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  1. hoyt negrete says:

    I am truly thankful and grateful to their team for handling my case without any headache. Thank you so much for your help. I certainly couldn’t have done it without you.

  2. Goldie Rau says:

    Great, professional and courteous service. He really helped us through the entire process and we are really pleased that we returned to use them again. We have and would certainly recommend them to anyone.

  3. omer whitlow says:

    They answer any question you have, keep you informed throughout the process and advise accordingly. Good value for money. Just fab!

  4. Ross Moeller says:

    For avoidance of doubt, he will show you your options clearly and therefore I would heavily recommend his services. Thank you once again for bridging the next chapter in my life, best wishes.

  5. averie lowery says:

    He is very responsible, reliable and trustworthy. He was dedicated and took time to follow up until the process is complete. Thank you so much for helping me. I will always be grateful to you guys!!.

  6. Jovany Larios says:

    He is a very professional & honest Lawyer I can’t describe in words that how the way he done my case he gave his best beyond the limits to day By the grace of God i am settled in canada and Mr khalid naseer make it possible I always thanks to God that He send this person for my case in worst time of my life may God bless you & give you more & more success.

  7. Cael Pringle says:

    I am hoping we have a solution to our problem sadly the Citizens Advice have failed us. Certain we will leave them with greater review for services.

  8. Jackson Harris says:

    I never saw them wasting their or my time on unnecessary discussions. They were always proactive, time-conscious and agile. Their services are also economical and do not burn a hole in your pocket. Loved their commitment.

  9. Zavier Overton says:

    Their work ethic speaks a hundred times for them. Their goal-oriented approach makes them achieve the most difficult objectives. You can trust them and depend on them completely. Have never, in my association of two years with them, have I been let down by them.

  10. chasity hills says:

    As of result, a rather tedious process for an ancestry and dependant visa was made very easy and I would recommend them more to anyone.

  11. Santana Bernstein says:

    I would definitely recommend him for any immigration related cases. He helped us and our friends on multiple occasions. He is brutally honest and knows his stuff. He’s also opened about fees and there are never any hidden costs. I would definitely recommend his.

  12. Pandora Boylan says:

    One of the lawyers, went above and beyond to help me sort out a work permit in time for me to start my job, offering solutions and advice that other lawyers did not think of.

  13. shania smalley says:

    To pursue my business aspirations in Canada, I contacted them and they allotted a suitable time for my business immigration counselling. Their team advised me to go for Canada Startup Visa as it perfectly suited my business plan. Since there is no investment or minimum net-worth requirement, I have decided to pursue Canada Startup Visa with them.

  14. kamiya garber says:

    Best specialists in spouse visa, Job done fast and sufficiently, accurate, you are the best, when it comes to being patient with your client, you are always there to receive calls, fast in replying messages at all time, your charges are reasonable, I we continue to recommend them to any one that needs help with immigration matters, especially Spouse Visa.

  15. Chayce Ashworth says:

    Fantastic service. I had a question that was answered very quickly and precisely. Thankyou so much. Lifesavers!

  16. Ben Jacob says:

    It was fin being in contact with out. My work permit was approved within three weeks. It would not have happened if you had not assisted me during the application filing process. You definitely saved me from making many careless errors that I might have made otherwise. Thank you so much.

  17. Abigail Lee says:

    Lawyers at have a great understanding of what solution will work best in a given situation. I am highly thankful to them for making it work for me. Highly recommended.

  18. Jaziel Prescott says:

    I think even the Immigration officers knows if it’s through them must be a genuine case. Go for it guys. Good luck.

  19. Syncere Elrod says:

    I approached them for a property dispute with my tenants. Me and my friends were staying abroad at that time and did not knew how to handle the issue being outside the country. They help us to get out of the mess while we are not there.

  20. breanne atchley says:

    I found them not only help the guy in professional manner but also help at personal level as which course to choose for study, accommodations and multiple other work. Thanks for helping student and shaping the career of students. Best wishes.

  21. Cailin Luck says:

    Thank you for your professional advice and help. Finally I got my visa and I will contact you again in the future. Thank you so much.

  22. Baylee Hebert says:

    I got the result that I wanted, they are successful completed my case that was so stressful for me however they took the stress away and give me the peace of mind.

  23. Marissa Slater says:

    Because of him, I’ll soon be flying to Canada with my Family and will reunite with my sister. Thank You!!

  24. Lavender Felts says:

    Amazing ACS Application Processing. He and Team take each and every case personally and look very closely and give valuable suggestions for Referral Letters.

  25. Ike Hollins says:

    It has been a life changing experience with them as I got my Visa approved within 3 months only because of their expert advices, hardwork and sheer dedication by the documentation team.

  26. Elodie Adler says:

    You will always know what is going on and where you stand during the entire process! I highly recommend this office.

  27. Sparrow Prichard says:

    They helped me so much. He helped the kindly and professionally and I can him the kindest who helped me through my case

  28. Rylin Haugen says:

    He helped me pursue my Canada immigration dream. It was a great experience overall and I can’t thank them enough for the great support and constant guidance.

  29. Jeremih Briones says:

    He and his colleague was very welcoming. He is very kind to give the consultation for free and his advice was very precise and extremely helpful.

  30. Daelyn Donato says:

    Great Service!!! I applied for my study permit extension and got approval just in 6 days !!! Thank you so much for your excellent services. I would highly recommend everyone to contact them once, they will really help you.

  31. Tenzin Leong says:

    Had such a positive experience with the entire team. Everyone was extremely helpful, responsive, and comprehensive.

  32. Abhiram Saul says:

    Extremely knowledgeable and Professional. I would definitely highly recommend them. A real professional and helpful company.

  33. Skylynn Tinsley says:

    He was able to win an appeal at the immigration appeal division and put us from being nervous about the potential of having a deportation implemented to making sure the appeal was won. Thank you again !

  34. kendric hughey says:

    Thank you to him and amazing staff, who were very cooperative and have always given me their time, guidance and assistance in a very professional way.

  35. Marlena Kozak says:

    I always refer my friends to him bepany.cause of their constant support if they need any advice or immigration assistance.

  36. Kamran Rickman says:

    They provide the much needed guidance in a hassle free way and keep their clients updated with the important information. I would like to him and his entire team for helping me to obtain my Canada PR. I would highly recommend his services.

  37. Isaak Zielinski says:

    They did not make any guarantee or false promises and I am very much impressed with my profile assessment done by their team.

  38. alise mulder says:

    Absolutely brilliant service. He and his team were extremely professional and really helped me out of horrible circumstance. would recommend that if anyone has any sort of visa problem or complication, contact them and let them do their work!

  39. anaya reilly says:

    Lot of questions and doubts comes in mind when we decide to migrate, but when you get to know about an Immigration lawyer who has an great background and high successful migration ratio, you feel good.

  40. ernesto grady says:

    Very helpful law firm. listens to your problem and gives best advice . I will recommend it to everybody.

  41. Seraphina Brannon says:

    I really appreciate the way they have approached it and knew each and every detail about how to get this done.

  42. Brysen Baron says:

    The entire process was really complex however you people really did all the efforts to help us get our application processed successfully.

  43. Kaison Siegel says:

    The best of best in law and my experience they are very helpful, kind, supportive and always be there for you if you have any questions. They are also really fare in price. I would really recommend them.

  44. Evin Olguin says:

    You people helped me file an error-free application for Subclass 189 and here I am with PR approval in my hand.

  45. Isadora Deaton says:

    We live in Toronto but I heard of it in Edmonton and though I did not want to go through the trouble of using the services of a Canadian Immigration Lawyer not near where I live I took a chance. I can safely say that it was all worth it and that he is an excellent immigration lawyer.

  46. Maxton Duvall says:

    I would highly recommend this firm as one of the best in their field to anyone with immigration inquiries.

  47. Anali Hoch says:

    Very satisfied with the services. I choose them to apply for my spouse work permit extension and got positive results. I would recommend everyone to visit them once for your immigration needs.

  48. Uziel Palm says:

    You will be happy that you went to them and results will show and you will recommend others too after your experience.

  49. ayva dickens says:

    I have used this company for few times, always found the service provided was professionally carried out in courteous and informative manner and in high standard. I have no hesitation in recommending this company.

  50. Alexa Gutierrez says:

    He and his team were very helpful and always available. They were easy to work with and their confidence in getting our approvals was what made us go ahead with the applications.

  51. Davis Downs says:

    My words do no exaggeration when I say that the firm was excellent and he was always remarkable. Last but not the least, the strategy used to handle the matter was unique and did get me my results, though which were initially looking very tough. I can’t thank him enough.

  52. Mei Cawley says:

    After being rejected a spouse visa due to thinking we could handle everything ourselves, we knew we now had to rely on a immigration lawyer. From the beginning of our interactions with him we had efficient assistance and prompt answers to all of our questions.

  53. Coral Corey says:

    My case manager along with all the other department representatives showed high quality professionalism and friendliness.

  54. Graeme Anguiano says:

    Simply the best immigration lawyer you can find. Thoughtful, very hard worker and highly experienced, he is very straightforward and will make sure you understand everything he says.

  55. aimee houser says:

    Securing my Canadian PR could not have been easier. Not exaggerating pals, but it was seriously like a walk in the park.

  56. Mari Chao says:

    Genuine guidance, Well organised, Truly trustworthy professionals. They are given best services throughout the PR process. I suggest to all who would like to immigrate Canada.

  57. Yanely Tijerina says:

    Superb legal advice! Fantastic legal team dealt with my case efficiently and successfully. Have referred all of my friends and family to him and his team.

  58. Kaileigh Stinnett says:

    If you follow their advises religiously then you will get guaranteed results like I got my visa approval.

  59. mattie rock says:

    We found the legal procedures to get a green card quite hard to understand and implement. With his help, it was much easier to collect all the documents required and meet all the deadlines. We wouldn’t have made it so quickly and efficiently without his support!

  60. Jahmir Sommer says:

    The information that they provided me was very useful and they took time to listen to me and and explain to me in detail my situation.

  61. Coleman Delong says:

    I recommend him for his effortless enthusiasm, the respect and attention to detail in the work and mostly for making this difficult time feel like it was really easy.

  62. Karleigh Russ says:

    I have been working with them for 3 years and I have been very happy with the level of service, advise and professionalism by their entire staff. Special thanks to him for his dedication and fantastic work.

  63. Aiden Thompson says:

    I contacted the Canada Immigration and Visa Consultancy for advice. He returned my call promptly. My daughter lived in New Zealand and I was requiring advice about her returning to the Canada with her Son, who was born in New Zealand. After weeks of getting no clear advice from other services. He was a breath of fresh air.

  64. Evy Spriggs says:

    He helped myself and my partner in our application. The service and professionalism has been the highest I have ever received, turning a potentially complicated and stressful application into plain English and easy to understand.

  65. River Waters says:

    His guidance and the advice given were beneficial towards leading the process to a successful path. I would recommend to whoever is looking for immigration legal advice. Thank you.

  66. Kristiana Miguel says:

    He is professional and responded to emails and questions immediately. True story – When I was handing over documents at the embassy interview, the chap behind the desk was very impressed with how thorough and well organised my folder was and stated he wished everyone else’s could be like that too ! All of it down to him. Thanks You.

  67. khyree boss says:

    Starting from ECA to getting landing papers, I was provided with all the assistance and I am very pleased with how the whole process was executed.

  68. Asher Mcdonald says:

    I was in touch with them from last few years on few legal subjects matters and got very professional support and guidance. I wish them good luck for future endeavors.

  69. Giulia Grice says:

    We had a great experience with him. He clearly knows his stuff, and was actively engaged with the advisor community to follow and adapt to developments in the visa system, which seem to occur frequently.

  70. Hannah Long says:

    I have referred many clients to them since 1999. I have always been impressed with their services, as have all my referrals. I highly recommend him and his team. They offer a professional friendly service with reasonable fees.

  71. Joella Fried says:

    Our first meeting with him was insightful and explained the options for our profile. He did his work honestly, responded to emails efficiently.

  72. jhene vue says:

    Very happy with the service I got. Friendly and professional. I was walked through what to expect in my interview and how to prepare and all the questions had relating to visas were answered. Thank you guys for a great service and result!

  73. Graham Byrd says:

    He was very friendly, professional and provided us with enough knowledge and information, that helped me and my wife understand and ease our minds during our immigration process, which is a very stressful one.

  74. Veer Mcmillen says:

    Migrating to another country is a life changing decision; and I was in search for a consultant who would put in their honest efforts in the process. He guided me right from the initial step of consultation, providing guidance about the necessary documents, to filing the forms & walked with me in every step.

  75. elizabeth carter says:

    I highly recommend it and its team of immigration lawyers. They are extremely knowledgeable, experienced, and efficient, helping me through in my process.

  76. Britton Gandy says:

    Highly recommended! They are on top of everything, also a very helpful staff that really take care of you and find you a solution. They are on top of every single step of your process.

  77. Angelia Simone says:

    My case was very unique but we got there in the end. Words cant begin to express my gratitude. If your are looking for a great immigration law firm, who genuinely cares and will go above and beyond for you, look no further.

  78. kelton brownlee says:

    A year back I was planning to visit Canada. After some research for Visa Consultants, I came across them. I went through their website, blogs and reviews. Without any second thought, I contacted them, where they arranged a counselling session for Canada PR Visa. The case manager assigned to us was quick and with his skilled knowledge he guided us through every step of the Canada visa process in a detailed and thorough manner.

  79. Everly Fleming says:

    Always they have done regular follow with me through emails and phone calls to update the status. Mostly they keep things very transparent.

  80. Jaceyon Islam says:

    I came to him after firing a previous lawyer who had offered a very poor level of service. Fortunately, he was responsive, turned documents quickly (as there were certain timing considerations to our initial filings) and helped make the final interview stage feel very smooth.

  81. kyng doll says:

    Spectacular experience. Completely smooth process, they were able to answer any of my questions any time, which was Valuable.

  82. Unique Matlock says:

    My husband and I just received our PR to Canada through him. Really good company. He is very professional, knowledgeable and helpful.

  83. Genesis Stone says:

    Took a friend there who needed some advice. Very professional immigration lawyer. Knows what he is doing and straight forward.

  84. Jakayla Cloud says:

    I had lot of questions in my mind when I approached them. However, he cleared all queries in the 1st meeting itself along with the PR process.

  85. eliel lamar says:

    When we had questions they were responsive and decisive in their replies. We would not hesitate to recommend them and will use them in future if needed.

  86. Ronan Kane says:

    If you are looking for a firm well-versed in the field of immigration, whose team is compassionate and extremely punctual, you are at right place.

  87. Ellen Weston says:

    They know exactly what is required and by when. I have and will in future surely keep referring to as many people I know.

  88. Miller Leyva says:

    I would like to thank him and his wonderful Chief Manager Office dog, Lola, for helping me and my partner during our consultation.

  89. monroe becerra says:

    He was a very knowledgeable and helpful guide for our family through the jungle of Canada immigration laws and regulations.

  90. zahra ziegler says:

    Everyone we have spoken to and had contact with have been on point. The only delay in the process was due to ourselves. They completely understood, and showed great patience with us, through to the end. Both me and my wife are truly grateful for all the help he and the team provided.

  91. uriel connor says:

    I am really thankful to him because I was really confused as to which course and which college I should pick but your guidance and knowledge helped me a lot. Thankyou for the counseling sir.

  92. Ahmad Rosa says:

    He made sure everything was done perfectly no hassles. He kept at it I really appreciate the hard work here. Thanks so much!

  93. Kynzie Banner says:

    Immigration is a dream that everyone see and the Canada or is the biggest dream seen by many of us today… As every journey as a destination and a path same here they are straight forward way to reach your destination.

  94. khalani kiley says:

    Our experience with Campbell, Cohen was extremely positive. We used them for our Canadian PR. Even before we paid the fees they patiently answered all the questions we had.

  95. randolph mciver says:

    Experienced, professional and knowledgeable immigration lawyers for Canada. Highly recommendable services.

  96. Alaura Iniguez says:

    This is a great consultancy and I’ve had a great experience with them. I got my canadian visitor’s visa with their help and the experience was flawless. Also special thanks to them who helped me with the entire process and quickly managed each and everything that needed to be done.

  97. Bowie Meacham says:

    Having him take this process on board for us as our representative was a decision I not once regretted due to his fantastic skills and direction, he was with us every step of the way and was available always for any worries or questions.

  98. Desirae Perales says:

    He was very friendly and gave excellent advise in my wife’s case, he was answering calls outside of office time and was extremely helpful. It was affordable and I will be using him again for the next 2 processes. He helped reunited my family and the wife and daughter and I are together.

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