearings.

  51. Ellen Weston says:

    They don’t make false promises. They don’t judge you. They don’t overcharge you and they don’t delay your immigration process. What else do you want from an immigration firm. They are perfect in every manner and highly skilled in their work. Hire them.

  52. Citlali Hussey says:

    The best things about the team is the empathy, compassion and positive reassurance they have shown throughout the times I was feeling anxious about the approval of my children’s case.

  53. Brynley Willoughby says:

    Exceptional service from him. I would highly recommend having a consultation with him before considering any other avenues. His notes and advice greatly helped me a lot.

  54. Brie Rigsby says:

    They had all the solutions to my queries and responded accurately in time. It was a stress free journey for me because of his constant support.

  55. nori slade says:

    They represented and successfully advised me in getting my permanent residency application approved with CIC. They have very knowledgeable staff who are always available to assist and ready to provide you with correct information.

  56. Angelica Mcmahon says:

    Had a great experience working with them. A big shout out to them for helping me through the process.

  57. alyna nunes says:

    It is very good company. They got my Canada PR Visa over a month. They have helped me a lot and guided me in my whole journey.

  58. Eddie Battle says:

    Would like to convey my thanks to the team for helping my sole-rep visa application, which was not straightforward. The team were able to guide me through every stage of my application and their help/advice was always prompt and professional even when there were challenges.

  59. Zaeden Pabon says:

    My son is now a British citizen and my husband and I have leave to remain. I found all the staff to be professional and very kind and their fees are very reasonable. Thank you, I have already recommended your services

  60. ashly mcintire says:

    Would highly recommend their services to people who are looking for systematic approach and realistic assistance to help them achieve their migration dream.

  61. pauline monaco says:

    I have been there couple of time, and got excellent service. They have done couple of application for me and it was done under a particular time frame.

  62. parth nesmith says:

    Thank you for your commendable support for getting Canada ITA. They are professionally sound and are always ready to solve your queries.

  63. Dayanna Luther says:

    The entire process will take some time like all good things but I value the professionalism and honesty from the entire team.

  64. tamia haywood says:

    He helped me in each and every step process in getting work permit visa on time and very helpful in answering all queries with patience.

  65. Coltyn Tracey says:

    I cannot express in words how thankful I am for their team for getting me through the Canada PR visa process.

  66. Maida Begum says:

    They truly are the best immigration lawyers. Great organisation. If somebody has dreams to go abroad, kindly visit them. You will get positive results.

  67. Symphony Mace says:

    They have the expertise of providing quality solutions in immigration services to individuals, families and corporate clients. I suggest to use this Iimmigration Lawyer for visa related consultancy.

  68. Catherine Singh says:

    He always answered my calls and emails when I had queries. He made the application process very easy and successful. I would highly recommend this firm.

  69. Harmoni Mccollum says:

    I am happy to receive support by such a proactive and dedicated team’s consultant. Since the beginning, They guided me in the correct direction and supported me in getting Canada PR.

  70. Brylan Cedillo says:

    I’ll recommend them to everyone because they will never ever give you false information and they are extremely professional.

  71. Kailah Rutter says:

    The firm provides personal assistance, and has created tools and shares thorough documentation that makes it very easy for the applicant to navigate the immigration process.

  72. Sylvie Malloy says:

    From guiding us through each application, to giving us important information till the final step, he really helped us a lot.

  73. yazmine aycock says:

    Documentation can be stressful if you don’t have a professional agent to guide you and I am lucky to have found them who can go miles for his clients success.

  74. jacoby carrasco says:

    Their team work is the best. I really appreciate their help for my husband’s open work permit file. They are very dedicated towards their work. After two refusals, finally I got positive results for my husband. This is only because of their time , care and help.

  75. Tru Fryer says:

    Eventually, I already told them to enroll specific course and they applied for that one and I got it Energy Course. I am so Happy…. Now, I am putting my family file through them, Mississauga branch, Canada.

  76. Amayah Darnell says:

    Very dedicated to the clients. My case was very well handled. I would highly recommend everyone to visit them and consult at least once before going anywhere else.

  77. nia crane says:

    I got reccomendation from a family friend and his colleagues. He handed my case to them and oh my God….he was amazing. He was super nice and very friendly. He knew he was handling a tricky case but his skeleton argument was to detail.

  78. Ania Hutto says:

    They really know what they are doing. Easy to deal with, friendly and professional. I would definitely recommend them.

  79. Kaleb Bates says:

    Was referred to them by a friend for a rather complicated ILR application. Extremely satisfied with the service at all stages, from document gathering to hand-holding through the application process.

  80. Maddalyn Remington says:

    I was very lucky to had them represent me. The entire team from the document specialist to the submission specialist to the case managers was always pleasant and helpful.

  81. tatum arias says:

    He is amazing, professional, organized, confident and on top of everything. Not only that during my process I was really worry, but he helped me a lot he told me not to worry everything will be fine.

  82. Jeremias Echols says:

    Been his client for more than 2 years now all I can say he is man of his words. If he takes your case no matter how complex and tough it is, you got to trust him and be safe because it’s fallen in the right hands.

  83. Jailyn Leavitt says:

    My wife’s spouse visa finally got approved and I can’t thank them enough because me and my wife will be finally travelling together after 3 years.

  84. Makyla Paniagua says:

    I had a very good experience with them. All of my phone calls and emails were answered on time. Thanks for the good service!

  85. Yousuf Botello says:

    I have always consulted them for my immigration matters. He is very expert, aware with latest changes in immigration rules and regulations and he always helped me in the best.

  86. domenico rood says:

    Met with a friend who was having a hard time with his sponsorship application. He was utterly confused and perplexed with the complicate nature of Canadian immigration process. I had heard about earlier from a cousin and so adviced my friend to meet them. My friend often told me how great these people were. Recently I have also contacted them for hiring a foreign-based live-in caregiver. Now that I have had a personal experience with them, I know for sure how amazing these people are. They have a great knowledge about Canadian legal procedure and have a great network in Canada. Truly amazing people.

  87. shalom haase says:

    They are also very reasonably priced, have a good framework for assisting the application process, very knowledgeable about immigration rules and procedures. I would absolutely recommend their services.

  88. eli wood says:

    Very professional team, they are always there for help and at the top of every single deatails. Communication is so quick and all emails from immigration I received was instant through immigration and their office.

  89. Yusef Allman says:

    They are super attentive and dedicated. They are always available via email or phone to answer all questions in detail.

  90. Camellia Rudy says:

    Very good service case mangers are very supportive. I applied for pr visa to relocate Canada procssing is going on I recommend them if any one asking to relocate Canada.

  91. Addilynn Hong says:

    I highly recommend him. He guided us carefully through the process. He was patient and determined. It was quite a stressful process and I am so glad we had him on call. Can’t thank him enough.

  92. Hoyt Negrete says:

    He has been great and very helpful during the whole application process. He explained all the details and understood our worries.

  93. Adon Macedo says:

    I am very pleased with the service I received and would recommend to anyone. Thank you for all his work and effort.

  94. Hafsa Latimer says:

    In negotiations with other lawyers in room he is the King of Kings. Hi is not using force, but power of facts that he gathers on his client behalf.

  95. Caileigh Quiles says:

    Thanks to their timely and prefect guidance right through I got my PR in a very fast and smooth manner.

  96. Raziel Urias says:

    I do not know how they managed to deal with our file but they got us our PR! Great service and would highly recommend!

  97. Devyn Kowalski says:

    I want to thank everyone for helping me sponsoring my wife to bring him to Canada. Best law first in town, they were very patent with me and understanding and helpful threw every step of process.

  98. shulem widener says:

    A lot of people gave me wrong advices but his team always told me the truth about my profile which made me choose them over others.

  99. Mattox Loeffler says:

    Reputation is something priceless, that money cannot buy. Keep up great work, that focuses on clients and not a quick, short-sighted cash win. Lots of respect!!

  100. Gitty Fennell says:

    Had an excellent experience with a lawyer who helped me with some aspects of a contract I was considering signing. He seemed very knowledgeable and patient. Unfortunately he said it was his first time volunteering and he wasn’t yet sure if he would be back on the line… hope so!

  101. Iyla Laney says:

    Thanks them for the wonderful and Quality services I have got from you. This helped me in getting my Canada Visa. Whenever I was there with any query and concern, you were always there to help us.

  102. Jaxxon Zarate says:

    I got my Visa last night after being in the EE pool for 6 months and I would like to thank him for his time to time assistance at every stage and for filing my case.

  103. anyah quan says:

    This is meticulous with their process. A process which involves every document submit to them going through multiple levels of check. No doubt, they have such a high success rate and good team of Immigration experts.

  104. Wilfredo Gerdes says:

    Thank you for dealing in such a professional manner, I would have no hesitation in using your services again or recommending you to friends.

  105. Konnor Dobson says:

    When you seek their assistance, you can be sure that you have a winning team on your side. Just trust them.

  106. Jaden Klein says:

    His knowledge has been invaluable and we have the highest praises for him. I would highly recommend him to anybody thinking of filing any kind of application or needing an Immigration lawyer.

  107. fern strain says:

    I applied for Canada PR with job assistance through him. The communication they made through emails and over the phone was very much impressive because I am in Middle east but still they kept me updated on each step of my process on time.

  108. Giovanny Rowan says:

    Prompt response from friendly professionals, was accurate in providing the needful information. Thumbs up for the support, strongly recommended.

  109. Viviana Harding says:

    They are a very friendly group of professionals who quickly build a level a of trust for the very important job we had entrusted on them.

  110. Aleen Guyton says:

    I applied for Canada PR and my experience with them was awesome. They handled my case with lot of care and I always found pleasure to talk with them. I really appreciate his hard work and dedication.

  111. Gwendolyn Pennington says:

    He helped me from day one and supported me aling the process and with his help I got the visa directly. He really was there everytime I needed help from him and was very happy when I got the family visa. Thank you for everything.

  112. Ronnie Gomes says:

    Me and my wife have just made the profile and in course of 2 days we received ITA – which is remarkable! All the professional support in choosing correct NOC, getting perfect IELTS score, WES assessment, and making the perfect profile is just wonders.

  113. heath benavides says:

    I found him to be straight talking and clear about the obstacles, challenges and the chances of getting my mother through the complex immigration process for an Adult Dependent Relative. He was clear on possible costs which was also an important aspect.

  114. Tripp Driscoll says:

    There professional services are worth mentioning. All of my phone calls, emails, whatsapp messages were answered promptly on the same day.

  115. Alaynna Stowell says:

    Documentation can be stressful if you don’t have a professional agent to guide you and I am lucky to have found theirstaff who can go miles for his clients success.

  116. cora andrews says:

    We had a complex case, but this was handled well and thoroughly. Realistic expectations were given and in the end we were success with our visa application.

  117. amber stephenson says:

    When we first got in touch with them about our case we thought we had a pretty good idea of what we had to do. However, it is obvious now that without their work and professional advice our case wouldn’t have been successful.

  118. octavia weldon says:

    I was concerned about going to court and duration of the process, but my case was sorted out very quickly, I didn’t need to go to court, received my visa very quickly with no hassle and no extra costs.

  119. Tylee Loftin says:

    They provided me timely updates. I would highly recommend their services to get the immigration done quickly and in an efficient manner. Thanks a lot !!

  120. Damir Castellano says:

    He is professional, personable, flexible, available and effective. He navigated us through a complex, multi-faceted process – coordinating all documentation (loads) required and coming up with alternative approaches when necessary.

  121. Konrad Cornish says:

    A dedicated consultant is provided to every step of your case and they are always available to answer your queries and guide you in every manner possible. I started my process in Jun’2019 and got PR confirmation in Jan’2020 and a lot of credit for this goes to the whole Team.

  122. Kayne Gaspar says:

    I had applied for visitor visa for a family member through them and I can say that I was very impressed by their professionalism.

  123. Luisa Coe says:

    They did a lot of ground work and presented us with several options that helped us determine our next steps forward. Highly recommend.

  124. anakin feliciano says:

    Excellent Service. Quick correspondence. 100 percent results. Reasonable fee. Highly recommended. 5 stars all the way.

  125. demarcus lo says:

    Very professional law firm, A gentle lawyer with an amazing team. I handed over my 3 cases to him. They are always helpful in providing consultation and facilitating for the case.

  126. eisley goodson says:

    I would like to thank them for their extra ordinary efforts. It wouldn’t have been possible for me to reunite with my husband without their genuine guidance and support.

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