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Address: 314 Moseley Rd, Birmingham B12 0BS, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 121 440 3444


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  1. Violeta Knutson says:

    Initially, I was so overwhelmed with trying to go through the process of sponsoring my spouse, that I felt like giving up before I even tried. He answered all of my questions and really took what felt like a tonne of weight of my shoulders.

  2. Blaise Cabral says:

    They are extremely professional in processing Canada Permanent Resident visa applications. Their Canada immigration consultants made my Canada PR Visa process easy and smooth thanks to their smart work and excellent knowledge of dealing with complex immigration and visa cases.

  3. Riot Comeaux says:

    My case was slightly complicated, but I feel confident that with this firm and my case managers knowledge and expertise it will be easy and swift.

  4. Heavenly Fontenot says:

    It gives me such a great pleasure to write this review. Their professionalism goes beyond to any services I have encountered before. They have such great panache in their service which made us feel save during the whole process.

  5. ephraim stallings says:

    This is the best immigration law firm I have ever come across, I wish I had known about him and his team before I went to any other firm.

  6. lea gee says:

    When I started thinking of immigrating to Canada, I interacted with many consultants but could not get satisfaction from inside to proceed further with any of them.

  7. Viaan Heredia says:

    I have contacted around 10 people for my ILR application before i made a final decision to work with him. After getting the result and service he provided, i feel that I definately made the right choice.

  8. Nubia Loucks says:

    Spoke with him regarding the circumstances of my parents-in-law. He was friendly, professional, asked questions to clarify the circumstances, and provided clear advice including potential options to explore further and those not to progress.

  9. Brailey Schenck says:

    NA law solicitors was recommended to me by someone who previously used them for their immigration matter.

  10. Juanita Maki says:

    When I was thinking of applying for my PR to Canada I didnt think twice in engaging another attorney. I chose to go through the most famous and highly experienced law firm to do my documentation.

  11. Melanny Bunker says:

    Super knowledgeable and responsive immigration lawyers. He patiently listened to my case and advised accordingly.

  12. Yadier Mcmaster says:

    Amazing firm. I’ve done my PR, Citizenship, and parents process with them. During my last experience, he was very professional, knowledgeable, and responsive. Great customer service. Thank you!

  13. shylah tolley says:

    They are best immigration lawyers. Thanks a lot to him, for almost 6 months of waiting I received my approval of one of PNP program. Once again thank you so much for all your efforts and support.

  14. Harrison Ray says:

    They really care about you and your needs. This team get everything to the very detailed, and work in such an ethical manner. Thanks to all who made everything possible for us. Very professional and sincere!

  15. Mollie Aviles says:

    This firm of lawyers is wonderful. They helped me to know all my available and most convenient options to renew a work permit under NAFTA agreement, explained to me the process requirements step by step.

  16. Yusuf Childs says:

    Really Amazing experience with the team at. Highly committed and goal-oriented folks. Would always work in the best interest of their client.

  17. lulu flagg says:

    I am assuming its the same for other important communications such as ADR request etc (we didn’t have an ADR). I also got to keep my user ID and pass, which helped me to access the account frequently and check the status; as I had not linked my EE profile to the firms account.

  18. Eowyn Deguzman says:

    My experience with the Firm was phenomenal. Right from the query stage to receiving the COPR the entire team was extremely helpful, prompt and transparent.

  19. Kamilla Seitz says:

    Working with them is an excellent decision and we would highly recommend them to anyone who needs help with immigration process.

  20. Therese Ching says:

    Well versed with the immigration laws. We are really satisfied with the consultation given by professional in this firm. Good and excellent service highly recommend.

  21. bryant corbett says:

    He is not just a great lawyer, he is one that really cares. You are not just another file on his desk. He treats you like family and will exhaust every legal avenue to get you a win! Thanks you for winning my appeal! I would have NEVER won it without you!!!

  22. Keisha Camargo says:

    They are not greedy and will only take your case if it is doable. I am thankful to them for showing me the right path.

  23. Evelina Lundy says:

    Their approach have been very professional and made the whole process stress free and I got my visa approved in 10 day as I applied using priority service.

  24. Jayla Yates says:

    I was amazed by their uncommon commitment to their clients. I was always treated with respect and dignity by them. I was stuck in a case of criminal inadmissibility from years. Only after contacting them did I feel certain that I will be able to make it. Today I received my Canadian citizenship. I am so immensely thankful to the lawyers at who worked so hard on my case. Thank you so much.

  25. manny burrow says:

    I have applied for permanent resident application for my wife in 2018 and I have met many of immigration lawyer’s but they all said your application is complicated so there is a chance of getting rejection so they can’t do it as they might get negative reviews. Then finally I met them, they said they will try best to get my wife’s Visa approval and they had done it.

  26. Kailyn Pike says:

    Really good professionals. I received great support and guidance from their office. Best of luck and thanks for all your help !

  27. Kaira Grabowski says:

    The team was great to work with. No nonsense, trustworthy, proactive, super-efficient & excellent value for money. I wholeheartedly recommend them to you if you have immigration (or other) challenges you need to apply legal expertise to.

  28. Tyrone Jeffers says:

    Top-notch client service. We simply felt like we were in good hands. That’s exactly what you want when you seek a lawyer for advice. Thanks!

  29. Taylen Graziano says:

    On my first meeting with him, he gave me a clear picture of possible outcomes which impressed me on his honesty.

  30. Kendric Hughey says:

    Got to know about them from one of mine relative. The staff is friendly, helpful and thoroughly professional. They do a thorough analysis of each case and make sure application is filed in best satisfactory manner.

  31. Hosanna Baeza says:

    I can say only that they always rise bar of expectations & they definitely spoil us for rendering such awesome services, when we try to see or expect such services from any one.

  32. brilee bristol says:

    They have an incredible team that is a pleasure to work with and I’ve successfully received 3 visas through them.

  33. Amairany Chrisman says:

    This is my second best experience with them. I am very pleased with their service and knowledge. I’ll for sure choose them again for any help with my future applications.

  34. Asher Mcdonald says:

    Probably the only person who advised for free and refused to take payment, for the same advise others asked me to pay £200 to £350 pounds, very professional, cleared my doubt to the point. I will certainly goto them for further application processing. thank you.

  35. leilany mcmahan says:

    Very intelligent man and very well informed about immigration matters. I will 100% recommend him. I have been given a residence permit now and my family and I are getting by as normal. Thank you.

  36. Rhiley Grillo says:

    I received excellent guidance and services from him and his staff members for representing the case for my father.

  37. Lilianna Eldridge says:

    Your professionalism and efficiency in dealing with the case was impressive and very much appreciated, especially since my mum and I were beginning to think the worst of the situation and were losing faith in the immigration system.

  38. bridger kinsey says:

    When I started thinking of immigrating to Canada, I interacted with many consultants but could not get satisfaction from inside to proceed further with any of them. It was after I met him that I decided to surrender my case to him in first meeting itself as his confidence and command over the process was very convincing.

  39. Dashawn Kemper says:

    I was well prepared and had a complete clarity on what had to be done or had to be shared in terms of documentation.

  40. baxter baptiste says:

    He and his team are amazing, professional, and kind. They helped me a lot and made this whole experience so much better. I highly recommend him to everyone!

  41. Khristian Galbraith says:

    They helped me and my friend. They have a good knowledge and a lot of experience on US and UK immigration laws. Unlike some of the other firm I have seen, they don’t charge that much.

  42. Janiyah Salgado says:

    Thank you for your amazing services. I have finally received my Canada Working Holiday Visa, and all set to fly to Canada next week. Once again thank you for your high service quality.

  43. paulo irons says:

    Very professional and attentive, has answered all my questions quickly and come up with interesting solutions.

  44. Kailah Rutter says:

    So helpful and knowledgable. Can’t recommend enough – especially if there’s any potential tricky bits to your application!

  45. watson grigsby says:

    The timeframe for our successful application was short and I encourage everyone who wants to migrate to apply with them for their professionalism and successful results.

  46. Isobel Schiller says:

    They are highly proficient consultant. I strongly suggest this consultant for Australian & Canadian Visa process as the prices are relatively affordable.

  47. Ahmari Romine says:

    I want to thank everyone at the firm. Recently got my residence visa. They are Very helpful and informative. Guided me from beginning to end and treated me very nice.

  48. Jolene Meredith says:

    I found them immensely reliable. They guided us throughout the application filing process. They kept nothing ambiguous and explained everything in great detail. I would recommend them to anyone looking for immigration consultants. They are surely a great help.

  49. avayah walz says:

    It is a very customer friendly firm and they are very honest in their advice and service. I recommend to all international students that they should consult them first to get the expert and accurate information.

  50. Ravyn Monaghan says:

    The team here is outstanding. They looked after me from initial point of contact to the end. Everything was handled professionally and efficiently.

  51. Eshaan Gault says:

    Had a wonderful experience with them!! The staff management team is very helpful and polite to talk. I have got my Canada PR Visa very quickly at minimal prices. Once again thanks for your great services…

  52. Nash Beard says:

    My journey to the visa approval was a long one but it would not have been possible without him. He was very supportive and helpful throughout the process. He is not only a very knowledgeable within his field but also a very kind hearted person.

  53. Braylan Voigt says:

    I am very happy with the professional, fast and no nonsense help they had to offer. He was extremely helpful and supportive helping my husband and I.

  54. Bryton Keeling says:

    I was highly impressed with the decisions my managers took on my behalf. Whether it is the selection of the right visa program, filing visas, etc.

  55. Elsa Davila says:

    He was able to get my application for permanent residence status approved very quickly. He was able to get my wife application for spousal sponsorship approved with no delays.

  56. Amaryllis Aceves says:

    I started my process of Canada PR from them and I am extremely satisfied by the way their staff handled my case.

  57. monae krantz says:

    From the start he made the process clear, straight-forward and stress-free, and guided me through step by step.

  58. damarion hitchcock says:

    We have used them for the past 5 years. Starting with the initial application for spouse visa all the way through to citizenship. Without doubt the finest of services available.

  59. Vedant Rule says:

    Very professional and thorough with the work. Since they are so detail-oriented, it does take time to get all the requirements in order, but that only translates to the visa coming in smoothly.

  60. miller leyva says:

    We have two not one lawyers working on our case and reaped the benefits of an extra pair of eyes on our case.

  61. Kareena Toy says:

    They are incredibly hardworking, diligent and conscientious on behalf of their clients. They have real experience and success in this area of law. Highly recommended.

  62. dempsey schoonover says:

    He certainly knows what he is doing! He helped me and my family on numerous occasions on argue complicated matters.. I would highly recommend him and his firm.

  63. jacquelyn quintanilla says:

    I can thoroughly recommend them! Thanks for your help and support. I am 100% satisfied with your services.

  64. Krishna Dong says:

    Even though I was in rush and had no time he managed to fit me in his super busy schedule and helped and assist me step by step with my very complicated application.

  65. selina whitlock says:

    He had help us to prepare all the documents by providing correct sample documents. Also personally he used to check all the documents thoroughly before submitting. He used to answer all our queries very politely and was also updating the status of the application.

  66. Evette Nabors says:

    I visit many time to them for sponsorship declaration, advise about student visa for Canada, Express Entry to Canada. I am fully satisfied with service.

  67. Karter Mcdaniel says:

    Before I came to them I tried many immigration lawyers but I was not convinced. Then I meet with him. He explained me the Canada PR process very briefly.

  68. fahad damon says:

    The experience I received from them was prompt and professional. I am writing to express my deepest thanks for his being so patient and devoted to resolving my case. I can’t imagine how much strength his support has given me during the difficult time.

  69. Barron Valenti says:

    My heartfelt gratitude to their team who assisted me at each stage with patience and was able to answer all my Immigration related queries.

  70. myka broome says:

    Well done! Anyone who is in need of an immigration lawyer or has questioned, please contact him. I absolutely 100% recommend.

  71. Liberty Pickett says:

    They told me to relax and only submit the necessary documents which I did easily and he processed my application in the fastest right way possible.

  72. Jailyne Candelaria says:

    I highly recommend their service. They are very professional and have really good service. They returned all my calls promptly and completed my application quickly.

  73. zayan sumpter says:

    Very professional, kind and knowledgeable people. Take the complete responsibility of getting your file approved. You can really leave it all on them and trust for the best outcome.Amazing people.

  74. Jelena Parton says:

    Helpful and straight forward, guided us a lot with our Permanent Resident application and Provincial Nomination process prior to that. Highly recommended.

  75. Kourtney Rosenthal says:

    Their guidance reduced a lot of time and helped iss quicn me in getting Canada PR on time. The staff were very supportive and answered every question I had.

  76. Skylin Domingo says:

    My case was diligently handled, and looked after since the start of the Canadian PR process, until the grant. I am glad to write to thank them, and their team, who have been very responsive and supportive throughout. cheers!

  77. luca pearson says:

    One of the top lawyers for Canada PR Visa. Truly professional and very dedicated staff. They are genuine, transparent and trustworthy.

  78. Penny Tompkins says:

    He dealt with us, he was extremely knowledgeable. When we thought we we not going to get my wife’s visa she worked through it pulling out all the stops. We got part 2 of our spousal visa in six-seven weeks. It was money well spent . If I were in your shoes I would only ask for him.

  79. Shaila Hales says:

    I have given many references to them already and all my references are very much satisfied with the services they have got till date, they applied for my Canada work visa and through Nirupama, extremely professional and helpful person will surely recommend it to everyone.

  80. Matilda Cotton says:

    They know exactly what is required and by when. I have and will in the future surely keep referring to as many people I know. I am glad that I got my positive Canadian PR in record time.

  81. Amyrah Sarabia says:

    Great team, very professional. Took my issues seriously and always got back to me in a timely manner. If you have immigration issues, this is the firm.

  82. Rian Harwood says:

    I truly believe that they are the best in the business. Truly efficient and industrious, they work painstakingly on their client’s applications. Really the best in the business.

  83. Theodora Petrie says:

    I had the good fortune to be appointed. I’ve never met him but he guided me all the way to my wife’s visa from the beginning to the end any question I asked he responded quickly and efficiently as you will all know it is a long and hardeous journey but he helped us no end and all thanks to him and his team there at Sabz solicitors we made it. Thank you so much for everything.

  84. Della Valadez says:

    My experience with their services was really good. They are very cooperative and helped us start to finish with the process.

  85. Micaela Light says:

    I had my husband come to Canada from india with their law firm. These people are extremely awesome, so patient and make everything so clear for us to understand.

  86. ayda cowles says:

    Extremely professional, excellent communication, great adviser, friendly, honest and above all human! I would not hesitate to use your services again.

  87. Wilmer Keegan says:

    My case was handled by him who is undoubtedly one of the very best. He was knowledgeable, friendly, extremely hardworking, diligent and professional.

  88. davin hawk says:

    I would like to thank the whole team because they provide me satisfying service as I applied for my post graduate work permit and you can’t believe that I just got it in 5 days.

  89. Lundyn Borja says:

    Best immigration Attorneys in town, he’s compassionate, smart & a fighter. I lost hope at one point. Thanks to him for fighting for me.

  90. Marshal Ard says:

    They will never hoodwink their client. Extremely dedicated and honest people. Give an honest advice on your case and work out solutions no matter what the problem.

  91. Abella Cass says:

    My experience with them was exceptional. I still can’t believe I got my Canada Permanent Resident Visa in 7 Months without any hassle.

  92. daniyah berryman says:

    No words can express our happiness and all the credit for our happiness goes to their team. The service is superb and we really appreciate the effort your team has put throughout the process. Thanks a million!!

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