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Address: 28175 Haggerty Rd, Novi, MI 48377, United States

Phone: +1 313-978-0000


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  1. Bryanna Steiner says:

    I got in touch with them for the Canada Immigration process. He and the staff were decent and professional when it comes to following the process with utmost precision.

  2. malayah woodall says:

    I been with another lawyer for several years and no result. Once I hired him, my case was finished within several months. That’s fantastic.

  3. Brailey Schenck says:

    Availed his expert services for getting Canada PR through Express Entry. His charges are very affordable. He is available on phone everytime if we have any doubts.

  4. Arielle Shannon says:

    He made my stressful day much better. He accommodate to see me without an appointment even on his very hectic schedule. They are very caring, I felt truly cared for. Always get a positive results. I would highly recommend them. Thank you so much!

  5. Deon Rowell says:

    I am very pleased and happy on the outcome of my Canada visa application and I look forward to moving and starting the new chapter of my life in Canada.

  6. Boyd Bianco says:

    I am so glad that I choose them……. Got my study permit extension within 3-4 days…..Very cooperative and professional staff.

  7. Christos Ridgway says:

    I have been extremely lucky to have processed my PR application through them. Extremely happy about the service. Very helpful and supportive.

  8. alfonso messer says:

    He provided us with detailed step by step support for each stage of the process and kept us up to date in a prompt manner.

  9. leonardo medina says:

    Many times he has helped me with some legal matters. Money was not his motive as he genuinely wanted to help me. He is very reliable and I highly recommend them.

  10. Dejuan Byars says:

    It was a great experience having them to process my documents under spousal sponsorship. It only takes 6 months and I got the confirmation of my Permanent Residence.

  11. Eliam Millan says:

    Very happy with the service! Straight forward and professional approach and very competent. Definitely recommended!

  12. Citlali Hussey says:

    They are checking whether we are eligible or not and the information regarding the pnp program. Fair advice no false promise.

  13. loyal mccurry says:

    Helped me successfully navigate an important legal issue with quick and efficient service. They are friendly, approachable, explained issues clearly and helped me get the resolution I needed. Thank you.

  14. Israel Carrillo says:

    Throughout my association with them, I always found them precise and accurate in their details. They worked really hard over my case. Amazing people. 100% genuine and trustworthy.

  15. Aashi Schaub says:

    They are honest, straight and keep a pragmatic approach to your case. While interacting with them, you will never feel uncertain of what is happening. They keep you totally informed on your case and that is why you always know what is happening, how much time is needed and what possible outcomes could be there in various situations. Surely the best.

  16. benito buffington says:

    Recommended by a family friend. I was so happy to have chosen their firm. They provide detailed information and makes sure you’ve got all the documents required.

  17. Abilene Mcreynolds says:

    My Family sponsorship experience with the Law Firm was excellent. With such a delicate situation to handle, the team exceeded our expectations.

  18. Osvaldo Calloway says:

    They did everything which was needed and happy to announce that I finally got my PR for Canada after so much of hard work and efforts. All credit goes to him.

  19. Mea Weiland says:

    Their experience and knowledge helped me a lot in travelling to another country and settling me down with ease.

  20. kristiana miguel says:

    Wish you luck in spreading such kindness and support to each and everyone. Thankyou so much for everything.

  21. deja qualls says:

    Really reliable and trustworthy. I am immensely satisfied with their services and would like to recommend them to everyone who is dealing with immigration issues.

  22. talya martens says:

    They guided me through the paperwork, tutored me on how to get a job in Canada to raise my score and chances, and it worked. Great job.

  23. Kase Shipley says:

    They are very knowledgeable and professional in their field. I would like to recommend them to everyone.

  24. jordana jacobo says:

    I would like to thank him and his amazing team for making my Canada dream come true. When it was impossible case for other immigration services, he made it possible genuine and honest way.

  25. Kimberlynn Rhoden says:

    No explanation needed, if you want your any immigration related work to be done RHWM is the place to visit. I guess the name them is enough on your file in embassy.

  26. Stryker Minter says:

    They are aware of all the migration processes and can help you achieve your goals based on the situations you are in by providing you all sorts of alternatives.

  27. hindy castellon says:

    My experience with this office led by him has been fulfilling. He have very good understanding of the process, ever changing criterion and subject matter. I owe my PR to them since he supported me at every step giving me the right information at the right time.

  28. brittney ratcliff says:

    I applied for Canada PR through express entry and got it approved in 10 months. Special thanks to him for all the help and guidance. His expertise is exceptional. Thanks a ton!!

  29. Kenzy Mcginley says:

    Really great services and one of the best immigration lawyers I have ever known. Thank you for your wonderful support.

  30. Ahuva Jurado says:

    First of all I would like to thank my great solicitor, he has been absolutely brilliant. He has helped me during extremely difficult and trying time. I reseived a very professional service from him. Emails, posts and calls always responded to in timely manner. I am very happy with the service he provided to me. Thank you so much dear I am so lucky you was my lawyer.

  31. brenley abercrombie says:

    Fantastic service received from him, excellent communication and very competent and professional at all times. The prices were not extortionate. I would highly recommend them..

  32. Blaire Isaac says:

    I would highly recommend them as a law firm, which is fully dedicated to your case, and achieve great results! I think I liked it mostly for this “friendly” vibe together with high professionalism.

  33. Aisley Caudle says:

    The company provided support consistently and reassurance. I would recommend them to everyone. I was successful in my applications thanks to the thoroughness and support provided by them.

  34. Crosby Belcher says:

    They had asked to put in LoE’s where it was required. I guess because of the documentation the case was easy for the Visa Officer and probably one of the reason our case was processed fast!

  35. Sebastien Blakely says:

    Reliable, credible and loyal. Will go to any length to work out solutions for you. Hire them and just sit back for the best possible outcome.

  36. daleysa searcy says:

    They are very efficient and quick with their communication with either the case officer or with you and never delay matters.

  37. analeigh jiang says:

    Whenever we had an issue regarding our application we could contact him and he or someone on his team would help us solve the issue.

  38. Giuseppe Beaulieu says:

    Thank you, I am truly grateful to your entire team for helping me with spouse visa application to Canada. I was delighted to hear that the application has been successfully processed and my wife can come and join me now in Canada to start a new chapter in our lives together.

  39. westen peak says:

    He is very professional, experienced and knowledgeable with a friendly attitude that we found extremely reassuring… My wife and I will use his services again and fully recommend anyone seeking expertise in this area… Cannot thank you enough.

  40. Marcelino Sowers says:

    From the beginning to the end, the professionalism, the expertise, knowledge, and promptness helped my Work permit and PR application process pleasant and eventful.

  41. Seth Pacheco says:

    They efficiently assessed my profile and found me eligible for Canada immigration. Without any delay I started my documentation process with them.

  42. Stockton Au says:

    Their guidance on my immigration file was really beneficial for me. I initially wanted to apply for a work permit to Canada. They explained to me that work limit will limit my potential to settle down in Canada for a few years. They read my personal history carefully and offered me more viable ways in which I could apply for immigration to Canada. Their solutions did save me from many years of struggle with an uncertain status in Canada. I am so thankful to them.

  43. Scarlette Ly says:

    He is a great lawyer. He is very kind and friendly. He handled our case very nicely. Really happy with him. Would recommend to anyone. May god bless him and keep him safe and healthy all the time. Keep up the good work.

  44. Joslynn Roque says:

    Results delivered and visitor visa approved. A service you would expect from a professional and experienced firm.

  45. Alynna Thames says:

    They are the best immigration consultant I must say this, they give services on first priority, In my case I have applied for the Canada PR and my case manager literally help me a lot with the documentation and other formalities against my application.

  46. Gionni Braxton says:

    First impression is the last impression. They suitably stands for this statement. They successfully handle the refusal case. I gonna be their lifetime customer. Even the staff is very nice. Monit sir is the best.

  47. Casper Rauch says:

    One of the best immigration lawyers in canada I have met and my experience with them was awesome and wonderful. They have processed my work permit without any problem and they are good at complete paper work.

  48. Sampson Denison says:

    The counselling section was amazing and well informative. They are highly professional and their guidance helped me in getting the visa.

  49. julianna potter says:

    Amazing delivery, definitely a googlie!!!. They are not only licensed to serve our needs but they made sure that all our wants were met in full and not half cooked.

  50. Kayli Janssen says:

    He stuck with us and saw us through to the application. All the help was very much appreciated, and we would definitely recommend them for others immigrating to Canada.

  51. Emilio Davenport says:

    The staff is very responsive and really wants to help you understanding and getting through the process.

  52. nicolette brumfield says:

    Started the process 2 years back with them and last year they gave me a free 1 year extension. 2 months prior to the extended period I have got the nomination for Alberta. They have given another extension to make sure I get all the documentation done without paying anything extra.

  53. Emarie Bowens says:

    Having a very complicated case, with two rejections, I doubted that I would ever be able to get to Canada but they came to my rescue. They’ve always worked so friendly and co-operative.

  54. zakari grider says:

    A big thanks to all the team members for their excellent knowledge in documentation and profound experience in the field of immigration.

  55. abdullahi kish says:

    They are all very prompt with communication, and they lay out perfectly what it is exactly you have to do, step by step.

  56. Kinsey Dasilva says:

    I have been working with him over the last 4 months, looking into all the possibilities of visa extension and PR and he has been incredibly helpful.

  57. Story Newland says:

    Team of the them are just amazing and ready to help moreover, they are helpful also in certain problems and which is highly appreciable.

  58. Jaydah Ferro says:

    He is an expert lawyer who helped me to get positive outcome in a tight deadline. I strongly recommend him for any type immigration services.

  59. Karina Oconnell says:

    Great service and excellent staff. Thank you for helping me to get my Canada Visa. I would love to recommend them. Thank you so much for your help and advise.

  60. Caidence Joslin says:

    They were extremely helpful and had a sense of urgency, I was glad to hear him on the phone he was friendly and quick to get me in contact.

  61. noe rossi says:

    His knowledge and experience in the field was second to none. We have a recommended them already to other family members. Thanks again.

  62. Siena Dempsey says:

    I called him when I needed advice on my situation concerning obtaining a visa that would allow me to stay in the Canada with my partner. He spoke with us free of charge, and was extremely kind and helpful. Would definitely recommend him!

  63. baxter baptiste says:

    Great company for your visa needs! He has been very detailed, helpful and responsive for all of our visa queries. We would highly recommend.

  64. Kaydance Worthy says:

    The whole team is excellent. I believe our Express Entry application ran smoothly and was successful in great part thanks to the careful management of the team.

  65. marcelo madrid says:

    We just concluded our process and we just landed. Everything has been done diligently and occurred as planned with him.

  66. Myles Reese says:

    Application for spouse visa was made very simple and easy to understand as at first it seemed to be such a complicated process. Although there were a few hiccups along the way with our original representative, he was full of information and willing to help.

  67. Coralie Dupont says:

    Immigration is stressful but Bright made sure we had absolutely everything we needed to keep our application moving forward.

  68. Aziyah Hogg says:

    He can be tough but that’s for your own good, he knows what he is doing, he is the best at what he does.

  69. Jamere Camara says:

    Their services is top notch. This business deserves 10 stars. Visit them they will definitely help you. Very professional, ethical and honest people.

  70. Litzy Ferrara says:

    I have been a client with them since 2007. They have been represent me in all my immigration matters. All the time they have delivered a high standard service and work according to immigration laws.

  71. Demario Doane says:

    Professional staffs, excellent services, flexible and kind people especially I’d like to mention my caseworker who did a great job.

  72. Darien Arce says:

    They are a diligent and professional company. Only downside was that the communications sometimes wasn’t clear, particularly around the Priority Service process and timelines.

  73. Eitan Hiller says:

    Highly recommend!! Citylegal’s team did a great job in my visa application process with a successful result on very short notice. He who handled my case was friendly and after analysing the situation he acted immediately on my case.

  74. Lukas Tyler says:

    I’m pleased to say we were successful with our application and are now married and live together, thanks to him.

  75. camilla escobar says:

    One of the things I liked from them was the automatic emails they send for important communications such as PPR’s. Once they receive our PPR its automatically forwarded to our email id to save time.

  76. tuff plascencia says:

    He fills his environment with affirmation and positive energy. I have known him since I was 16 and now I am 27 and must say he is a understanding person

  77. raya dupree says:

    Working with them has been a great experience. They are very professional and understand the Canada Immigration process extremely well. The entire team was very patient and gave their 100% to ensure the success with respect to my Visa.

  78. Dereck Dyson says:

    Without them, I lose all my hopes to get Canada residency. They are the best immigration consultant. I have recommended so many friends about and they all are also very happy with their services.

  79. zaya artis says:

    I have been very impressed by the legal work undertaken by him on behalf of my wife’s Canada visa residency application. He, who was in charge of our project did a great job in instilling confidence in our application.

  80. Esmeralda Mckee says:

    I applied for inland Spousal Sponsorship with JSI and I am very happy that I received a 2 year open work permit recently when I was expecting only one year.

  81. Janiah Mancini says:

    Highly Recommended! very good advisor with good insight of all the legal matters, with his help all the documents I needed are perfectly prepared. very professional, honest and trustworthy.

  82. Cashton Broughton says:

    I would like to thank you for all your help and sincerity during my Immigration process. You looked into the details of my application and pointed out the issues timely which needed attention.

  83. Mccoy Torrez says:

    I can’t thank the firm any more. I had requested assistance on work travel to/from Canada on an unlimited basis based upon my particular circumstances and they were outstanding!

  84. Jovi Treadway says:

    Thank you sincerely for helping me prepare my file for PR. I am personally very thankful to you for helping me with my spousal case.

  85. Paris Poole says:

    Thanks for helping me get permanent residency approval from Canadian government. I was not even aware about the set of rules and process requirements.

  86. Alya Gaona says:

    Quick response, knowledgeable staff. I have not so high CRS, so they explained my alternatives in order to live and work in Canada. Thank you so much!

  87. Atreyu Carrera says:

    Thank you for getting my Canadian PR visa. Even I was not aware of the rules & regulations for getting the visa and process requirements. They helped me a lot in solving all my queries. Thank you for following up my Canada process.

  88. Alston Cushing says:

    The response for each step during immigration process is quick and he used to intimate me the all the steps before applying.

  89. rickey wilks says:

    I have dealt with him on 2 occasions now and both times I have received exceptional customer service and more importantly both times my partners VISA has been approved, I highly recommend him and will definitely be using them again in the future.

  90. willis estevez says:

    He was honest and straight to the point. There is no complicated lawyers language and he gave a clear response which I highly appreciate. L

  91. elliot hardy says:

    Thank you for your amazing services. I have finally received my Canada Working Visa, and all set to fly to Canada next week. Once again thank you for your high service quality.

  92. bear greenfield says:

    My association with them was delightful and enriching. Today I am a Permanent Resident of Canada all because of the persistent efforts of people who worked on my complex case with utmost diligence. Thank you. You will always be remembered.

  93. anniston putnam says:

    I found them very professional and updated as in this field very day things changed their service is excellent really appreciated for their efforts.

  94. Terrell Stapleton says:

    The staff is extremely courteous, helpful and prompt in their responses, which takes away most of the stress that an applicant usually goes through.

  95. kimberley ley says:

    We are really very much exited about our new journey. We will surely recommend them to all our friends and family regarding any visa service.

  96. Bjorn Knoll says:

    He is an amazing immigration lawyer he has helped me and my family members with immigration issues so many times and has gotten results. He is well worth the cost and has never failed me. Thanks!

  97. Lux Mcmurray says:

    I wasted a lot of money and time on solicitors who didn’t care about me or my case and were only interested in the money I had to pay them.

  98. reina elias says:

    He was really a great help to us along the whole way and provided us with updated information all the time.

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